6/18/96 - re spamming of newsgroup by $cientology to tifle free speech
Their current efforts on ARS are not to communicate or engage in any dialog, the spam is merely a conspiracy by the the cult to
make it impossible at worst, and difficult at best, for the
continuing saga of the cult of $cientology's efforts to
silence critcism, to be brought before the public, here, under
this one particular liberty tree, and to keep the public from learning
thier true nature.

They have historically tried to recover all documents
of an incriminating nature, having done that, they then
try to rewrite history - much as they rewrote Hubbards own
history, so as to impress the uninformed with his great
achievements, which have turnned out to be exageratted
at best and outright lies in many cases.

They use the courts to intimidate and harass critics
into silence. Using money as a weapon to bankrupt opponents.
They fly in operatives from overseas for questionable projects...
Pierre Pinard... anyone know this guy? Threatened a local shopkeeper
a week ago with litigation. for having free diskettes on his counter with the title
"Inside the Cult of $cientology"....

The actions of these people disgust me beyond words.

But I assure one and all, that I am continuing to do
everything in my power to bring attention to the despicable organization, that in my opinion is a Fascist organization...

They seek to disrupt the ability of the critics to pass information.

It is this rupture of all these documents, that had been
difficult to find, and expensive to copy (I mean PILES of horror stories)...onto the internet, that is the concern of these
charlatans... snake oil salesmen at the end of town....
Who use the money they have conned the public out of..

To trample our ability to discuss thier fascist activities.

Arnie Lerma
Clear # 3502
Ex-Sea Org Slave

"I'd prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speak"



from The Northern Virginia Sun May 28th 1996 Letters to the editor...

Anti-Scientology Crusade Continues

Yesterday I stopped in to my local quick stop, and the shopkeeper
told me that a man had come in the day before and taken 4 diskettes that he had on display there, which I had given him, titled:

Inside the Cult of $cientology #1


Inside the cult of $cientology #2

which contain a collection of affidavits,
personal stories, court records (none with sacred dropping)
and suppressed books all availlable on the ineternet.

Many of which I personally scanned in prior to the
RAID - See http://www.lermanet2.com/cos/raid.html
by the cult on my home on Aug 12 1995.

These same diskettes (2) have been enclosed in a letter writing
campaign to various public officials. Including Supreme Court judges,
US District Chief Judges, Congressmen, Senators, members of the
Senate Judiciary Commitee, The House Judiciary Committee,
The Dept of Justice, the White House, various Newspapers and

The diskettes were not for sale, theye were "available to anyone who
wanted to take them'

I wanted MY NEIGHBORS, who might me interested, to be
able to see what has been going on on the Internet....

This little oriental shopkeeper looked at me and said, he threatened
to sue me....

I just received the following from Chief Judge of the Federal District
where the cult has his headquarters, after HE recivieved my appeal
letter http://www.lermanet2.com/cos/appeal.html

and a copy of a petition I mailed to Judge Brinkema in my massive
($1,082,000 spent to far) court case....

here it is:



FROM: Chief Judge Kovachevich

TO: United States Attorney Charles Wilson

DATE: May 22, 1996


I received the enclosed letter from Mr. Lerma on May 6, 1996.
Upon a review of the letter, I have concluded that Mr. Lerma's
complaints are in the nature of criminal activity for which he
appears to desire investigation. Since the requested action is
not within the purview of my judicial authority, I am
forwarding the letter to you for whatsoever processing and
proceedings which you may determine to be appropriate.

I appreciate your consideration of the matter.


cc: Mr. Lerma

initials, & court stamp not shown...


Arnie Lerma
703 241 1498

If a citizen can go to various 'rooms' in courthouses all over the nation (at considerable expense)to view documents from various scientology cases. And....

If the EXACT same thing was done 'virtually' through the industry
of an individual citizen, preparing an accurate rendition of a courthouse document, and placing it in a virtual room, where citizens who were already interested in a single topic, Scientology, assembled regularly to view these documents and discuss them in public'

How can this be denied under the 1st amendment?

