OT 7 Speaks about Stopping Free Speech on the Net

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Actual scans of OSA internal traffic regarding dead agenting Russian activists [ not related to this incident, but excellent reading to see how the psychopolitical intelligence network thinks, mentions OSA's DC Director Sylvia Stanard ] HERE if link doesn't work try via anonymizer.com HERE

More explanations by tory about what is going on, upon the newsgroup called alt.religion.scientology ( note the same pattern of conduct and patter of handlings to contain criticism and outrage are taking place on both the factnet.org chat boards AND the www.xenu.net chatrooms.. read and learn... see http://www.lermanet2.com/osa/osawhoiswho.htm. also read Tory's advice to activists about how to get involved HERE - Tory on Silence

And... a great explanation about how to handle scientology's black propaganda HERE - "How osa works"

(c) Tory Bezazian OT7 30 year Scientologist and ex-OSA volunteer

Part1 - How the OSA Trap Works
Part2 - Who is Who in OSA
Part 3 - Who is the Real Mike Smith?
Part 4 - Dead Agenting & Black PR
Part 5 - The Secret Project to Spam the Internet
Part 6 - Setting up the Spam/Sporge Accounts
Part 7 - Tory gets attacked for telling the truth


March, 2001

NOTE: I am posting this to bring some truth to anyone who is interested. My
intention is not to hurt others, which has been implied to me by some still in
Scientology. What I have to say *may* hurt someone, but that is for them to
work out. I cannot keep hiding to protect the lies and deeds that are done. I
am through with that. You are through with me, as witnessed by OSA trying to
get me nailed with some phoney, drummed up criminal charges, which the court
agreed were not criminal actions. You want truth? Here is the beginning.

Many people have asked me to explain how OSA really works.
Let me start by saying there are many views of OSA, and how it works. I am
going to explain how it worked for me, a public, as a volunteer.  There are
layers of things that can be said about OSA. This is sort of OSA 101.

First off, OSA stands of The Office of Special Affairs.  It is the arm in
Scientology that deals with legal issues, including the expulsion of their
members when they decide the time is right.

Many people, who are critics and have studied Scientology, have heard of the
GO, which stood for the Guardian's Office. The GO was run by Mary Sue Hubbard,
and ended with a raid where documents were found that actually mapped out many
of their illegal operations. 9 people actually went to prison over this,
including Hubbard's wife.

I was in Scientology the day the raid occurred. Someone called me from what was
then known as "The Manner" and said "Tory~ The FBI is here, and we need someone
to marry us. Can we come over and get married?"  I said sure, and they did.
How the "church" got through that is still amazing to me, but that is how
Scientology is. They just start pumping out the black PR, in mass, and the
propaganda they want heard.

We were quickly told that Scientology knew nothing (NOTHING) of what these
people had done. All we had to do was look at LRH's actual references, where
they all are against stealing, lying, etc. So see? The bad deeds they did
couldn't be based on Scientology data. It wasn't Scientology…. these were
some misguided people. (Doesn't matter that is was L> Ron Hubbard's wife, and
Hubbard was sending down the orders).

Ok,,,, so that was the GO.  Soon after something showed up called OSA.  OSA was
supposedly totally legal, and only did things per LRH. ….so NONE of those
"bad things that those GO people did would ever happen again".

That mind think is completely ingrained in scientologists, to the point where
they really ( REALLY) believe OSA are the good guys.

OSA fights for "religious freedom".  Never mind that Hubbard himself was
totally anti-Christ and really anti-God, they push religion hard and fast.
Somewhere they realized religion was their ticket to ride. In the 70's they had
not yet moved into this big religious avenue. Dianetics was promoted as an
"Applied Philosophy". It was a Science of the Mind. But once the FBI busted the
GO (Guardian's office), things changed overnight. Literally the GO was out, and
OSA was in. They are promoted as the ultimate in white hats.

Actually most of the public of Scientology is hardly aware of what goes on in
OSA. They are told OSA is there to fight these bad people, to handle legal, and
is there for PR. The truth is, so far every single person they have promoted to
me as horrible, has turned out to be not only not horrible, they are really
good and decent people, many quite wonderful. They lied through their teeth to
me about these people, and it wasn't until I left that I found out the shocking
truth: These "bad people' were actually the good people, and OSA was out doing
bad things.

Is all of what OSA does bad? No of course not. But much of what OSA does has
become bad. They send PI's (Private investigators) after people, the sue people
(they tried to rope me with criminal charges and they really worked hard to
bring that about. It didn't work, but it was amazing to me to see how far they
will go. They harass people who speak out against Scientology, and their
families and sometimes at their work force. I didn't know about these things,
but as Bob Minton pointed out to me, that is no excuse. Some critics have been
pretty hostile with me for "being so bad and helping OSA".  I am not going to
say I was right, but I also know I was being a 'good Scientologist'. That is
what was asked of me. I know there are a number of "good Scientologists" who
are still actively volunteering for OSA. All I can say is look at what you are
doing. Is that what you would want someone to do to you?

In 1979 I started as an OSA Volunteer  in Clearwater, Florida. We had moved
there, and a bit earlier so had Hubbard and the Sea Org. By the time we arrived
there were people out on the streets with signs saying "Save Sparkling
Clearwater: Stamp Out Scientology".

I was asked to go meet with one of the executives, Milt Wolfe. Milte explained
to me that Hubbard was planning to land in the south, and set up his land base.
However (so the story was told to me) someone got word that the FBI were going
to nail Hubbard, plant drugs on his boat, and put him in jail for a long time.

Now you might be wondering why would the FBI be after this Sci-Fi/pretend
religious cult leader? Why? Well, Scientology ALWAYS has answers to these kind
of questions. Why? Simple. See the AMA (American Medical Association) has been
after Hubbard ever since Dianetics came out in 1950.  I was told the AMA were
these bad, greedy doctors who wanted to put Hubbard out of business, because
Dianetics could put them out of business. Now since my Grandfather was a
wonderful doctor, and doctors had saved my life, this never really rang totally
true to me, but I bought some part of it.

So the AMA had informed the FBI, and thus they were here after years of
chasing, to bust LRH. Knowing this, and being a sly fox, Hubbard picked up and
zoomed to Clearwater. Since he was pretty sure they wouldn't want Scientology
there, but he had to at this point go somewhere on land,,,,he started a church
with a different name. Basically he lied.

So Milt explained "because we had to lie to get the Fort Harrison, and this guy
Richard Tenny who is running for City Commissioner's whole platform is about
how we are liars, we cannot handle it. We need you to handle it for us.

Being a new mom, and always up for a good fight, I began. I would walk around
talking to people on the street, trying to tell them what they were doing was
not OK. I went to all of Tenny's meetings and would ask him questions to get
the attention off of Scientology. "What about the fact that there is only one
fire dept? What are your plans for that? What about the drug scene…etc etc "
Truly I would ask anything that would steer that attention off of Scientology.
Now please note here that this IS what Scientology/OSA does. They come
pretending like they care…but what is the truth? I could have cared less. I
was there with a plan to distract, and that is all.

It is justified because these people are what are known in Scientology as SP's
or Suppressive Person's. An SP is one who is just there to harm others, and
Hubbard wrote a Policy called Fair Game stating once someone is declared an SP,
they become Fair Game, and Scientologists can lie, cheat, harm or whatever to
this person. Even Scientology promotes Fair Game has long since been cancelled.
I would have given you $5,000 last year at this time that there is NO Fair
Game. But the truth is, Fair Game is alive and just as bad as ever. I was even
doing it, and didn't realize it.

Long story short, Richard Tenny was voted out of office in a landslide and we
all celebrated. Clearwater was our town.

I continued to help OSA from that point until I left last July.

In 1985 there were a few huge trials against Scientology, and I was at each
Crusade. I donated one year of my time to fight in these battles and help
however I was needed. Again, I thought I was doing good. I knew Larry
Wallershiem personally and felt he was a conn man. So I was very persistent in
this fight. Let's look at how:

I arrived at the courthouse to find numbers of OT 7's lined up outside the
courtroom. I was told only OT 7's could get in (I guess because they were
considered the most powerful). But I wanted to be IN there. So I snuck in with
a friend.

I quickly labeled each of the jurors (My own idea). As someone would say
something I would just note how each person responded. IE Number 2 smiles,
number 5 shakes head like saying "no", number 7 looks disinterested. OK? I left
after the first day, and BOOM! A man from OSA came up to me and said "we need
to see your notes". I said fine, and gave them to him. Sure enough the next day
I was told OSA wanted me to continue.

This entire trial had many stories connected to it, including twice where I
stood up and spoke to the Judge. But I will tell you these another time.

We were told at the end this was a victory as the motto was "Not one thin dime
for Waller shiem"..and supposedly he hadn't received a dime. I am not sure if
he still has. I think it has been awarded over and over, but never paid. I
still feel the same about this person, as I knew him before this trial, and he
was a conn artist then.  I will have to meet him now and find out his side of
the story. But that was a long and hard fight.

