20 April 01


by Michael Pattinson M.A.



Proviso: All the information posted below is my honest opinion and sincere viewpoint on what occurred to me and my attorney to the very best of my knowledge. I would and could testify to same under oath. By posting this I hereby exercise my US First Amendment rights to free speech.


From having been subjected to the Fair game activities of the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) of the "Church" of Scientology I have observed that I was under attack on American soil by a mafia-like mob of extremists all of whom fanatically apply the "technologies" of L.Ron Hubbard, the founder of the so-called "Church" of Scientology.

In response to my litigation against Scientology, filed in 1998 in the Federal Court in Los Angeles, the cult mob did not agree to providing discovery documents until all of my information had been received by the opposing attorneys, and all my depositions were completed. I was the plaintiff!

I asked Graham Berry, my attorney, as to how that occurred and his response was that the cult attorneys lied to Judge Snyder to get a special arrangement that would, unknown to the judge, keep their frauds and scams a secret for a longer time.

Instead of using due process to pursue the litigation, the cult mobster-like clients and attorneys decided to simply use their vast financial resources to attack both myself, my attorney and his law firm and to bring us to financial and social ruin so we could not continue our litigation. With the litigation in process and their scam about to be exposed by Graham Berry and myself the OSA/Moxon and Kobrin conspiracy got desperate.

Law suits unrelated to the matters at hand were filed by Moxon and Co. against me and Graham Berry. In the pursuit of these lawsuits the Moxon and Kobrin "law" firm, according to documents, affidavits and court decarations in our hands, used their tax-exempt funds and/or funds from an International (outside USA) organisation (International Association of Scientologists) to pay for perjury from witnesses, use private investigators to try to destroy us with false and defamatory data, and MANY other illegal actions all of which are contained in documents, filings and decarations to the Courts.

OSA (Dept. 20 of the Church of Scientology International) apparently paid Robert Cipriano to sue Graham Berry and to give false testimony, paid Michael Hurtado to sue Graham for false sexual allegations, Anthony Apodaca to attack Graham with perjured information and false sexual charges. I believe that Moxon also intervened in the collapse of the Los Angeles law firm that I was using to pursue my litigation (Berry, Lewis, Scali and Stojkovic) by covert actions on the other partners. After the other partners deserted Graham he was then subjected to massively overwhelming demands for documents, filings, discovery, responses to motions, defenses against the spurious lawsuits mentioned above and many, many, many other types of deliberate harassment. It is my firm and considered belief, in the light of the actions I saw taken that the opposition group was attempting to kill my attorney by driving him to suicide by constantly enforced massive overwhelm. I personally consider this to be a kind of attempted murder, but the tactics and "weaponry" are so covert and not apparent as a whole and unified effort to anyone outside the targetted area/personnel that I have not yet seriously considered filing such charges with law enforcement authorities. That is, however, what I believe was really occurring.

As for my own experience, soon after I filed my lawsuit against Scientology I was served with a lawsuit against me from an OSA staff member (Michel Reveillere). Michel was once a non-staff Scientologist and he had been a business partner of mine in the production and selling of my artworks in Paris.

In 1991 he lent me $28,000 in production capital to make paintings, sell them and make a profit along with me via an interest rate on the loan. All was fine till I started to be subjected to OSA'S "Fair Game" and wrath because I had dared to write articles about Art and Culture. As any Scientologist knows, only L.Ron Hubbard has the right to write anything instructive at all, and all else is considered to be criminally outlaw (or "squirrel", a derogatory term)material. This is no exaggeration. Reference: "Keeping Scientology Working Series" of policy letters by Hubbard. In short....nobody but L.Ron Hubbard has any rights to develop instructional technology of any kind, otherwise mankind will die. Fanatically insane, but that IS what Scientologists are brainwashed to believe!

