8 Steps out of Scientology

This page was cited from an article in the Guardian UK in 1997

Now renamed TEN Steps out of Scientology


IF Scientology is a bridge to OT levels of super dooper powers

why is this website here?

Title: 9 steps out of Scientology
Author: Arnie Lerma
Date: 31 Aug 1997 17:01:27 -0700

I was in the cult and on staff for 10 years... here are the stages I have seen... as one exits the 'Hubbardian' mind control program....

1) There is something wrong here, if this is so great, then
why is (______) going on?

[ insert whatever atrocity you have recently witnessed ]

2) The guys at the top must be crazy

3) Miscavige and crew are evil demons from another dimension
[ or something similar ]

4) Hubbard went crazy at the end .....

5) Hubbard went crazy in 1966

6) Hubbard was mad from the start.

7) This whole thing is a complete fraud

8) my god, its a criminal organization... with criminal convictions
all over the world... and it was only about money

9) realization that THERE ARE NO OT's THERE!

10) realizing, after leaving Scientology, this makes one an ex-nazi and wanting to do something about it

preface: Try the following exercise - for current members of Scientology:

this mental reboot' program is (c) Arnie Lerma

1) Consider that the 'mind' is programmable

2) Whose program are you running?

3) goto 1)

Now there is an elaborate bridge INTO Scientology... hence, there is also a conceptual bridge out of it... What is outlines above was my path, there are other paths out of scientology. But when a person leaves Scientology and starts waking up again to what really happenned to him, he will pass through most of the phases above.

If you find a person, who seems sincere, but is stuck somewhere on that bridge out of scientology, at best, they are incapable of helping... being sticks in the mud themselves, at worst they have been posted by Scientology or manipulated by scientology into taking stands at various places on that bridge out and saying in effect DONT GO ANY FURTHER... DONT LISTEN TO THEM... GO BACK... ITS NOT SO BAD......

Some of those nicks sound like they were chosen using Hubbard's "Survey" ( button finding) "tech"

People leaving Scientology go through AMAZING changes in a short space of time...I know this to be true.

Scientology appears to have created, synthetic personalities, who have been positioned at many of these steps (outlined above) out of Scientology.

The commonality you will find are:

A) make less of (trivialize) whomever is a threat to Scientology

B) Belittle, denigrate, or start flame wars,

C) Re-Focus on triviality - direct attention upon a detail - fouse on a twig, so you miss the view of the forest..

D) while offering NO links and NO information of any real worth, and being NO help to actually getting anyone out of scientology, all the while

E) damaging, and discouraging the repute of, those who are doing this or trying to explain how to others

Take any writer on the net, whose countenance makes you feel 'bad'.. whose conduct makes you want to read something else.. or go somewhere else.... or give up the good fight to expose this evil...who makes less of those who are explaining how things work, whose demeanor is nothing more that an online reflection of the back of the room rabble rouser, the cat caller, the nazi-style meeting disrupter, sent by Scientology to disrupt a lecture that then Mayor Gabe Cazares gave at his local VFW - Veterans of Foreign Wars - meeting hall. At that time, it was Sea Org Member Gary Weber, who had been sent to disrupt that meeting - why? so that critical information about Scientology COULD NOT BE DISCUSSED.

You can read Gary Weber's apology for that and other acts committed in the name of Scientology's fuhrer HERE.


Arnie Lerma "Clear 3502"
Ex _ Sea Organization Staff

Help for deprogramming Current members

*some* of the links are embedded in the posting above.

And though I hold in my mind a card catalogue of sorts of the information that helped get members OUT of Scientology's vise-like grip on their psyche..

...I have heard many different views from exiting ( waking) scientologists, the primary challenge is what order to present the existing piles of material to achieve the most consistent and least time consuming, for the practitioner, escape route from Hubbard's black box.

Michael Tilse's doubt formula comes to mind, here we have a fellow who analytically managed to get out.

Chuck Beatty said that while he was on the RPF, the only reading material they were allowed to read was $cientology's Freedum Magazine. Based on the dead agent articles about dennis erlich and others including myself, he decided that when he escaped he wanted to contact us.

Regarding dead-agenting materials - I've been working now steadily and very hard, for over year, having gained another good friend, who originally stopped by to see me, because of a de-popularization flyer that had been placed on their doorstep...

I got out of Scientology under rather extreme circumstances.