Mostly I did things for OSA that had to do with PR, or public relations. I
worked for RPR (Ron's Public Relations Office) which is run by Mike Reinder and
OSA. Here also in the 80's we were hired as contracted professionals. It was
our job to set up interviews with radio stations across the USA. We did, and I
found this a lot of fun. The Dianetic stats were the highest ever.
So what did the Sea Org do? Cancel the entire unit, saying the Sea Org was
going to take over. Did they? Of course not. But they are famous for this kind
of thing.

One time I was asked to go with someone to follow Precilla Coats and Jon
Attack. I did, and we followed them to a bookstore. I felt very weird about
this, and told OSA that was not something I wanted to be a part of.

Another time they asked me to head up the takeover of the Cult Awareness
Network. Again, as I didn't really feel too good about that, I said no. However
somehow I did fill out some papers that I was later told helped put CAN out of
business. OSA will do things like that. Announce their plan, and "all you need
to do is sign on the dotted line. We will do the rest."

I continued to assist them, calling up radio shows if someone critical of
Scientology was on, etc. In late 1990 Scientology announced, "We are coming up
to the year 2000 and getting into the Internet". The plan was simple. They had
computers set up and you were to sit down and write up your success story. You
could tag on any hyper-links you want, either Narconon, Criminon, Way to
Happiness etc. At the end, they gave you a disk and told you to go home and put
this on your computer. That way if anyone wants to contact you, they can". That
was all we were told. Later I found out that was how they got what is called
"the net nanny" onto each computer. This stops people from being able to ever
read anything critical of Scientology. It was done secretly, and many
Scientologists don't even know it is on their computer!

Shortly after this was put on, I was asked to help out on the Internet. Someone
working with OSA  asked me if I would surf the net, and see if I could find any
confidential material and if so, report it to OSA. He came over to my house and
took off the net nanny, and made ARS one of my"favorite places". I did this,
and mostly I would come up with Andreas at www.xenu.net. At the time I didn't
really get that Scientology was stopping ALL views of any critical thoughts of
them. I was told this was just to protect the members from seeing any
confidential data that was above their "case level" or above what they should
know. It made sense at the time.
Andreas seemed to have a huge amount of negative information. I would call OSA
and ask them "why aren't you getting rid of this guy? He is the worst!" They
said they were working on it. To me if there was a devil, it was Andreas
.Little did I know he is the exact opposite, and would later help me greatly.

One of the most amazing things is that I never even read any of Andreas' site.
I had known two people who "went crazy" and each time I was told it was from
reading the Internet. Later, after I left, I found out the truth. One had been
having serious doubts for years, and finally read Madman or Messiah and a few
other books, and realized the fraud he had been a part of, and left. But the
other was literally driven crazy by OSA. She had been an OSA op, and had done
lots of their dirty work. When she wanted to leave they gave her a bunch of
reverse auditing (stuff that makes you much worse) and drugged her, and spit
her out on the street. So because of this, and years of hearing how badly
reading "entheta" (negative things about Scientology) can effect one, I just

This is the end of Part one of OSA 101. Part two will be my final days working
with  OSA.

Since all of what I did while assisting OSA was something I thought was a good
thing, I do not know if I actually hurt anyone, or assisted in harming someone.
I don't think so, but if I did I am truly sorry. I never wanted to hurt anyone.
I hope I didn't, but if I did, will you please write to me at
OSA please don't do your usual thing and lie and say I hurt you.
Just me having to ask you that is pathetic, but true.

Love to all!

Aka: Magoo~!
In  for 30 YEARS
Out for 7 months
SP 5
Free at last!

PART 2 Who is Who in OSA

This is from my experience once again..re who is who in OSA. as of July, 2000

When I began in 1979 I worked with a lady named Shirley Young. At the time she
was in Clearwater, FL and later came to LA. She ran the PR end of OSA in LA for
most of the 80's. Sometime in the 90's Shirley got pregnant, left the Sea Org,
went to Mace-Kingsley Ranch. When I met Shirley in Clearwater she had just
given birth to her son, who I later found out was born without legs. UCLA had
kindly offered to supply Eric with legs for I think the rest of his life.
Sometime around when she got pregant again (in the 90's) young Eric had become
a bit of a wild man, so they went to the M-K ranch. I am not sure if she is
still there.

A few different people took over Shirley's post. Mostly a lady named Cat Tibar
took over her post (after a short stint with a man named Alan Lazar who used to
be Shirley's assistant). Cat is the OSA PR for LA, as far as I know.

I also worked with Pam Shannon who is the DSA (Director of Special Affairs, the
name of the OSA staff member at lower orgs) over at LA org. Pam runs a lot of
the LA cycles. Pam Shannon is I think in her late 30's early 40's (my guess,
sorry if I am wrong). She works with the Parishoners group and other OSA local
things. She was the person who wanted me to take the signs over to someone's
house and picket outside. She is always at the events and is basically there to
handle local OSA cycles, as well as the critics if they come to town. She is
one of the people who would call up asking if I could come to the next event to
handle any of the critics.

OSA at LA org used to be on the 4th floor and quite open. Now it is still on
the 4th floor, but I was never in the last year or two allowed even in their
office. Everything is very "tight security" everywhere.

Next is Pam King, who is from OSA Int. which is located in the HGB building on
Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood on Hollywood and Ivar. (Pam King is in her 40's I
would guess).
Both Pam's are nice people who I am quite sure have little or no real idea of
the overall picture of what they are a part of. They are doing their job,
thinking they are "helping create a safe enviornment so people can go free", I
am sure. Of course at the HGB public are never allowed in by themselves. You
arrive at the door, greeted by a security guard who takes his work VERY
seriously. He takes your name and asks who you are calling. He calls whomever
that is, and tells them you are there. You are NEVER allowed to go up to any
floor alone. Someone will always come down, and get you. They escort you
upstairs. As I was only going to OSA, that is all I will tell you of. But in
OSA, again I was never really allowed in OSA. I was always brought to the
conference room where we would meet. The rest is all behind closed doors.

Above her is a lady named Kirston, who people rarely see but she is always
running OSA cycles. Pam King is senior to Pam Shannon, and Kirston is Senior to
Pam King. Kriston works out of OSA Int, at the HGB building in Hollywood. She
is actually quite young, but high up as far as who is who.

Lynn Farney works out of OSA Int and is one of the people I knew who worked
(and probably still works) on the Internet stuff.

There is the secret Internet Mafia, which I will explain more soon.

There are many other people who work in OSA, but these are the people I knew
and worked with. Actually I do not know if there are THAT many more people. I
know they would like you to think there are lots more, but I don't think so

Of course there is OL Blue himself, Heber as President. And Janet Weinland, the
VP of OSA INT and the C of S. (HI Heber and Janet :)

So there are most of they key players.

Oh yes, in PR there is Mike Reinder, who may be OSA INT and higher up these
days. And on the East Coast there is Sharron Runyon who runs PR. Oh yea...and
Kay Connally who runs RPR (Ron's Public Relations Office) In LA.

Now what is RPR? RPR is responsible for LRH's personal image. Let's look at how
that works.

In the 80's as I said, RPR hired some of us to set up radio interviews around
the country about Dianetics. If there are even radio or TV shows that are
negative, expecially if they mention Hubbard's name, they are to be "handled"
in I think 24 hours.

Books? No problem...we will just send out hordes of OT's to buy bunches of
books to jack up the book sales.

Entheta article? Go pick up the papers in bulk and throw them out.

Earthquake? OSA was there, passing out the Way To Happiness booklets, and Food
and clothing. OSA basically takes every advantage to build a communication line
or "safeguard" the area. This might include food drives, toy drives, Xmas
parade etc. The sad part is they are there to help, but really all most anyone
cares about is the STAT. Did it get noticed? Is there any recognition from some
high up people? If so, WHO? Did it get into the papers?

Of course there is legal, and invest..but I mostly worked in PR, so that is
what I am telling you about. I think the others have been pretty well covered
in earlier posts by others who were there.

The beat goes on...and these puppies play to win, even if they are killing
themselves doing so.

It is a VERY serious game.

Hope that helps some more...


In for 30 years
Out for 7 months
SP 5
Free at last~



I know many of you have read things from Mike Smith for years.
How do I know? I know because he has told me for years.

Meet Mike Smith.

Mike is a man who is handsome, 510 or so, and around 50 years old.
He has been in Scientology for all of his adult life.
Mike was in the SO for I think 20 years or so....and was originally
on the APOLO with L.Ron Hubbard.

Mike is a Class 8 auditor, (trained to do NOTS, so Class 9)
and a Senior C/S, and OT 7. I think he is also OEC,
FEBC which just means he is highly admin trained too.

Mike has been declared twice and each time worked
hard to make his way back into the fold.

Mike is what in Scientology is known as a "techie".
He is an auditor and a C/S...and in fact, he is still on staff to this day.

CA as an auditor and as their Senior C/S.

So WHAT in the world is someone who is SO highly trained doing on ARS?