If a newsgroup, was considered analogous to a 'room', a location for citizens to assemble and discuss topics of mutual interest, and this right to assemble can not be denied, thenIf one of the historical uses for this room, was to allow citizens who could not physically travel to courthouses all over the nation, to view public records...then why should this this constitute publishing, rather than free assembly to view a virtual document?

Internet users have to 'enter' this room, they don't just see the document by logging onto the Internet..

Then how is this different from physically going to the courthouse to view it?

There is no difference! One is 'virtually' doing the exact same thing, without the time, expense and inconvenience...And one can receive a 'copy' of the court document...If this act is sanctioned under the first amendment right to free assembly, and prohibited under the. copyright act, which law is senior?

Arnie Lerma

$cientology might be considered a mind virus,

An aids of the mind.
Curing those who have become infected is very difficult.
Inoculating those who have yet to get involved works wonders.....
How does one inoculate someone against the virulent virus of the mind called $cientology?

Send them the affidavits, the 'Road to Xenu', texts of newsclippings... for 28 cents for one diskette, plus 32 cents postage, and a written letter imploring the recipient to take notice... one can effectively inoculate public officials, business associaties, etc against the virus.

There also seems to be considerable cross-immunity created by reading the inside stories and affidavits on $cientology against cults of ALL kinds.

The patterns of mental manipulation and control are similiar...

Arnie Lerma
Ex-Sea Org Slave

I'd prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speak



Subject: Arnie Lerma's FAQ

In response to email's I have been recieving,
about how to help expose the true nature of
the cult of $cientology,
I'd like to make the following answers widely known

Q: I dont have money right now, but what to help,
what can I do?

A: Use the power of pen (in this case your computer)
to bring the nature of the cult to the attention of
the public, the federal government

a) thats the US congress and senate, and various
committee's and subcommittee's who need to know
the truth.

b) The Executive branch - FBI, Dept of Justice,
White House, FDA, secret service - whomever you
feel ought to know and ACT...

c) The Judicial Branch - Judges are human, the cult
tries routinely to pull the wool over thier eyes and
baffle them with bullshit and volumous filings...

AND - the *media*... as well as your friends and family.

And encourage others to do the same.

Q: what do I tell them?

A: Voice your outrage that the deceptive tactics, harassment
and intimidation are tolerated.. without action - without action
since the late 70's RAIDs by the IRS and FBI on the cult itself.
and suggest perhaps its time to get the real dirt to put some more
of these scum away...

Q: what do you do?

A: I do the above, and send collections of my favorite affidavits,
Judges opinions, newspaper articles, and personal stories on diskette.
600 pages of docs fit on one 28 cent formatted diskette. See
http://www.lermanet2.com/cos/appeal.html for a sample letter I have sent.

Q: I want to help financially

A: The cult worships money, they cult knows that with enough money
most anything can be 'arranged' - everyone has his price - is their motto..
The cult also knows that money is absolutely essential in order to
take a STAND! against them... Due to the extreme compelling nature of the
documents on the net, and the many good, honest, brave citizens who have
been moved to action, it doesnt take much to help a great deal. Follow your
heart, and do what you feel is best. I'm willing to forward checks to
support Gerry Armstrong, personally, - just make it out to Gerry Armstrong
and I'll forward. FACTNet would benefit greatly during the current next few
months, with a liberal dose of financial lubricant...and as I was elected Treasurer
a few weeks ago, anything received by me for FACTNet shall be accounted for by
me. Dennis Erlich's defense fund needs funds to grease the wheels at the
Mighty MoFo... Any excesses recieved by FACTNet will be passed onto the whomever
the FACTNet board (Bob Penny, Lawrence Wollershiem and myself consider
would be the most effective investment to thwart the cult of $cientology, donations
to FACTNet are tax deductible. Last of all, I have my own pet projects and efforts
which take time and money, and I'm willing to accept 'gifts' which will also
be used only to fight the cult and its efforts to enslave minds. So follow your

My address is: Arnie Lerma
6045 N 26th Rd
Arlington VA 22207

Thankyou for your time.

