Clearwater, Florida April 12th, 2008 -- Thousands of anonymous citizens will take to the streets in a peaceful global protest of the Church of Scientology's abusive policies at 11 a.m. Saturday, April 12 in more than 100 cities worldwide.

The Internet collective known as Anonymous will gather before Scientology organizations around the world for the third time in as many months to educate the public about Scientology's harmful policies and practices. From former Scientologists and longtime cult activists, to college students and corporate professionals, Anonymous is comprised of concerned citizens from all walks of life.

Since declaring opposition to the "church" of Scientology, Anonymous has exploded into a widespread and unprecedented movement, garnering support from all corners of the internet and across the globe. Free of leadership, hierarchy, and dogma, Anonymous is a unique expression of the universal ideal of justice. Anonymous has been called a "cyber vigilante group" by The Toronto Sun, "internet activists" by The Economist, and "the latest thorn in Scientology's side" by Newsweek.

Despite peaceful, non-violent protests by 7,500 people Feb. 10th, and more than 10,000 March 15th, the "church" itself has called Anonymous "cyber-terrorists...reminiscent of Al Qaeda spreading anti-American hatred and calling for U.S. destruction."

Citizens of the world are invited to join the anonymous demonstrations. Where allowed by law, facial covering is recommended for anyone participating in demonstrations. Disguise serves as a defense against the "church" of Scientology's long and well-documented history of attacking critics by all means, legal and otherwise. Despite having taken precautions to preserve their anonymity, many protesters report having been followed, harassed, and intimidated after previous protests.

About Anonymous:

Anonymous is a collective of Internet users who believe personal identity is irrelevant to the discussion of ideas. Originating from a group of forums, image board and wiki-style sites, Anonymous has kept to its roots and continues to organize primarily online. Anonymous does not limit itself to the Internet alone, as hundreds of Anonymous take to the streets every week to hand out fliers and educate the public about Scientology's crimes. Anonymous has launched previous campaigns against various White Supremacy entities, and played a major role in the capture of Canadian pedophile Chris Forcand.


Press and the general public may observe and contact anonymous participants on the forums at - Enturbulation - Scientology Activism and Organization. Information in regards to Anonymous Activism can be found at - Why We Protest.

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