Mike has been posting here on ARS longer than any other
Scientologist in good standing, at least that is what he
told me last year. He began I believe at it's inception.
He has told me Mike Smith is your favorite identity.

Who IS Mike Smith really?

Here is my take on Mike Smith:

Mike's real name is Bill Yaude. Bill is a Class 8
(trained to run NOTS also), Senior C/S who was in the
Sea Org with LRH on the Apollo, is an OT 7, and I think
is also OEC, FEBC (admin trained) although he is
mostly known and thought of as a "techie" or someone who works in tech.

Bill loves to play games. Pre ARS, Bill could be found
almost every night on his computer playing computer games,
often war games. I honestly think ARS is to Bill just a
better game than the coolest computer war game.
Combine it with he is "fighting for religious freedom",
and it makes it a very serious game.

Bill has always played hard. He has been many different identities here on ARS. He is usually on in the morning, and each evening, and on the weekends, as well as IRC. I am not sure which one, as when he was showing me, I had NO idea what it was. But I do remember he showing me "real time ARS stuff." It is serious business to Bill. I think he really believes he is getting rid of SP actions, while having fun wiping the "entheta" out. This includes posting TONS of psych posts too. He takes this whole thing WAY more seriously than you can even imagine, and he always plays to win.


Bill used to be one of my very best friends. There are few people I loved more than Bill.

I still love the guy, I just dont love this stuff he is doing. Pre ARS, he has wonderfulness about him that each of you would love, if you ever had a chance to meet him. People generally love him after just a short time with him, as he is very caring and interested in others. You may have experienced this with Mike Smith, I dont know. I never read those posts, so all I know is what he has said. Has he changed doing this OSA cycle? You bet! Bill used to be a 100% tech person; there to help each and every person he met. As you know,,,people on ARS who are part of OSA have a much different "plan". They are here to put you all down, distract you, and divert attention onto other things. Sure, to them they are protecting their religion against you all who are pointing out many truths they either dont want to look at themselves, or they dont want others to see. Bill does feel passionately against the psychs, so his posts do have some meaning to them. However, honestly for the most part here they are "fillers" as obviously this is the wrong public for that information, as posted by many of you.


So that is who Mike Smith is...or was as of July of this year. Remember, I haven't spoken to him since then...although he promised he wouldn't disconnect from me, he has.

I know Bill has gone through my folders (he was my auditor for OT 4-6) as he flew to Clearwater to talk with me when I first went to Stacys. He heard my state of Clear had been invalidated while mid OT 7, so he quickly went to see for himself. He returned to tell me "that is THE WORST case thing that could happen to anyone, and "we will fix it for free". I appreciated the offer, however since I had long since decided I was DONE with NOTS, I told him "no thank you" as it was O V E R for me. I was sure now he has something to explain "what the Hell happened to Tory?" That isnt what happened, but unwilling to confront what actually is, I could tell Bill felt better with this piece of "tech". It is amazing to me now that I am out how when you are in the "show" you can so easily find things to make your reality right. Here are just a few examples:

YeahLisa was killed by Scientology, but not reallyyada yadare the courts. Take a look, a good hard look at the autopsy photos!

Yes,OT 7 has been squirreled and there is even an HCOB written by Hubbard to say so, but Bill even had that explained! Talk to the Barnes who were DECLARED SP for sending the original 12 page HCOB of Hubbards (cut down to 5 pages now) into their C/Ss. HUH?? That doesnt matter? It doesnt matter that there are TONS of people like myself who were not really winning on OT 7, paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, and were not only not helped, but were harmed due to out tech?


No matter that people are dying like flies on OT 7 and 8 (you laugh Bill, count um!)

Listen to Marias testimony (real Class 9) about the deaths and people she audited. Was she hoodwinked too?

No matter that you and I together know four kids who are DEAD over disconnection.

Ok, you will say there were other factors and I do not disagreebut each one had ONE thing in common: disconnection!

No matter that ALL of the original Class 12s have left, the Senior C/S Hubbard worked directly with (and there IS different data than you and I had re this), TONS of execs, ALL 3 of Yvonnes kids, and the majority of the techies and execs who were with Hubbard. But you are going to stay and bring the ship completely down? Have you ever stopped to look at the effects of DM with this group? Can you honestly say none of the above matters? Not when you are in the showand no one I know is more IN the show than Bill. But of course they said that about me, too, I am sure.

Bill, I know you love this group. So did I. I love the people in it, our friends, and I love the concept of freedom. But I will tell you this, what you and I love isnt there. If it was ever, it sure isnt there now. Golden Age of Tech is one of the biggest cons I have ever seen, and I wrote that to DM the night he announced it. I got a fucking form letter back.

These people dont give a rats ass about freedom . I have met many of the SPs and "really bad" people you and I have sat and talked about. Many of these people (minus "Thaaaayyy") are some of the nicest, kindest, and well-meaning people I have met in a long time. It is an honor to know them, and I mean that. It is different Bill than you think. I know how you sit and laugh when "out tech is spoken or people are mentioned that you are sure are this or that. The amazing thing is many of them you and I had never ever even met! Now I have, and wowit is different than you think. And for sure me saying all of this is funny to you. Well, it aint funny to me, pal. I dont like losing all of my 30 year friends over some bogus SP declarewhen all I did was leave Scientology (supposedly a Church!) go see some of my friends, and talk to the Boston Org about Communication. You go LOOK at that video. That IS Scientology these days. Communication? These guys cant communicate with a bug. They are so out tech it is pathetic. And you are backing them?

There are tons more examples, Bill, but they are only important if you are willing to LOOK. I know you read EVERYTHING. (Bill is one of the most up on things person I know. If it is out there, Bill knows about it.) The unfortunate part is you are reading it through a totally fixed view. How can you possibly see what I see?

All I would like to say is, Bill,,,,,wake the fuck up!!!

These people could care less about you. Someone IS going to go down, and I really don't think you will like it, if it is you. Me writing this may get you in some temporary trouble...but doing nothing and supporting these people will bring you way worse harm.

I know you; you will read that and think "ahhh she really has bought all of Mintons lines" Let me clarify something. What I say is from my heart. Bob and I rarely talk about Scientology as he recognized early on I needed to sort this out myself. What I say here is from me ( and whatever BTs and Clusters you consider I have "unhandled" which I am sure is part of how you can justify this).

Bill is one of the smartest people I know, and I really (REALLY) wish he could step out of this game and see it for what it is. But when you have played this game ALL of your life (and remember, he has been a professional auditor and C/S for most of his adult life)....I know it is next to impossible. But I will say this, Bill, people higher up than you and with more time in have left and found a very happy life outside the "church".

You all may be mad at Mike Smith, and Travis Sergeant (also Bill, until July of this last year when he SAID he turned that over to someone else) as well as many others, However, please remember, he truly believes he is doing something good. I know many other totalitarian groups came before this, and people later cried "we didnt know, we thought we were doing good", so it isnt a new situation nor really a good excuse. You DO know, Bill. I understand there is TONS invested in this, but you will NOT lose your eternity if you leave this group. I think you know that. Why leave? Well, I am not asking you to leave, nor do I think you will. But I am asking you to stop doing this crap on ARS> Leave these people alone. Stop altering their communications, lying to them, pretending you are different people for years and years. COME ON~~~GET HONEST AND STRAIGHT.

You can promote I am deluded, that I have been hoodwinked, am "out of valence" etc. But the truth is, I am free Bill. I am. I feel better than I have felt in years. But you need to look at what you are part of, and really take a hard look at what you are doing.

Remember the GO? Sure you do! And what happened at the end? Hubbard announced that the entire thing was OUT TECH and there was NO TECH saying to do such harmful, and illegal things. Take a look at what you do here: You cut peoples comm., alter it, pretend you are someone you are not, and basically waste LOTS of your time and theirs. You are not getting a product here. I remember hearing you speak of ARS for years, before I ever got on. There was always an excitement in your voice about it. I think you really believe you are "handling the SPs". You are not! When you began and first showed me ARS, it was almost impossible to find. Now it is one of the top news groups read. Why? Because of what you have been doing! It creates (CREATES) conflict, and people love to read conflict. It may be a game to you, but if you stop and look for one minute at what you are really doing, it is no different than the GO. Scientology is dwindling, and a major reason for it is the Internet. People are used to checking something out before they get into it these days.

Pre your OSA scams, ARS was a tiny little newsgroup that a handful of people knew about, and only you of our friends. Now it is one of the most read newsgroups being read today. We know Helena had a big part in this, as she brought on the critics. Now one would think someone making as big a mistake as that would learn from it. Did OSA? Hell no! They just pulled in all the slashdot people who are even angrier. Way to go!!! You all just dont get it d o you? There are people around the world there are out here ready to stand up for freedom of speech. You are trying to stop it. you will never, ever win. EVER. So you have very much helped create this stop in Scientology, Bill.

I have to say I can hear you laughing right now. Use your tech, look at the stats. It is bigger than ever.