Arnie Lerma
Ex-Sea Org Slave
http://www.lermanet2.com/cos/raid.html (see the members of the cult of $cientology search a citizens home and seize his computer and the data
he hoped to defend himself with)

Secrets are the mortar, binding bricks of lies together
into prisons for the mind....

There is nothing I can add, 'cept to ensure this is read by all...
arnie lerma

laura@isp.nwu.edu (Laura Bryannan) wrote:

>I'm new to this newsgroup but, unfortunately, not to the
>influence of Scientology. In 1984, my best friend took
>a job in a chiropracter's office. The chiropracter started
>working with one of the consulting arms of the org in order
>to increase her client base. Within one year, my friend began
>the auditing process and it was downhill from there.
>Now, in 1996, this woman has left her husband, has no friends
>or contacts out of the org, and has not had a job in the real
>world in eight years. This was a woman who was once vibrant,
>intelligent, alive and fun--she could have done *anything*
>she chose to do, but this is what the wonderful teachings
>of the org have reduced her to.
>I remember asking her years ago why she wasn't going to take
>this so-called state of the art psychological training and
>utilize it to create her own therapy practice, as I had done
>with the teachings I was studying at the time. She could not
>answer. In my opinion, a good teacher (or parent) knows their
>job is done correctly when the fledgling can fly on its own.
>This was obviously not the position of Scientology. It's
>become clear to me now that the training she was and is
>receiving is useless outside of the insular world of the org.
>Well, I'm not sure why I felt the need to write this. Perhaps
>because I still mourn for her friendship, even after so many
>years. Thanks much for listening.


[This apparently is the only action Hubbard actually saw in WWII]
[Commentary of Uploader in brackets, note ASCII Text
Formatting has been arranged to accurately render
the original within the technical constraints of the
the newsgroup formats - this document is from a FOIA request
for the US Navy Record of L. Ron Hubbard]

United States Pacific Fleet
Flagship of Commander, Fleet Operational Training Command

COTCPPac File:


Serial 0487 15 July, 1943

Confidential [line drawn through this word on original]

From: Commander, Fleet Operational Training Command, Pacific.
To: Lieutenant Lafayette Ron Hubbard, D-V(S), U>S.N.R.

Via: Commandant, ELEVENTH Navel District.

Subject: Letter of Admonition.

Reference: (a) Record of Proceedings of a Board of Investigation
convened on board the U.S.S. PC 815 on June 30, 1943,
by order of Commander, Fleet Operational Training
Command, Pacific.

1. The facts and testimony contained in refernce (a) in-
dicate that on June 28, 1943, while serving as Commanding Officer of
the U.S.S. PC815, you:

(a) Disregarded orders by having the vessel under your
command conduct a gunnery practice without proper
authroity; and

(b) Disregarded orders by anchoring in Mexican Terri-
torial waters without proper authority.

2. The above led to the receipt of a complaint against
the vessel under your command from Mexican Authorities.

3. Because of the short time that you have been in command
and the exigencies of the service, this letter of admonition is written
in lieu of other more drastic disciplinary action which would have been
taken under normal and peacetime conditions.