I had already started to pay Michel back (about $6,000) by the time the attacks on me from OSA took up all my time, monies and efforts to "stay alive" in the group and to get my name cleared of huge injustices and false reports piled onto me by OSA France and the President of the Celebrity Centre of Paris, Sarit Rosenberg. All this because I had dared to "write". Crazy, but true. The attacks were vicious. Crashing my businesses by direct "church" interventions, alienating my friends by falsehoods and innuendo from lying staff members, forced interrogations at huge costs to me (US$7,400 per 12.5 hour block), destructive and insane "Justice" actions from the cult's "International Justice Chief" (outside the usual national law structures), and many, many more aspects all designed to stop me from writing about my profession and to make me go back to being a quiet Hubbardite robot-producer-contributor.

It took me till 1997 to even get close to clearing my name (and it was never successful so I left the cult) and about $125,000 in direct costs alone (not counting immense lost production and vast emotional upset). Michel would have been paid back in full, with his profit, by 1993 without the attacks on me and my businesses by Scientology. Scientology had actively PREVENTED Michel from being paid back! I still owed him about $21,000.

As, again, any Scientologist knows, the number of personal debts by members to other members of the cult are enormous. The biggest attribute of Scientologists in the "outside world" is most likely "huge personal debt" to banks, family, businesses etc.... There must be thousands and thousands of such debts in active status.

So, in 1998, OSA/Moxon and Kobrin (same group) got Michel to sue me for the remaining debt. They didn't engage in a huge international effort to clear up all the outstanding debts that Scientologists have accumulated but no,...just mine, to that (now OSA) staff member. The church's whole litigation machine took on that one specific debt case which was a personal matter between me and Michel Reveillere! I believe they sollicited the lawsuit from Michel Reveillere to retaliate for my lawsuit and to drive me out of business.

So then I was ordered to deposition as the defendant in that case. It was in January 1999 at the offices of Michael Stoller in Beverly Hills. The deposition was intimidating but I had nothing to hide so was not overwhelmed.

At that time I was employed by a chain of japanese galleries, at good pay, and with a 100% sales rate. In the deposition I was forced to give the name and address of my employer. Within 10 days I was suddenly fired! No explanations, just fired and they never contacted me since. They had made literally millions of dollars from my art in ONE year! I suspect OSA foul play there too. I suspect the use of deposition to get info to fuel more "Fair Game".

To be as brief as possible, the Reveillere lawsuit then proceeded to be judged without even a trial. As a contract existed the judge ruled on it without trial, and I was ordered to pay Michel Reveillere $64,000! No chance to go into what had occurred. Moxon and Paquette engineered that one with the help from OSA and the funds from CSI or IAS. So now I could not pay it as I had lost my job. OSA/Moxon and Kobrin got the US Marshalls to come and seize my car, tow it away for months and charge me $22/day for the storage! I had to get help from my family to get another car, as without a car in California your business dies.

I belive that Moxon and Paquette had precisely that in mind.

This was only a small part of the war against me personally, funded by tax-exempt dollars and/or an international conspiracy (IAS) funding the attacks from outside the USA. Solliciting lawsuits is illegal in the USA. It was a "use of the law to harass" as covered in Hubbard's policy letters on the tactics of handling perceived "enemies". I had to declare bankruptcy, buy a book on how to do that, face up to the cult's Beverly Hills bankruptcy attorney/advisor, and somehow weather the storm to get through it to completion, which I did successfully in Feb 2000.

However, this meant I had no more funds from my job,no more credit possibilities, my car was impounded, my clients and friends had been cut off from me by OSA's direct interventions on them,and by such P.I.s as Eugene Ingram, the rogue ex-cop from the Los Angeles Police Dept, I had to leave my house and stay with friends, sell furniture and assets just to survive,....and ....of course.....

dismiss my lawsuit against Scientology due to lack of funds and too much constant harassment!