Bills win last year was how distracted many of you were, and how off of the hard corps news he has brought you *(at least that was his take). Has he? Have this band of OSA volunteers really distracted you from your purposes? I dont think so, but then I wasnt on here 7 years ago, and some of you were. Let me knowwhat do you think?

Did Bill pretending to be different identities expand ARS or make it contact like he thinks.

You let Bill know.

Bill, I wish you well. I hope you get out of this conn and back to doing what you love.

I know this is a game, but OSA, which you are a part of, is seriously hurting many people. You are always promoting "taking responsibility".well, how are YOU taking responsibility? I could point out many Hubbard pieces of tech you are violating by what you do on ARS, but for everyone I would state, you would have one to back up what you do.

So I will leave it with your peers, those you have lied to for year after year, pretending to be someone you are not. Bill was part of the OSA scam where your words were twisted, changed into recipes, or jumbled, etc. I will tell you more about that later, but he was/is sort of the I/C of the volunteers for that.

He is much better as an auditor, although I think he finds this much more exciting. I think it is time he hears from each of you. Tell him what it has meant to you to have someone lie to you, twist your words; make fun of you, etc.

Hopefully one day you will wake up Bill and see that you ARE in a cult, and it is a very tricky one. It is a better show than most, and thus much harder to get out of. I know you think the only reason I am out is due to out tech. That is not true. I am out because I woke up actually the little conn you ran with me really helped wake me up a lot. I kept thinking, why must you alter peoples communications? My father always taught me to put all of the cards on the table. Let everyone speak his or her mind, and the truth will prevail. Suddenly my auditor is running a lie shop that is stopping free speech. Yes, that DID mean a lot to me, Bill. What could they Possibly be saying that is SO bad, that you have to lie and deceive them, and pretend to be someone you are not? Well, I found out. Way more than you, at this point, Bill. I can only hope you lift up the Plexiglas and see for yourself.

Take care my friend, and I hope you join me on this side soon. You are sailing in a sinking ship, and your lies are driving it down faster than almost anything else around.

I wish you well.

ARS..youre on the air~


Tory/Magoo~dancing with my old friend, Bill~

In for 30 years

Out for 7 months

SP 5

Free at last~

(see www.xenu.net/Torys Story)

OSA 101, PART 4- Dead Agenting & Black PR


There is a very definite thing that you can count on with OSA:

If someone starts posting truth, you will find suddenly there will be many posts about this person, slandering him or her. They may not be totally obvious, but suddenly you will just have this "odd" feeling about the person.

That is called Black PR. Black PR is taking something, anything really, to turn on a person and make them look worse. You can use their words, and turn them around so they mean something different. An example of this is perhaps I say I think Joe is working for OSA. He has been attacking me, etc and it just feels weird. IF he IS really with OSA, here is how they might handle it:

"OH YES sure...Joe is with OSA! When does your paranoia quit? Can you not just have a nice conversation with someone who may have *some* critical thoughts of you without you going into a complete immature upset? Grow up!"

See? Always attack back. That's Hubbard, and straight OSA.

They may attack how you look.

EXP: Saturday one of my "handlers" came up to me and said loudly, "Gee Tory, Your eyes sure don't look that good". Now unfortunately for him, he was talking to me. I have always hated that routine, even when I was IN the "church" and always told people not to do it. So I told him that, and that for the last 7 months people have consistently told me how much better I look, so I KNOW what he is saying is just BLACK PR, and nothing more.

They may try to start a smear campaign.... spreading little lies here and there, trying to get just one person to go against the person they want to Black PR. If they can get one person posting against who they want, they are happy. Sick, but true. See, if they can just get one person to buy their Black PR, there is a good chance someone else will buy into it too.

How can you tell if it is Black PR?

Well, look. Look at what is said, and then look at the person they are speaking about. If you KNOW the person, but you do not know who the poster is, and the poster is saying something even a bit off re someone you know, make sure to stand up and say something. Some people are REALLY good at this. PTSC is excellent at this...and so is Sten-Arne and of course Andreas. Bunnyann is often good at this, and so is Barbz. Actually now that I start thinking of people, many names come to mind. Warrior, Arnie and Tilman are very good, Beverly is excellent, and so is Bid. Patricia, Greg Barnes, Tommy, Phineas, are all great. The list really goes on and on. Ahh hell, too many to name, but it really makes a difference. Thank each and every one of you for taking a stand against this kind of thing.

I know from working with OSA that their intent is to distract people, to put them down (if they have credibility and know any inside scoop). They will go to unbelievable measures to Black PR someone like this.

Make sure you watch for it, and continue to nail them.

I am sure because I am posting some very true facts, OSA is extremely mad at me and has begun their smear campaign at me. Look at what I have done, and look at whomever is saying things. See if they have actually done things that SHOW the truth about Scientology. Usually the OSA volunteers of course have done nothing. They cannot. They would never pass their Eligibilityalthough maybe now they will try that too. I hope so, as that may be the beginning of the end for them.

There is one easy way to spot Black PR: You were feeling good about a person, and for no good reason now you suddenly are feeling not so good about them.

Pull the string, as they say in the cult. Look. Find out what was said, who said it and what are their actually actions. Mostly you will find they are just like the Wizard of Oz....just lots of wind.



Tory/Magoo~dancing in the light~

In for 30 years

Out for 7 months

SP 5

Free at last!

Part 5 - The Secret Project to Spam the Internet

As I have posted, I was asked to cruise the net and look for any "OT"
material on the Internet. This was where I came upon Andreas' site,
www.xenu.net. I think I was first asked to do this in 1997 or so.

In 1998 a friend of mine, and someone I totally trusted (my auditor, and
longtime friend, Bill) called and asked me to do a favor for OSA. He told me it was very important. I told him I would come over and find out what it was. He gave me a bit of money and asked me to go to an address on Wilshire Blvd. at a certain address. He said to just walk up to the door, and tell the man you want to "open an ISP". He gave me a name to put it in, and said to give him the money. At the time I knew basically nothing about computers, so I had NO idea what this all meant.

I did what he said, and although the young man looked pretty confused, and at first told me to just send it in…Bill had made it clear it was very important to get it signed up right there. So I passed on this urgency, and he said OK and took my (OSA"s) money.

I returned to tell Bill what had occurred. Shortly after he called me to tell me, "You have made Internet History". Not knowing anything about computers or the Internet, I had no idea what he was referring to, and was just happy it seemed to be a "good product". Little did I know what this really meant.

Soon after I was invited to do more of these. Again, not having any real clue about them, I was just told by Bill that it was key to handling the critics and religious bigots who were trying to destroy Scientology. Before I could really begin this project, Bill told me to meet him over at OSA INT. Now remember I was already working with the VP of the C of S with the Scietnology Parishioners League (SPL), so I was used to OSA INT. However they always keep their projects separate and this was no different.

OSA INT is in a building on Hollywood Blvd. Near Vine. It is called "the
HGB" which was the building's name pre Scientology. The Hollywood Guarantee Building" I think was it's official name. I arrived there and a guard who is always at the front gate greeted Bill and I. He called up to OSA INT, and a man came down. He was medium height, and had brown hair. Bill introduced him to me. "This is Gavino". Gavino is Italian, and although I had never seen him before (ever) he seemed to know me.
We went back up the elevator to OSA INT, to the reception area. They no
longer let public in to the internal areas of OSA. So we sat in their
conference room, next to the reception area. I was told I would have to sign something, as this project was TOP TOP SECRET.

Gavino gave it to me to read, and I will never forget my surprise. It may
have been one of the huge cracks in the Truman Show.

Here on this paper it said something to the effect of, "I promise not to tell ANYONE about this project. This would include forever never telling any auditor, any of the exec's of Scientology, not any ethics officers, etc. I think it even went on to name Heber and a few other well-known execs as people I would never tell. The price was $10,000 if I ever revealed ANYTHING to ANYONE about this, EVER. I stood there sort of in shock.

Remember back then I was still planning on going back onto OT 7, which has rigorous sec-checking about everything. How could I not tell my auditor? Bill looked at me calmly and said, "Don't worry. They have very special auditors at Flag for you. It won't be a problem."

Since I trusted Bill completely, I signed it. I shouldn't have, as there was this queasy feeling I had in my stomach, but I wanted to help out, and I truly knew Bill would never, ever do anything bad or harmful. I forgot to factor in that people do get sucked in within this group, but of course at that point I wasn't thinking of that.

So now I was part of this top-secret Internet project. The head OSA INT
person for this was (and probably still is, the very secret Gavino no longer secret. And to those feeble minded who feel this is "bad" to out someone who did something of this nature try looking at the whole picture!) If Gavino ever called me on the phone, he was known as "Jack". Gavino is Clear, and I don't know how long he has been in Scientology, but he was/is the I/C of this very secret Internet project. I was told, although it was totally secret, it was 100% legal. I will tell you more of this as we go along.

And to Gavino remember when you said "I told you about her Bill"? Well, I am sure you are feeling just SO right at this time. You knew or so you thought.
The truth is, you are endangering your "church' and yes, I am telling these people about it. You and your OSA mafia have sworn on ARS that C of S had "nothing to do with the spamming". Well you and I know differently, and at the very least, I say they are owed the truth.