4. A copy of this letter will be made a part of your official


Copy to:
Cincpac [diagonal ink stamp appears here that
reads as follows:]
Reclassified to
by authority of
Chief of Navel Personnel


Jeff Jacobsen <cultxpt@primenet.com> wrote:

> Hubbard had a low opinion of "wogs" (non-Scientologists) and even "raw
>meat" (new members). In fact, he thought such people should not have any
>civil rights:
> " Perhaps at some distant date only the unaberrated person will be
>granted civil rights before law. Perhaps the goal will be reached at some
>future time when only the unaberrated person [i.e. a clear] can attain to
>and benefit from citizenship." [Dianetics; the Modern Science of Mental
>Health, chapter 10, paragraph 24, or 1987 edition p. 534]
> I have often pondered this quotation and wondered what Hubbard had in
>mind for those who criticized Scientology. If, in the ideal Hubbard
>society, citizenship and civil rights were reserved for clears and above,
>what would the status be of those who were critics of Hubbard's theories
>and methods? Would there be a series of gulags set up around the world
>for such people? Would there be a system for rehabilitation, or would
>they just be assumed to be lost causes and kept in the gulag until they
> Personally, I hope we don't find out. The stories of how Hubbard dealt
>with his hand-picked people on board his ship, and the stories of his
>hand-picked people being sent to the RPF, make me very happy that
>Scientology does not run the world. If Hubbard dealt with those he
>considered the cream of society in such an evil manner, how on earth would
>I as a critic manage?
> Is Scientology preparing for the day when they can run the world? Are
>they working on how to manage citizenship papers? Are they mapping out
>where to put gulags, perhaps in Alaska?
> -- Next International Picket of Scientology Sept. 7 and/or 8,
>1996: see http://www.lisamcpherson.org/cos/demo.htm
> OSA's job: to mock up enemies.
>Jeff Jacobsen cultxpt@primenet.com PO Box 3541 Scottsdale AZ 85271 USA

Ah, Jeff, but they already *have* gulags -
the last gulags are in america!
They are run by the fascist cult of $cientology,
they are called the RPF, and the RPF's RPF....
Barbed wire, armed gaurds.... to keep prowlers out?
Or keep prisoners in?
I bet they are hanging on - to every one, who might dream of escape, - as when they get out, the whole world will listen to thier tales - on the Internet!

Release the prisoners!

Demand human rights inspectors!

Arnie Lerma
Watch the members of the fascist cult of $cientology search my home: http://www.lermanet2.com/cos/raid.html

Support the FACTNet Defense fund
Send your tax deductible contributions to:

Treasurer - FACTNet
c/o Arnie Lerma
6045 N 26th Rd
Arlington VA 22207

"I'd prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speak"

If government and the judicial system are what keeps
society from being armed gangs roaming the streets, settling
difference with violence.

And if, in todays world on the internet, information is power,
and the truth is the sword to slay dragons of evil,
then it follows that as in:

Church of Scientology vs Armstrong the judge found that
copyright and trade secret violations could be ok when they were
used for self-defense...

Then it follows that the 'right to bear arms' should not be
infringed - in this case the 'arms' are the truth in the form of
the documents, (copyright or not) needed to expose the fraud of the
cult of Scientology.

Secrets are the mortar binding bricks of lies together,
into prisons for the mind.

Arnie Lerma
watch members of the cult of Scientology raid a citizens home and
seize his property, he was using to expose the true nature of the

Support the FACTNet defense fund

The final realization from escaping cult mind control is to see
that the mind is programmable, and if you arn't running your
own programs, you'd better find out whose programs you are

having had my home raided by the cult of $cientology 12 August 1995:

A collection of short $cientology RANTS:

A homicide investigation in Clearwater.

French Scientologists get guilty verdict in murder trial...

Scientologists steal documents from swedish judiciary....

The Germans have mental antibodies to Fascism.
They ought to, they survived Adolph Hitler.
hats why they have taken such an
admirable stand against this tax free fascist organization,
that degrades orthodox religions by cloaking itself
in religiosity, merely for the purpose, but to be
more difficult to attack, and of course,
for the MONEY!

This is not war on Scientology this is
War for Freedom to Speak on the net.

Hubbard studied George Orweill’s Book 1984,
add to that his study of North Korean and other
communist Brainwashing techniques, throw in
his studies of Satanic practices = what you are
dealing with today.

In my opinion it is a FASCIST organization.
Once you accept ‘Hubbardian Cosmology’ on can
rationalize any act against a man if it benefits
the cult.