For an example of just how tight the bubble is that Scientologists live in... I did not realize until a few months ago, that I was on staff in FOLO EUS the night of the RAID in Los Angeles... there was one night that telex traffic was incredible, everyone that knew how to run a telex and knew the coding procedures helped out... FOLO EUS was the terminus of some leased wire lines to UK and ANZO..RCA Global Communications. Traffic to and from LA would all pass through the telex office at FOLOEUS, on W 74th Street. But until recently I did not connect the events, and what i am stressing, is that nobody knew! We couldnt even tell from the coded telexes what had happenned, just that something big certainly did...

Little did I know....

The Shannon Report - is important, as is Karin Spaink's and others detailed expose's of hubbard's own lies.

All you have to do is prove that ONE THING held up as TRUE by management, has been a LIE and the whole thing starts falling apart. Being an absolute system, everything in Scientology MUST BE TRUE, for ALL of it to be true.

Take one FACT and nail it to the ground with red hot glowing wooden stakes... and true believers, who have been told that the information on the net is "all lies" - their eyes suddenly get real big... and that glazed hypnotic look seems to diminish.

A MAJOR fear factor being used to discourage reading the net, is to tell current members that the OT data is there.. and that reading it will "mess up their cases" - translates into "This sounds like it might be an expensive mistake. ." ( requiring spending MORE money on review , repair sessions...) Pages should be crafted with a "NO UPPER LEVEL MATERIALS HERE" Notice... they might get read more.. Here is an effort in progress. Here is another by Creed Pearson.

Scientology makes folks think that every WIN they have in life is because of "RON"... and that every Loss they have is because they didn't duplicate ron.

this might sound a little harsh, but Hubbard was a stage Hypnotist, who had no conscience, he was a sociopath... and a paranoid schizophrenic... ( so was Hitler ) that embedded Alestair crowley's satanic magic in a self-help container and called it Scientology...

you and I trying to imagine what he was thinking.. would, frankly, destroy our psyche... because he was evil, he was a sociopath without conscience, who sought to have others DUPLICATE HIM 110%...which turns current scientologists into sociopaths - defined as people who cannot have sincere feelings of compassion for another.

Now we have a bunch of people who are following a program designed to emulate, duplicate...

REPLICATE... the psyche of hitler.

Arnie Lerma
Ex-Finance Manager for what is now called Scientology Bridge (tm) Publications Support the critic of your choice....

By the time you get up to step 7 or so, consider sending a NON-TAX Deductible GIFT to

Arnaldo Lerma

6045 N 26th RD

Arlington VA 22207

so I can spent as much time as possible doing something I seem to be pretty good at doing

exposing Scientology.

It could be your kids I save from ten years of a delusion.

Phone: 703 241 1498

shortly before hubbard died he signed a new will

which gave control to miscavige miscavige was the notary public for this document also..

Pat Broeker, a fellah I used to work with who cared for Hubbard at the end, has been paid off for his silence

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(c) 1997,2000 Arnaldo Lerma

From Chuck Beatty:

At first, when first reading these 10 steps, about 2 years ago, some are just, well, out there. I could not agree with them.

Now, after 2 years being out and being free to read, talk, phone call, email, internet chat about 100 to 200 ex official Scientologists and staffers I am amazed that this mental progression OUT of the mindset and delusional worldview, in my opinion, is more and more accurate.

When the people who's spouse died as a result of official Scientology's tragic but failed common sense decency and help, when I talk with the surviving spouse now, I can't help but feel the immediate grief and following guilt.

The failed common sense decency (overridden by the LRH policy rules instilling day to day staffers with fears of the consequences of violating his policies, which staffers simply find themselves bungling along having to abide by, "or else (!)"). My part, I spent roughly 5 years doing my best to train org execs in LRH's self-protecting evolved administrative mindset to keep their local operations afloat within the parameters LRH evolved. I then spent roughly 5 years years compiling LRH's administrative rules into the computerized "routing forms" for the church to assist the unhatted greenie staffers in orgs for doing their mainline day to day service functions with parishioners.

I really am sorry for the mistakes that engulf so many people's lives and have left the dropped abandoned people who fell "between chairs", left with no options to seek outside help (meaning even potentially more compassionate psych help, since ALL psych help is categorically out of the question for Scientologists to avail themselves of), I've been directly culpable with eliminating the options from people's lives who were led into the official L. Ron Hubbard Scientology movement predicaments that lead to the tragedies that only then make it into the news.