In any battle, people do what they feel is best for their group. I want you to really take a hard look at what exactly this OSA mafia group has been doing. Read over what Hubbard himself said about the Guardian's Office back when they were busted, and re-evaluate what you are doing.

Don't you honestly think it is time for a new game plan?

Think it over.

Tory/Magoo~dancing in the moonlight~
In for 30 years
Out for 8 months
SP 5
Free at last!

Thanks for telling this, Tory.

I tracked the sporgers every day for months. I was (and still am)
quite upset with the Scientologists who _forged_ my name and sent
*thousands* of bogus posts across Usenet -- posts which had the
effect of "painting over" (to use OSA's words) my posts.

The sporgers always moved to new ISPs when their accounts
would get closed as a result of my (and others') complaints.

One day I happened to be talking with Mr. Laurent Kim of Netroplex.
I had called him one morning because when I logged onto a.r.s. I
noticed the sporgery was coming from a Netroplex.com account.

He told me that two Scientology ladies had opened the account which
was being used to commit the sporgeries.

Since Netroplex has an office on Wilshire Blvd. in LA, I wonder if
this is the address of the ISP you opened an account with.

Also, would you prepare an affidavit for me to take to the FBI?
I've already been in touch with four different agents there.

Here's the info:

Netroplex Media, Inc (NETROPLEX2-DOM)
3440 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 610
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Billing Contact:
Laurent Kim lshkim@netroplex.com
(213) 252-2400

Warrior - Sunshine disinfects
See http://warrior.offlines.org/

OSA 101, Part 6, Setting Up the Secret Accounts

Okay so now we are up to the accounts. How did this happen?
Well, at first I was asked to go to various areas and cities. The main ones I
remember were: Chicago, Dallas, Wisconsin, and
Las Vegas, and possibly Houston, although I am not sure.

As I have said, the very first account I opened was on Wilshire Bvd. here in
LA, CA. Some have asked me if I went with another girl. No I didn't.
I wasn't sure of the date, but Bob told me the first one that occurred was in
1996. I am almost positive that was set up by me. Bill had asked me to open an
account, and after said, "You have made Internet History. This has never been
done in the history of the Internet". Now he wouldn't tell me what had
actually occurred, and at the time since I knew nothing of computers I was fine
not to hear it. ISP's sounded like Martian talk to me.

He had given me some money, and an address to go to. He told me usually this
occurs via the mail, or Internet, but we needed to push through and open it up
live. So I went, and knocked on the door about 4 in the afternoon. An Oriental
man came out and looked surprised. I told him whatever Bill had said to say "I
need to open an account" basically. He told me normally people send in by mail,
or call in with a credit card. I told him I didn't use credit cards, and that
I needed to open it up today. I gave him some fake name, address, and phone
number, and the cash, and that was the beginning.

Then quite a bit of time rolled on, with Bill doing things on ARS, but I wasn't
really involved, except for the cruising the Internet, looking for OT material.
As I have said before, basically since I knew very little about the Internet, I
would do one basic search. I would type in "NOTS" and look around. Almost
always if it came up, this one address would pop up first: www.xenu.net ! I
would call Bill and sometimes OSA and tell them, "you have to get this guy off
of here~ He has TONS of stuff about Scientology on this site". (Remember, as I
was told by OSA two people I knew had 'gone crazy' reading the Internet, I
never actually read anything on Andreas's site until well after I left
Scientology). Of course nothing happened, except later down the line Andreas
came to my rescue, and has become one of my very best friends. J

Later (I think it was in '97) Bill asked me to help on a very secret project.
He told me it was HIGHLY confidential, and I was chosen to help out. I was used
to highly confidential things from being on their second to the highest secret
top level for 7 years, so I said, "OK".

We drove over to the HGB (Hollywood Guarantee Building) which is where all of
the senior International Exec's are located.
(of course there is Gold, out in Hemet, where to top dogs are located, but at
the HGB are the exec's who run the C of S Internationally.)

We went up to one of the top floors to OSA INT, being escorted as always. A man
named Gavino came out, and we were introduced. (Recently someone asked me his
last name and I found an old Commendation chit from the Internet I/C, Gavino
Idda, but at the time and as long as I knew him, he was just known as
"Gavino"). Gavino is a medium height, thin, brown haired Italian with a true
Italian accent and identity. Having never seen him before in my 30 years in
Scientology, my guess was he had come recently from Italy to OSA INT, but that
was never confirmed.

Bill had been my auditor and friend for 20 plus years, so I trusted him more
than really almost anyone at this point. Bill told me I needed to read and sign
a waiver. Scientology is big on secret things, and waivers both in the
"church", and in WISE. For years I had signed my life away consistently on
special projects no one could know about, or OT levels that were top secret.

I read it and it spoke of this being a top-secret project, unknown by
most all of Scientology staff. It spoke of how anyone signing this could never,
ever, ever talking to anyone EVER about any of this. I couldn't tell my
auditor, an ethics officer, any of the staff of C of S, many of the execs. This
was a top, top-secret project. I was worried this sounded like it may be
similar to the old GO (Guardian's Office) type of stuff, which of course ended
up with 9 people going to jail, the entire GO being disbanded, and members
sec-checked to death to this day, having to of course pay for every hour of it.
Sec-checking is this church grilling you for your crimes, or unethical things
you may have done. It is considered "cleaning you up" but when you get to these
OT levels with the BT's and Clusters (spirits hanging around you supposedly),
of course it can be endless as "they" may read on Scientology's electronic
meter on anything, literally. (For more information on how this works, see
www.xenu.net/OT 3 or www.lisatust.net re OT 7's Speaking Freely).

Bill told me emphatically that "NOTHING WE WILL EVER DO IS ILLEGAL. All you
are doing, Tory, is opening up Internet accounts in various people's names.
There is nothing illegal about that." Now again, you have to keep in mind how
much I trusted Bill. As I have posted, he was not only my good friend for 30
years, but he had been my trusted auditor for OT 4, 5 and OT 6 set-ups. He is a
highly trained auditor and a Senior C/S. I honestly was positive he would never
do anything illegal, or even bad. I still think he 'thinks' the spamming,
lying, etc that he has done on ARS for 7 years isn't illegal, or even
unethical. In his view, he is fighting for his religion, and whatever needs to
happen to "save" it is fair, at least I am pretty sure this is how he feels. If
he has the courage, he can clarify it exactly. I do not say that lightly, for I
am quite sure his ass is on the line at this point, and it would take a great
deal of courage to speak out. However, many have before me, and most of them
were all by themselves.

I didn't feel too good about not being able to tell anyone, as at the level I
am at there are serious security checks where this kind of thing would
definitely come up, and if you understood the upper levels, as I said almost
anything can "read" or to them mean there IS something you did. All of this
costs time and money, neither of which I was too keen on wasting. Bill assured
me there were excellent, "special" auditors at Flag who could and would handle
anything I needed. With that, I signed it. This was all with the agreement that
IF I did tell anyone at all about any part of this at all, I had to pay $10,000
I think, or maybe $100,000. I cannot remember, but I remember just deciding
never ever to tell anyone a thing, and I haven't until telling the entire world
here. There is a point where one realizes these kinds of secrets are not

Ok, so now I was signed up. At first it was Bill, a girl with a nick of
Lizzyapple (liz), and someone named Carlene, and of course Gavino from OSA INT.
Carlene (I think that is her name) was an exec at CC years ago, and now uses a
cane. I only mention that as maybe someone will know who she is. I believe she
also opened up accounts, as did Liz.

Later Jim Klurgis joined (an OT 8, FSM here in LA) and a man named CJ who I
really liked too. They both may very well be still posting on ARS, as well as
Bill, and at OSA was Lynn Farney who is on the Internet project. I am not sure
what all these other people did, as I wasn't told. They were just "part of the

I think the first place I went was Chicago. I flew in and it was a disaster.
Bill had pulled off of the Internet a list of ISP's, however none of them would
answer. Basically I finally found some open, went there, told them I wanted to
open up an account, and gave them a cashier's check, which I would purchased at
a local convenience store. We always used local phony addresses and phone
numbers as well as phony names so it couldn't be traced. As it was hard to find
places open in Chicago, and they were miles and miles apart, we decided I
should head north and find more local ISP's.

Then I rented a car and drove all around Wisconsin. I met some wonderful people
up there, and later when I realized how they were getting screwed, I really
felt bad. Again, I would just find Internet providers, go in, and tell them I
didn't use credit so I am coming in person. They always seemed a bit put off,
but would have me fill out some paperwork and take my cashiers check. I would
have called them anonymously prior to find out exactly how much it would cost.

Each trip OSA paid for the airplane ticket, the hotels I stayed in, my food,
and expenses. I was given so much cash to use for food, and hotels. In Las
Vegas I snuck in and heard Bill Gates with 7,000 other techies. I think I knew
at that meeting that my destiny had to do somehow with techies and computers,
although I would have never guessed in one million years how!