The Big Secret: 75 million years ago the evil ruler
named Xenu, in an effort to solve over population
in this sector of the galaxy, captured and then
froze people in anti-freeze, brought them to earth
in interplanetary vehicles that looked like DC-3’s,
stacked them up around Volcanoes, dropped
hydrogen bombs on them, then captured the
spirits on a sticky electronic ribbon, then
implanted them for 28 days....with what you see
around you. this is why society looks the way it

Sure....and I have a bridge to sell you...

Once you accept this, and you must be fully
conditioned to accept it, you become a FASCIST,
capable of anything in the name of Hubbard.

Who was a liar, a con-man, a cheat, didn’t pay his
debts, & lied about his navy record..

John McMaster, (Famous as "clear" number 1)
was interviewed a few years
before his death, he was in a transient hotel, an
alcoholic, in a room filled with death potted
flowers, - He told a story about how Hubbard
used to tease him about being gay... He was
Scientology’s Famous Clear #1.

Their problem today is the net.
Hubbard wrote no policy about the net.
They used to be able to isolate those who dared
speak out, and mug them so to speak, alone, in a
dark alley - using litigation as a sacrement, to harass,
now with the net it reminds me of
the chant from the- Vietnam protests in the 60’s -
"The whole world is watching"

The cult has a pattern of intimidation ‘as a
sacrament’ by their own policy, articulated even
by Federal Judges involved trying to administer
justice in the face of their intimidatory tactics,
'The lawsuit is used to harass, the point is not to

There are horror stories of pets being killed,
Judge Swearinger’s dog Duke, another litigants
cat, even my own cat,

I found soon after the
litigation started with his throat cut badly - he
recovered. During the raid I contend that they put
LSD on my own toothbrush in order to have me
become an ineffectual babbling idiot for the
'Accelerated Video Disposition’ motion that they
got a US Federal Judge to approve...
before the raid on my home,

They decieved this judge by telling her
I was in possessionbof stolen property,
no where did they mention that what
I postedto the net August 1st 1995,
was an open, public, court record
- the Fishman affidavit.

I had people banging
on the door of my little house- I had awakened
repeatedly at 2 to 4 AM , and brushed it off that I
was dreaming about someone banging on my
door’ until an elderly neighbor called me, asking
if I was OK,

I asked why?

she said ‘cause I saw
someone walking from your house at 3 AM...
A chill ran through me. The intimidation is
designed to silence critics from exposing the
fraud being perpetrated upon the public by this

And they intimidate the media from doing their
constitutional duty to protect the public by
exposing fraud and corruption.

Thier libel suit against Time Magazine for the
1991 article about this mad dog cult was dismissed..

Dismissed after 7.2 million was spent BY Time Inc. defending it.

Now with the Internet, which must remain free for
citizenry worldwide to use, for this purpose -
to expose fraud, corruption and criminal activity
without penalty of harassment and insane legal
bills under a copyright law written in the 20th
century to regulate a medium developed in the
17th century - the Gutenberg Press, being
applied to a 21st century medium - the internet -
which is as important a social change as the
printing press was in its inception.

This is a revolution of social consciousness.
Information for the masses not just the elite.

This is the liberty tree of the 90’s

Further - how does one comprehend how an allegeded
‘Church uses the power of the Federal
Government to raid a citizens home at (9:30
Saturday morning and then seize his mind - his
computer, and all his records, - that he was
collecting to use for his own defense. There is
separation of church and state guaranteed by the
constitution... what gives...

Further who is it exactly that determines whether
an organization is a religion - Did the founding
fathers intend for the US Dept. of Treasury’s
Internal Revenue Service be the official
determiner of religiosity? This is madness.

Further the non profit status of this mad dog cult
was granted with an unprecedented SEALED
closing agreement. That tax paying citizens
cannot read. This is incredible.

Rumor has it that the cult ran a covert operation
on an IRS Commissioner- blackmail. in order to
get this agreement.