Many other aspects of this WAR against myself and Graham Berry, mirrored also in the OSA/Moxon and Kobrin war on other US citizens and residents such as Bob Minton, Jesse Prince, Mark Bunker, Gerry Armstrong, Tom Padgett, Cult Awareness Network #1, Paulette Cooper, Time Magazine, Dennis Erlich, Keith Henson, Lawrence Wallersheim, Arnaldo Lerma, and many more.....could be enumerated here. The facts are on the internet....@



cult preventionresources.com

and dozens morewhich are linked from these sites.

Graham Berry was subjected, as my attorney, to inconceivable harassments, illegal war tactics and forced into total ruin. This also affected my representation as he was the only lawyer I could find who was willing to go up against the Scientology litigation mob.

My point here, substantiated by facts and documents accessible to me, is that there is currently a gang of outlaw, mobster-like operatives (as outlined in my Court complaints and in this posting) conducting a real and harmful WAR (as covered in the relevant Hubbard policy letters, and the Sun Tsu "Art of War" book that is part of OSA operative training) on US soil, perverting the US Justice system to its own ends, and destroying the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of certain US citizens and residents. This is a current kind of domestic terrorism of a new variety. It uses the cloak of "religion" to cover its devilish and destructive work, and it is funded by tax-exempt "charity" dollars. It may also very very likely be funded by the International Association of Scientologists. That would mean, quite literally, that a non-US organization is funding war tactics on US soil right now. It may be "small" but this is just the thin end of the wedge that Scientology is now driving into the USA. If they are not stopped it will just continue and worsen. I know this group, I was part of it for 24 years! Now glad to be OUT OF SCIENTOLOGY.

This horrible Scientology "war-tactic operation" active in the USA is utterly unacceptable. The area of operation of this war machine of Scientology is really world-wide, but it actively includes the USA. This matter is, therefore,of concern and interest to the FBI, the CIA and NSA, as well as to local law enforcement agencies.

I am available to assigned government/law enforcement officials to assist them in any way I can.


As for my story, I will post more of it in other articles on alt.religion.scientology

The lawsuit is dismissed "without prejudice" and so most of it can still be re-filed. However, I have no resources to do so. OSA has bankrupted both me and my attorney. They have put Graham Berry out of business by war tactics within the US Justice system and harassment against him in his personal and professional life, many of which actions were blatantly illegal. Their war is funded by taxpayer dollars and/or the International Association of Scientologists.

My right to justice was thereby denied in the USA, where I am a legal resident, due to the outlaw mob from Scientology, right up to its highest management levels,hiding behind the smoke-screen of covert illegalities and false "charitable" status.




I ask for the help of any and all US patriots, concerned individuals, law firms, private persons, organizations (or government/law enforcement authorities duly assigned) to assist in getting this war on US soil stopped and prevented from ever again occurring.




In the late 1970's the top management of Scientology was indicted, convicted and imprisoned of such tactics. Now they are once again up to their old tricks (Moxon was part of the original suspects but escaped indictment) due to their policies still being determined by the late and very paranoid Scientology founder L.Ron Hubbard.

The whole agonised future of the USA, and indeed the rest of the world, depends on what YOU can do in preventing Scientology from working its evil more deeply into this nation and into the fabric of other nations too.

Many thanks and my kindest thoughts and encouragement go to all those who will help slay this new and very insane dragon of cult fanaticism.

Michael Pattinson.

65 Pine Avenue #104

Long Beach, California,

USA 90802.

email: karethian@aol.com

18 March 01

After reading the Woodcraft declaration and watching the video on lisatrust.net
on the contamination from asbestos on the Freewinds I would welcome being
contacted by competent and sufficiently well-grounded law firms or multiple law
partnerships interested in representing me and/or a class of persons who have
been subjected to this intensely dangerous asbestos contamination.

I was on the Freewinds for many weeks, sometimes with heavy seas and also lots
of vibration from maneuvers into and out of dock where asbestos particles must
have been released in quantity.

This request for contact by competent law firms would hereby absolve them of the
accusation of "soliciting" a case.

Many thanks,
Michael Pattinson

65 Pine Ave #104, Long Beach, Ca. USA 90802