Ok,,,,,so move down the line. I never really knew what was going on re Lizzy
and Bill, but there was some serious friction. She had come on after me, but
had been working closely with Bill on the back end stuff (I think she was
opening accounts at first, and later moved into some of the spamming). I was
told most of the computer stuff was done from some highly trained people on the
East coast. Finally one day Bill told me I didn't need to fly around any more.
They had figured out how to do it from one location.

I was sent over to Lizzy's apartment in Glendale. She and I went upstairs and
here was a huge room with 4 or 5 computers on one long desk. Get the picture of
one long desk along a wall, and 4-5 computers on it. That is how it looked.
Again, you have to realize still I had no idea what all they were doing with
these accounts. They had told me they were "handling the SP's". Fine. The most
I had seen was Bill posting on ARS, and IRC. He would show me various posts,
and due to no experience with computers, I found it odd and just not something
I was really interested in. Bill was very interested in all of this, and as I
have posted, was working on it in the morning, in the evening, and on much of
the week-end.

Now I am pretty sure what went on with the computers at Liz's house was just
one operation, as Bill had told me the majority of "stuff" (computer stuff)
occurred from the East coast. I have no idea if this is true or not, and he
told me they would never tell me, so I would never be bothered with
depositions. To someone reading this they may say they cannot believe one
wouldn't insist on knowing what was going down. However, keep in mind you are
looking at it from the viewpoint of knowing some seriously bad stuff went down.
To me I trusted Bill, and actually even OSA at that point, and as a 'church' I
was positive they would never make the same mistake they had previously with
the GO. Also, they really make the "other side" out to be these horrible people
who will do anything to harm you. So frankly, I didn't want to know more than
was needed. Also, not having a clue re computers, I was quite sure I wouldn't
really understand it anyways. So to continue….

Now I am in Lizzy's house. She tells me the new plan. Call up Seattle. Find an
ISP, and get their phone number. Call them and make sure they will if need be
take a money order due to circumstances. Then call up a post office box place
and order a mailbox, and get the address. They would say we couldn't use it
until they received our check, and we would say fine. All we needed was an
official address.
We would explain we were opening this up for our Uncle, or sister, or whomever.
Lizzy had phone books from the areas they wanted these signed up in, so we
could look and just randomly pull out a phone number. Then we would call the
ISP, tell him the story, give him the phony address, phone number, and name of
our "uncle", and tell them we were sending them a cashier's check made out to
whatever they wanted. We usually purchased 3 months at a time, unless they
would only give us one month. Some of these ISP's had a one month free, but we
actually wanted to pay them. Later I realized why, as if we took the free
month, they could cancel it easier. At least this is what I think was the

Of course ALL of this was done on phone cards, so nothing could be traced AT
ALL. Security was of the highest concern here. If we ever called each other, we
had phony names even then "incase the SPs are tapping our phones". Gavino was
"Jack". If I e-mailed Bill, I always told him I was going to set up another
That was my own code for this deal. But all this time, I really was trusting
Bill that this was totally legal. Suddenly while at Lizzy's I started to get
the picture.

I still don't know what exactly she would do, but I could see her flying from
one computer to the next, doing something. She was extremely hyper and excited
about whatever she was doing. I remember thinking how odd this all of this was
turning out to be.
I was starting to get the picture something much different than I thought, at
least from my moral code, was going down.

In the evenings I started to pop onto ARS and look. That is when I saw all of
the communications of people being altered, changed, etc. Words were being
scrambled, changed into other things, etc. I remember asking Bill, as it seemed
like it would be so obvious it was coming from C of S. He told me they were
doing the same in many different Newsgroups, so it would have the appearance of
being from "just some hacker". Being a firm believer in Freedom of Speech, I
was very much against that. However, I was in pretty deep at this point, as you
can see. I will post my exit from this group in OSA part 7.

So that is how I opened the accounts. I think Lizzy and the other girl I
mentioned also opened them up, in different locations. As OSA tries to keep
people in the dark, I never heard what they were doing really.

I cannot say enough how sorry I am for hurting so many people's lives having
set up these accounts. I promise you, had I known from the beginning what was
actually going down, I would have never, ever contributed to this in any way.
But ignorance is never really an out. So I stand here before each of you,
saying yes, I did what I did. I wasn't made to do it. I did it. I am
accountable, as best I can be. I know there are many questions each of you has,
and I am sorry if there are certain names or specifics I do not know. I know
OSA will deny this and say I am lying. They have to. But OSA, both staff and
volunteers, keep in mind one thing: People are leaving your group almost daily.
It is very uncomfortable to sit with lies such as these. All I need is one of
those spammers to leave and tell the "rest of the story", and you are toast. So
I suggest you don't lie, in court. But that is a bit of an oxymoron at this
point, isn't it?

Again, to each of the critics, whose words and communications were altered and
changed, I am sorry. But I am here to say to you, yes, your perceptions were
correct. This was (and probably still is) being run directly out of Church of
Scientology, OSA International. Their address is,

Church of Scientology, OSA INT Att: Gavino
6331 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, Ca 90028.

Their main phone number is (323) 960-3500, unless they have changed it since I
last posted it. Remember, only Gavino and Lynn know about this project, at
least that I know of at OSA INT. Of course there may be many more people, but
only time will tell on that one. As you have seen by the waver I had to sign,
many of the Staff of Scientology know nothing about this secret inner criminal
mafia run by Gavino and done mostly by public. How convenient they do it this
way, eh? That way IF people have to get nailed, guess who will? You got it, the

To the ISP's who were so badly effected by this, I cannot tell you how sorry I
am that I trusted these people that their actions would be both legal and
moral. They were not, and I can only say to each of you I am very sorry I was
ever a part of this group. Telling this story is a bit scary for me, but I know
in my heart the least you are owed is the truth.

To OSA and especially Gavino, you are doing EXACTLY what the Guardian's Office
did, with the exact same justifications. You say this is for your "church". It
is not. It is some weird, immoral (if not illegal) very bad game that you are
playing that is both going to hurt your "church" and will have bad effects for
years to come. Wake up!

To the OSA volunteers, all I can say is listen to your heart. I know the drill.
You honestly think I am bad, and all of these critics are bad. You have been
told they are religious bigots and you are standing there like Warriors,
standing strong to protect your "church'. It sounds so good when you are
inside, it really does. You feel like you are doing such good, and being so
"ethical' and honestly you think you are doing the best you can to help the
group. It is a very insulated group, so even if they are reading each post,
they are reading them from within the Truman show….and thus they don't see
the wall!! All I can ask is that you think very hard back to when you first got
into Scientology: Is this honestly what you thought you would be doing?

I wish you well, and I hope some of you come and tell all. It is very healing
to get out of the secret jungle, and into the real world of honesty and truth.

Tory/Magoo~dancing out of the darkness~
In for 30 years
Out for 8 months
SP 5
Free at last~
(more info at www.xenu.net/Tory)


OSA 101 Part 7, Magoo Nailed to the Cross!

The Spiritual Rape


After opening up a number of accounts for OSA, and still not really understanding what they were doing with these accounts, something started feeling weird. I am not sure if it was they insisting I use PGP (they being Bill, and Gavino) or whatbut somewhere it just seemed to be getting way heavier than I had figured.

So I decided to pop onto ARS and view whatever was going on. Nightly I would see peoples communications changed, or words all jumbled up. At this time I was very much against the critics and of course the X-Scientologists. However, I was raised by parents who were both strong advocates of Freedom Of Speech. My Dad used to say, "let everyone speak their mind, and put all the cards on the table. In the end, usually truth will prevail.

Ok, so now here I am realizing I am not only a part, I helped set up the accounts so these blokes can screw up peoples speech. No matter what they were saying, that didnt seem right to me.


So I decided to quit. But quit isnt an easy thing to do when you are part of a very secret inner mafia. But I knew I had to. I called Bill, and told him I needed to get a job, and would have to stop "volunteering". He said fine, he would get back to me. (This is sort of a famous line of Bills on this OSA post).

Bill called back to tell me there was going to be a meeting that night in Glendale. Now you have to get that LOTS of stuff was going on behind closed doors, that I wasnt in on. So I really still wasnt sure who was spamming or how many people, etc. All I knew were the people I have listed earlier. But I still trusted Bill completely, as remember he had been a 30 year old friend, as well as my auditor. Now before I go on, I need to say a bit about this, for you to totally get the significance of this. For me I TOTALLY trusted Bill. He could do not wrong. He would do no wrong, in my book. I was sure of it. He was an OT, as were each of the people in this meeting, with the exception of Gavino.

Again, it may be hard for you who have never done OT 7 to "get" the significance of what went downbut it was heavier than I can say in words.
An OT can NEVER, EVER, EVER even say the word "BT" or "cluster". ALL of OT 3 is TOTALLY secret, and utmost confidentiality, let alone OT 7 which is even more confidential and secret. You not only cannot say the words (and Of course not speak about it), but you cannot even imply anything to do with it, or you are in serious trouble. Clears should NEVER be exposed to the possibility of OT 3. Remember Hubbard said someone could die of pneumonia if exposed to it too soon. I didnt really buy that, but I did take it all very seriously.

