Title: Scientology's 1st letter to Mrs. Minton 7/25/98
Author: bob@minton.org (Bob Minton)
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 21:03:07 GMT

July 25, 1998

Mrs. Therese Minton
39 West Cedar St.
Boston, MA 02114

Via Courier in U.K.

Dear Mrs. Minton:

I write to you directly because I have asked Bob to allow us to meet together to
discuss the current situation, but he has declined.

I am certain you are unaware of the real activities and nature of the people Bob
is involved with, and I do not believe you would want your family engaged in
these matters if you knew the character of these people or their agenda with
respect to the "Minton money."

While Bob claims that the Church has sought to upset his family, in truth it is
his activities that are the source of the turmoil that now surrounds his life
and yours. It comes about as a result of his relationship with a group of
morally bankrupt individuals who are taking money from him while they are
engaged in unethical and even criminal activities.

Stacy Young is the center of much of the harm that is being caused. She has a
history of engaging in illicit relationships, Bob is not the first to be lured
into her web.  While Bob denies that this relationship exists, however, I have
documentary evidence that on July 24 and 25, 1998, Bob and Stacy are at your
home in New Hampshire together. Their affair is alive and well and the
manipulation and deceit continues.

Your husband, so far as we know, has spent almost $2 million dollars - at least
funding Vaughn and Stacy Young (a house and various payments); Lawrence
Wollersheim (to the tune of over $500,000); Ken Dandar ($250,000); Arnie Lerma
($60,000); Keith Henson ($25,000); Grady Ward ($60,000); Dennis Erlich ($5,000);
and Jessie Prince (reportedly $100,000). There may be more.

Page Two
July 25, 1998

Courts have found several of this group of low-lifes guilty of violating the
Church's rights and yet Bob gives them money to continue. A couple of them are
wife abusers and child molesters. None are fit to be in the presence of you or
your children,  yet Bob is playing Santa Claus to them with your money. Bob's
irresponsible, if not outright malicious acts, are damaging my church and
individual Scientologists as well as you and your children. I believe a
face-to-face meeting between us would be helpful.

This is a serious matter. What is occurring is causing a great deal of damage.
If you were aware of all the facts, I am sure you would not support what is

You can contact me at 213-960-3500 or 213-960-3508 (fax). I look forward to
hearing from you.


Mike Rinder

Title: Scientology's 2nd letter to Mrs. Minton 7/30/98
Author: bob@minton.org (Bob Minton)
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 21:03:15 GMT

July 30, 1998

Mrs. Therese Minton
39 West Cedar St.
Boston, MA 02114

Via Courier in U.K.

Dear Mrs. Minton:

Last Sunday I had a short letter delivered to you in
the interest of opening up communication to resolve matters
in which we share a mutual concern.

Though I did not hear from you, within hours my letter
to you had been characterized on the Internet as a 6-page
letter reportedly containing statements I did not make. The
posting by Bob is attached in case you have not seen it.
Among other things, it includes a rather unpleasant threat.

You are probably under considerable stress and you need
to understand that my interests at this point are similar to
yours. I want to inform you of facts and assist you, and I
think I am in a position to do so.

Neither I nor anyone in the Church of Scientology has
ever had any intention to interfere with your life and
happiness. For reasons unbeknownst to me, your husband set
upon a vicious crusade against my religion. He gallantly
stated on national television that when you said you'd had
enough, he'd stop. It is ironic that in this same show Stacy
Young referred to him as an angel who came out of nowhere
into her life.

It's a well-known fact that people have had violent
reactions when their hidden secrets are revealed and this
appears to have been the case after Bob's affair with Stacy
Young was inadvertently exposed. As you may have learned, he
fired shots at people who saw him and Stacy together at your
home in Sandown. I would imagine that at this point you have
had enough, yet he is clearly not stopping and, in fact, is
now going to dangerous extremes.

Page Two
July 30, 1998

Mrs. Minton, I have never met you, and your only
information about me is what you have heard from your husband
and Stacy Young who would have nothing but the worst things
to say about me.

I reiterate the request of my earlier letter. I wish
to make you aware of information through a face-to-face
meeting at your convenience. Again, I believe that if you
were aware of all the facts you would not support what is

You can contact me at 213-960-3500 or by fax at


Mike Rinder

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Ron the Crooner

"Scientology is capable of giving any ability to someone. It is more returning
ability than giving ability and returning it in the sense of enabling someone
to be willing to demonstrate this ability. This also has applications in the
arts, including singing. Ron described it thusly.

Well, you have differences of vocal chords, and it all lies in the field of
physiology. We all know that. Everybody knows that. But I imagine if you
dissected their vocal chords, you would find that there was a nondetectable
difference. Then what is it that makes Caruso, Caruso; Hutton, Hutton; and a
deaf mute, a deaf mute? What is it? What is it factually?

It is the willingness to demonstrate the ability." L Ron Hubbard

--- Auditing Techniques: Altering Cases, 24 January 1957.

Well, towards the end of his life, L. Ron Hubbard did in fact decide to
demonstrate his ability to sing to prove that Scientology can indeed give any
person any ability. Here then, finally, is Ron the Crooner singing a farewell
song - "Thank you for Listening".