Scientology worships money Hubbard says:
Make money, more money, more money’
Their god is money. And they will say whatever
they have to and spend millions buying silence
from those who dare to disagree.. in order that
thier leaking bucket gets refilled...

Arnie Lerma
Ex Sea Org Slave
I'd prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speak
see http://www.lermanet2.com for more info


bern@arcadis.be (Bernie) wrote:

>beth@cais2.cais.com (TheWitch@Endor.com) wrote:
>>MikeSmith3 (mikesmith3@aol.com) wrote:
>>: When you think of Germany what is the first thing
>>: that comes to mind?

A nation whose citizenry have intensely powerful
antibodies to FASCISM.
A nation that puts the public interest above all else...

I admire and applaud thier strong stand against
the criminal cult of money and greed.

I hope (someday) our
hopelessly corrupt government
in America
can move its bowels,
distended from largesse,
and rid itself of this
tax payer subsidized
plague of lies -

arnie lerma
An Ex-$cientologist for 10 years
"Clear 3502"
Ex Sea organization Slave
www.lermanet2.com for the
Truth about the cult called $cientology

Happy new year.

May you escape the razor wire, and the prison
of lies you are trapped in.

And may you survive with your mind still functioning
to tell the world your tale...

The whole world is watching.

Arnie Lerma
www.lermanet2.com (the true nature of the cult of $cientology)

Effective Actions against the cult called $cientology
Do you:

1) Maintain a webpage promoting the insider's view..
the underbelly of the beast.. The true nature of the cult..?

2) Effectively lobby congress, senate and media?

3) Cause to be printed articles describing the true nature of Scientology in the media?

4) Actively inform all your freinds, neighbors, clients, relatives about the cult of power and greed?

5) Financially suppport those who have taken a stand against this evil? ? -

untill such time as the system is truly equitable, there is no substitute for money.
It costs money and it costs time, both are the same in this struggle.
Support Dennis's defense fund, Support FACTNet, suppport grady, kieth,
Zenon, Karin Spaink - please dig down, and act now.

6) try to get further up the OSA threat list - there arn't many of them (OSA) and they are
tired... the more you do the above the greater a threat you will be to
thier dream of a scientology controlled world. And the less risk to all
when thier hate machine is spread thinner.


When determining whether to support or ignore someone, decide what
of the above this person is doing - what is said on ars is of little import, compared to the above


If you're not doing the above, and your just complaining about
footprints in the sand, you're either osa, a paid agent, or a fool.


Judge others by thier actions.

Not by how eloquently they might waste your time.

Effective actions will defeat $cientology.

All the rest is noise and wasted time and effort.

Scientology infiltrated CAN, spend thousands doing so....
The moods and strangeness occassionaly on ARS are not chance happennings.

Some things are effective - the rest is fluffery.


please ACT.


Psst... Wanna Buy a bridge?

Experience the 'spiritual' gains of $cientology
auditing "technology".

* Make your conscience disappear!

* Have all your innermost secrets recorded in case we need them...

* Lose all touch with reality, and become lost in the
endless world of Hubbardian Cosmology!

* Discover that you are infested with spirits of dead
space aliens!

* Spend years removing them!

* Sell everything you own, because you will become convinced
that the *next* secret level will make it all make sense...

* Have your sense of humanity expertly removed by our
'standard tech-trained' brainwashers.

* Lose all inhibitions for evil or despicable conduct -
as you will shortly feel that any act is justifiable in the
name of "Ron".

And rest easy, with the calm self assurance that your "donations"
are supporting a platoon of the most expensive lawyers in the world....
that are needed to ensure that the FRAUD of $cientology continues...

"Humbly tended as a gift to man" LRH (spit)

Arnie Lerma
They claim to have spent 1.5 million,
but Im still talking..

Secrets are the mortar, binding lies as bricks together
into prisons for the mind...


The only thing that really works in $cientology are its lawyers...