So lets move to "the meeting". I walk in a little worried; as I am prepared for Gavino to perhaps be pissed that I am quitting. But what went down I was TOALLY unprepared for, and it was a major break in The Truman Show.

I went into an upstairs room of an apartment, where I was told to go. Jim Kalurgas was there, with CJ and I think one other man. I remember it was all men at the meeting, and me, and we were all OTs except for Gavino. In stormed Mr. Bill and Gavino walking rapidly across the floor. I cannot even remember what Gavino said, but suddenly I heard him say in his very Italian accent, "I tawwwld you about HER, Bill!"

I immediately said "You told him What>???" In Scientology they have a term for talking about people behind their backs, it is called Third Party, and I was shocked to hear Gavino had been 3rd partying me to Bill, and that Bill wouldnt have told me! Suddenly Gavino asks me, "What could possibly come up in a session re this project Tory?"

I am stunned. HUH? What could come up??? I am an OT 7~! So are ALL of the men, except for Gavino who is Clear. My Fucking Auditor is asking the same question!! The same person who a short time ago stood up in OSA INT and said, "Dont worry, Tory. OSA has fabulous auditors at Flag who can help you if you need it". Remember? I even asked a few times, "Are you sure??" And Bill said? " SURE!!!" Then. Not now.

Now he is storming around the room with Gavino asking the same question over and over: "What could come up re this project, Tory". Well again, if you understand the OT levels, ANYTHING can come up with Bts and Clustersso hey, I was in shock! How could I possibly answer this Clear, who doesnt have a clue about Bts and Clusters, and for me to even hint at it would get me in serious trouble. And right next to him is my OT 7, Class 9 auditor asking the very same questions! It had the very same feel as the old GO stories I had long ago heard about, where execs interrogated people, screaming at them, etc.

This went on for about 45 minutes with Bill and Gavino asking me over and over what could possibly come up? Shit..there was a major crack in The Scientology Truman Show in this room this night. Finally I broke down and began crying very hard. I didnt care. What could they do, Shoot me?

It is odd how when one is in that kind of situation, it is for some reason hard to just break out and leave. I guess because I trusted this people, I kept thinking there must be some kind of misunderstanding. Finally I realized ALL they gave a shit about was covering their asses. I also knew 100% without a shadow of a doubt that I was correct to get out! This was totally like getting raped spiritually. I felt horrible.

Crying hard, I stood up and walked out! I ran downstairs, and Bill came flying after me. I am not sure if it was his instinct as an auditor, but if so, what the Hell happened to it while the interrogation was going on? Whatever, that was THE END for me. Bill tried to apologize and explain, but it was too late, way too late. Truly, that night was such a serious crack in the Truman Show, I cannot say it in words. But if someone you dearly love has ever harshly betrayed you, this was that feeling. It hurt tremendously. ( and Add to it the others just sitting by saying nothing to even slightly back me upand you get the idea of spiritual rape) I wasnt sure how it would change things, but suddenly I knew both Bill and I had changed forever. I knew he had sold out seriously. I wasnt sure what would happen to me, but I knew something very deep had changed that night. A trust that was SO deep inside of me was gone forever.

I left, and was never really close to Bill again, really. Prior to that night, we were sort of like best friends, or very good friends. After that night, he had little to say to me, and visa versa. We saw each other at parties with friends, but he was always "cordial". It wasnt Bill, and I knew it. Where had he gone? I wouldnt find him again (my real old friend) until the night before I left Scientology, almost a year later.


That is the story of Magoo, Nailed to the Cross. I realize I am saying quite a lot in these posts, but I am hoping it helps each of you

  1. Understand what went down a bit more
  2. Understand a bit more what occurred with me
  3. And hopefully help others get ideas of how they too can tell their stories. It is easy, when broken up like this. We need more seriesso feel free! And if any spammers are reading this, please speak out!


Speaking of crosses.I would like to officially wish each and everyone of you a Happy Easter! I love Easter, it is one of my favorite times of the year. I hope you do too.

Blessings and Chocolate Bunnies to each of you!

Tory/Magoo~dancing with the Easter Bunny~

In for 30 years

OSA volunteer, on and off for 20years

Out for 8 months

SP 5

Free at last!

(more info at www.xenu.net/archive/personal_story/tory/




Free at last!

Subject: Re: OSA 101, Part 7 Magoo Nailed to the Cross!
>From: Mike O'Connor mike@leptonicsystems.com
>Date: 4/14/01 2:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time
>Message-id: <mike-8E163D.14582414042001@news2.srv.hcvlny.cv.net>
>In article <20010414003721.03456.00000168@ng-cc1.aol.com>,
> mistmagoo55@aol.com (Mistmagoo55) wrote:
>> In stormed Mr. Bill and Gavino walking rapidly across the
>> floor. I cannot even remember what Gavino said, but suddenly I
>> heard him say in his very Italian accent, "I tawwwld you about HER,
>> Bill!"
>> I immediately said "You told him What>???" In Scientology they have a
>> term for talking about people behind their backs, it is called Third
>> Party, and I was shocked to hear Gavino had been 3rd partying me to
>> Bill, and that Bill wouldn't have told me! Suddenly Gavino asks me,
>> "What could possibly come up in a session re this project Tory?"
>I don't really understand what they were getting at with this meeting.
>Were they trying to say they thought you had broken security and spilled
>the beans to someone? Or was it a warning not to do that? Were they
>saying you said something in a session that you shouldn't have in front
>of that particular auditor? And if I have this right, they were asking a
>question you couldn't answer, because the answer would include something
>which couldn't be spoken of in front of all those present. If they were
>purposely trying to put you in that no-win position, why?
>I'd like to tell you how much I appreciate this entire series of posts.
>It's important information, and I thank you for placing it here.

Good questions and all ones I was just thinking this morning might be confusing
to some. I realized I really DIDN'T clarify that, and I apologize if it is
confusing to some.

Here's the deal. Basically they realized I was leaving this very inner, secret,
totally confidential group. No one else had. Yes, I had signed their little
(supposedly Huge, but legally in fact little, and quite possibly could screw
them if they ever tried to use it legally, as it proves they do things within
their own group secretly and hidden from their own people who should know).
I think they got worried, what if I did go to Flag and get some auditing? What
could possibly come up?

Now I know as a Sec checker, and I have posted that I audited exec's who had
their folders "vetted" which means things said were either blacked out with a
magic marker, or much was even cut out, line by line or sometimes whole
paragraphs. Who knows what THEY did! So I know they CAN do that. But Gavino
saying to Bill, "I told you about her"...he never really explained, nor would
Bill. My guess is the old stereotype that was run on me for 30 years:
I have a physical illness (although I haven't had a seizure for 20 years, and
don't really even know if I still have it, but technically they can say that,
and always did).Thus, I am in the 1.1 tone band (per Science of Survival) and
thus cannot be trusted. It is serious Bullshit, but "tech" they all live and
die by, so that was my guess and still is.

Soooo ol Mr. Gavino THOUGHT I was going to screw him. I wasn't and quite
possibly would have stayed extremely loyal, until HE pulled this crap that
night. It was truly like Truman seeing the cameras in his room, once he
noticed. Suddenly things he never saw came into view.

So I can only guess, as it was a TOTALLY weird deal for me, and certainly
nothing I had ever seen. Well, not ever, as a many weird and "out tech" things
had occurred to me within this group, but NEVER from a Class 9, OT 7, Senior
C/S auditor, to say nothing of he being one of my best friends at the time.
Here they were, in public no less, and with a Clear, asking me some very
confidential questions that honestly even I didn't know the answers to. What
might come up?

A) Who gives a shit, as they promised I could and would have these excellent
auditors when needed.
B) As I have said, due to these spirits (BT's or groups of them called
"clusters") can become suggestible to just about ANYTHING really. Let's say in
a sec check, where they are checking for any "out ethics" or bad things one
might have done. Let's say they ask,
"In your last 6 months, have you done anything illegal?" Well, I guess they
were planning on all these OT's just shutting up. I really don't know, because
if you think something, it will read on a meter, or come up to be addressed. My
guess is they really hadn't thought this all through, and I was the first to
leave. I am 99% sure they had gotten in deeper than they had planned, and
actually were doing things that could border on illegal. I doubt they planned
this out, so they were not thinking of OT's when they rolled in as far as they
did. Now I say I am leaving, and they were trying to get from me what I might
possibly say about this secret group to ANY auditor, even OSA OK'd. As
remember, this shit is secret even to most of their own group.
C) It might have been some for of intimidation, trying to scare me into
shutting up. This is only a guess, but it was quite weird.
D) They were asking this question, probably trying to find out IF I considered
any of this illegal (WHAT MIGHT COME UP IN SESSSION, TORY!?!), and then if I
said anything, they could nail me for being out ethics mentioning any
confidential stuff. Again this is only a guess, as I was as confused or more. I
guess probably just trying to fuck with me.
E) Some OT's have told me about reverse auditing. I do not know if this would
fall into that category, but my guess is yes. From what I have heard, it is
done to Screw people up, introvert them, and mess with their minds. All of this
occurred during this "session". Plus it was "TOTALLY OUT TECH" which the others
have said reverse auditing is. Mostly it has been used with people leaving OSA,
or OT 7's that are leaving, that I have heard of. Seriously gross, and created
the exact opposite effect of whatever they were hoping to create. If anything,
this was one of the gigantic cracks in the walls of the Scio-Truman Show.