Tip of the iceberg, and the below the surface iceberg is staffed by people like I, and like the thousands and thousands of others who played their roles in the L. Ron Hubbard hopeful but sadly lacking operations.

I find myself actually agreeing with the gist of these steps more and more.

I am sure, cult experts and just plain intelligent psychiatrists (Gerry quoted Erich Fromm recently for instance) and just also the vast group of tens of thousands more intelligent people today and throughout mankind's history who are more honestly versed in the world's vast array of accumulated knowledge, understand life far beyond what unfortunately L. Ron Hubbard chose to pick and choose and make his personal brash claims of expertise in knowledge that he forwarded and now the officially Scientology movement forwards as the end-all/be-all of what mankind needs to reverse mankind's dwindling spiral, which I simply don't agree with either.

Hubbard's ideas on ethics, then the Sea Org, then the Guardian's Office, now OSA, is just way way NOT what people in this world are willing to swallow, without retching it right back up.

Hubbard's Scientolgy fits the bill of trouble rather than islands of sanity.

Once an ex-official Scientology movement person rises out of the isolated Scientology doctrinal mindset and compares L. Ron Hubbard's works, principle by principle, with the rest of mankinds' more intelligent assesssments, they can't help but slip away from the Hubbard operations.

Thanks again to you Arnie, and Gerry, you both meant a lot to me. I could see through the crap that was obviously being spread about you both over the years.

You guys to me are notable lightning rods of the retalitory crap.

Thank you both for taking so many hits.

And to everyone else who has taken their hits, and keep on working to keep the excellent sites open and conversations going, so others can see another view to all that has gone on.

There are things undeniably wrong with L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology. And more than can be papered over as L. Ron Hubbard sought to paper it over. The official movement is unfortunately locked in Hubbard's rules, defending things which should no longer be defended.

That is step 1 in your above list, seeing something wrong there.

Thanks. Chuck Beatty

"The Church under its current management clearly poses the greatest threat to the freedom of man that has appeared on the scene since the Nazi regime of 1933 to 1945. It is essentially in many ways the same. In the beginning, Hitler was able to free his people and give them hope and purpose. To be German was to be superior, not unlike a Scientologist being more able than the wog (non-Scientologist). Yet, in the end, his paranoia and cravings to eliminate his enemies resulted in the very destruction of those he purportedly tried to serve. " Creed Pearson

Crowley said "There are two main methods of acquiring the Magical Memory as defined
above. One is to train the normal memory to work backwards instead of
forwards, so that any past action is presented to the mind after the
manner of a cinematograph film set running in the reverse direction. (I
never succeeded fully in acquiring the technique of this method.) The
other is to deduce from present circumstances those which gave rise to
them."--Crowley, Aleister, (John Symonds, Kenneth Grant, editors)
The Confessions of Aleister Crowley (page 463) 1979 John Symonds and
Kenneth Grant

Hubbardsaid: The auditor is so accustomed to projectionists reeling off movies and TV
programs for him or her that the auditor tends to just sit while the
action rolls forward, acting like a spectator, not the projectionist.

Take a pocket movie projector and any bit of a reel of film and wind it
back and forth for awhile and you'll see you are moving it. [...]

If motion picture film were 3D, had 52 perceptions and could fully react
upon the observer, the time track could be called a motion picture film.
<end quotes> --Hubbard. L. Ron HCOB 15 May 1963 The Time Track and
Engram Running by Chains Bulletin 1 1991 L. Ron Hubbard Library

Both Hubbard and Crowley drew upon the work of Ananda Metteyya for their
magical memory technique. Crowley did credit Metteyya. Hubbard
*became* Metteyya, and rolled his own credits.


"The Fifth Horseman" by Richard Sherbaniuk, published in New York by Tom
Doherty Associates earlier this year, has a $cio reference. On page 190,
Zammit, the hero is saying "Did Smegyev make all this up? Like L. Ron
Hubbard did with Scientology?"
This is a novel about biological terrorism and contains derogatory
references to several cults as well as cults in general.

At George Washington University, according to L. Ron Hubbard's official
transcript, he received an "F" in "Modern Physical Phenomena; Molecular and
Atomic Physics."

The only comment on his brilliant work: "Placed on probation for deficiency
in scholarship September 1931.

In the US Navy he was sent back  from Austrialia "UNSATISFACTORY FOR ANY AVAILABLE ASSIGNMENT, HERE"