So I hope that helps clarify this for you. If I missed any of what you asked,
or someone has more questions, please just ask!

Pretty gross stuff, to say the very least. It is amazing to me to this day that
Judges, Journalists, and people in high places turn their heads pretending none
of this is true. I know evil is hard to confront, but this IS what they do,
when they want to cover their asses. I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.
Actually, neither could you. I ask each person who can and should face up and
expose this kind of evil tyranny to do so. More than you think is at stake.
Keep in mind, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Lots of men and women
died for those rights. The least we can do is expose violations of it!

Love to you all!


November 12 Update Update: OSA 101 Series, 3 Years Later

When I left the Church (Gack) of Scientology, in July of 2000, I left with one gigantic secret: I had been a member of their Top Secret OSA International Internet Secret Mafia. When I left, by the way, I literally escaped. I was followed to the Airport by their Vice President of Scientology, met in Chicago by OSA members, and finally assisted out of the Tampa Airport by the Tampa Police, with a gang of OSA and OTs there trying to stop me from leaving.

((For anyone truly new, OSA stands for The Office of Special Affairs and is the Church of Scientologys legal and PR department, or so they say. In truth, this is a story about their dirty Tricks Department, which IS a part of OSA, which is run by their top Executives in Scientology))

In the mid 90s I was asked to help them, my best friend and auditor, Class 8, OT 7, Senior C/S, Staff member, Bill Yaude. I have written up the full story about my assistance as a volunteer with OSA in trying to handle the critics and finally my realizing they were/are actually trying to stop free speech. Here is the link to the OSA 101 Story: http://www.lermanet2.com/cos/toryonosa.htm

However, I wanted to write an update to this OSA 101 series, as I feel it is needed.

Since I have left, OSA has tried a number of things, resulting in their Fair Game tactics. While In, I swore this was cancelled, as I believed what I was told. I am here to tell all, it is most definitely NOT cancelled. OSA does creepy things all the time to try to stop their critics from speaking out.

They tried to pin a Criminal Conviction on me for sitting in a Red Santas chair in Clearwater, Fl. (This was something literally I had to go to court for, they claiming I had violated their feeble Injunction, trying to stop the critics from picketing around the date of the death of Lisa McPherson, a Scientologist who died grossly due to their medical malpractice). I and 14 others and spent 9 days in court fighting with OSAs Mike Reinder and many of their top attorneys). They ended up losing; the Judge ruled it was NOT a criminal Conviction. It was their worst move for me, as in leaving I had met enough people and heard the ~true~ stories (Vs Scientologys lies) to know there is Fair Game. However, now it not only showed me TRULY there IS Fair Game, theyd Fair Gamed ME!

Theyve (OSA) tried many other Fair Game actions, including trying to post many lies about me here on ARS. From the beginning they tried to handle me, telling me I was 'Too Over restimulated and I needed to take a rest'. These are their terms to go away and shut up! Obviously Im still here.

Recently, they came up with a new plan. Now before I go into this, let me re state what their goals were/are, which Ive been posting for the last 3 years:

1) Take out Bob Minton and LMT.

2) Black PR the Critics (Post tons of lies about them, so they look and sound horrible, unbelievable, and distrusted).

3) Finally, post whatever has to be posted so that ARS looks insane, no one will want to read it, and will leave. (This includes always driving any hot topics off the first page that the general public might see).

I am writing this mostly for the newer people who come onto ARS, as the regulars have figured this out, long ago.

However, they came up with a new plan, a few months ago. Im not sure which thing I did that made DM order to 'Nail Tory' but someone named 'Truth Seeker' has been flat out on that, for some time. Well, he actually also puts down other critics, and X-Scientologists, but recently he has made many posts lying about me.

Here are my observations:

1. Some say he is just a troll. Well, I disagree as he is fully following OSAs Plans to the tee. He/she never reads what I say, which is also an OSA thing: They cannot, really, as they might wake up.

2. TS never answers any questions. Again, this is totally OSA: 'Post the lie, and move on.'

3. TS never posts ANY facts. If you read his/her posts, they are filled with the Wizard of OZ attempts to spread FEAR. Dont look, dont read, be careful.

Again, Hubbards basic rule of thumb is Never defend, always attack! So TS is doing this completely by posting these lies, over and over. What exactly is there to be fearful of? I am saying, these are the Web sites I suggest.

These sites are created by X-Scientologists (Some of whom Scientology took to court), and critics, most of whom C of $ has now posted on their Hate Web pages: DUH! By the way, I dont see ol Truthseeker there, do you?

However, even if you are worried about that, just type in Google, and type in 'Scientology' and read.

It seemed soon after I began posting ~that~, TS began working to spam Google. Maybe he was from the beginning, however I didnt notice it until recently. Even so, people can find out the facts. The facts, the court doc s, are on the Internet, and IF you read up, you shall find out both sides.

Once you do, I suggest you make up your own mind. Thats the best advice Andreas gave to me in July, 2000, and I still think it is the best. As he said, I dont think Scientologists are bad, I just think they are misinformed. I suggest you read up, study both sides, and decide for yourself . I did, and left soon after.

4. TS posts HUGE volumes of lies, over and over again. Hubbard said, 'It doesn't matter what you say, if you say it enough, to enough people, they will begin to believe it'. Hes right on target there, although, Im not sure how many People believe him. Ive noticed one or two people will try to Cover their asses saying, 'Well, even if Tory is a ____' But that has been true since I first began posting.

5. I have noticed he/she basically posts a large majority of what I have posted since I left Scientology, as if HE thought it up! I left and posted what the actual goals were of OSA, as Id been working with them as a volunteer.

See http://www.torymagoo.org and you can see all the posts I wrote, and when. At the bottom, under my name, I have posted the year and month for most. Now he posts the same things, as if it is his. I read very little of what he posts, but Others can check and see if hes used your own words too.

Check it out and see.

6. Last and most important is this OSA op NEVER posts any actual facts about the abuses of Scientology, as is true of anyone working for OSA. (See their goals above).

These are sites I suggest reading. They have information and facts and experiences on them that C of $ doesn't want you to see. These are only a few:

http://www.xenutv.com (videos)
http://www.torymagoo.org (OT 7 Speaks out)
http://www.altreligionscientology.org (Many other great sites listed here)
and read up on these abuses, posted by Free Speech Advocates and X-Scientologists as well.

I cannot say it enough: Study up for yourself. Find out for yourself. Scientology was built by a mad man: L. Ron Hubbard, who wanted people to ONLY believe him. He was a liar, a cheap, a wife abuser, a drug taker, and used medical malpractice to harm many,

Myself included. If you want to read about that, go to http://www.xenu.net Personal Stories, Torys Story and Read my affidavit. That tells a lot about this organization hiding behind religion.

I wish you well. Again, Scientology wants to confuse you so you will agree with them, 'The critics are all nuts'. I know, as I did for many years! This is their program, run out of RTC, to stop Free Speech on the Internet. The facts are unbelievable at first, as I know for me; I was SO Insulated it truly was just like

'The Truman Show' for me. I suggest you do your own research.

Good luck in your hunt :)

Tory Christman
Aka: Tory/Magoo~dancing in the moonlight!~
Burbank, CA
Aka: Tory Bezazian ( Per Divorce due to leaving)
X-Scientologist after 30 years in
X- OT 7 after 7 years on it
X- Sea Org (briefly, 1971)
X-Grad 4, Flag Trained and Interned Security Checker
X- OSA Int Volunteer for 20 years
X-Staff at CC and AOLA
X-OSA Int Top Secret Internet Mafia Member, until I found out what they
were ~really~ doing and quit. X- Executive Director of The Scientology Parishioners League For thinking and speaking my mind, I am now:

Declared a Suppressive Person (SP 6 ^ with Cumulative Cluster)
Expelled from The Church of Scientology *wooo hooooo!!!)
Free at LAST!

Media about Tory:

September 27, 2001 New Times Los Angeles Sympathy for the Devil - an eight part series documenting the experiences of Tory Bezazian - a 30-year veteran of Scientology who left the cult in August 2000

Tory's Advice on how to help expose Scientology ( Picture of Tory and myself picketing )

A rather disorganized collection of information documenting the scientologists on the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup - A Guide to Who is who on Scientology's newsgroup alt.religion.scientology ( more of Tory here )

"If you imagine 40-50 Scientologists posting on the Internet every few days, we'll just run the SP's right off the system. It will be quite simple, actually.--Elaine Siegel, Scientology's OSA INT (1996) "