Why Scientologists must not be trusted in government positions.

1) Liable to be Blackmailed.

The deepest darkest secrets of everyone who "takes confessional services or auditing" from Scientology are carefully written down and kept forever to be used when and if the need arises.

2) Fascism is a mindset:

Once a member accepts Hubbardian Cosmology, the member also accepts that it must be 'duplicated' exactly as written by Hubbard, without interpretation. Hubbard himself states that the goal is for Scientology to control the planet. Hubbard also states that he and only he has the ultimate solution for the ills and insanity on the planet. Anyone accepting 'Scientology' also accepts this. By this token, a member would be obligated to lie, distort, conceal, defraud, steal or whatever - in order to ensure that Scientology succeeds in taking over the planet.

3) Critical Thinking Impaired:

A person willing to believe in Xenu etc., the level "OT III" materials, has demonstrated an ability to believe anything, and has also demonstrated a loss of the ability to reject and filter information coming into the brain. Thus it becomes self-evident that acceptors of the OTIII cosmology - certainly can accept ultimate solution cosmology.

4) Totalitarian Internal Structure:

The internal Organization is completely totalitarian, run by a 7th grade dropout, who is a 2nd generation Scientologist. To question authority is a ticket to terrible discipline - the RPF (rehabilitation Project Force)- the forced labor gulag of Scientology. Further, the organization is more dangerous now than when Hubbard was alive, because even though its founder was quite mad, its current leader is also quite mad, but does not have the authority to change anything Hubbard wrote or said. He can only enforce strict adherence to the existing dogma. At least when Hubbard was alive, and things weren’t going well he could adapt a strategy less harmful to the efforts of the cult. This is not the case now. For this reason Scientology is now far more dangerous than ever before, and could be accurately described as a conditioning regimen that creates a fascist mind state.


5) It hasn't changed:

The strict interpretation of Hubbardian cosmology cannot be questioned. Even when asked about documented criminal activities of the Guardians Office (G.O.) in the 70's that led to the criminal conviction of Mary Sue Hubbard and a number of others, cult spokespersons say 'oh that's old, we don't do that anymore.' - this is a bald-faced lie, as anything they can get away with without being caught is 'good'... Their definition of legal is to not get caught. They further use the same "Guardians Office" Training materials for their current OSA branch.


6) Trust is impossible:

Due to these points above, a person who has accepted Scientology, must not and cannot be trusted as telling the truth, and must be viewed as a security risk to any government and or public body that supposes to administer to the people, as any responsibility of public trust will be subjugated to their belief that Scientology has the ultimate solution for all man's ills.

7) "Make it go right" is their motto:

Failing in the above the cult’s solution of last recourse is to bribe or buy whatever action they cannot accomplish by litigation, threats, or persuasion.


Why has Scientology been tolerated for so long?

1) Systematic Destruction of Critics:

Scientology systematically seeks to destroy the credibility of any and all critics, by whatever means necessary. They will invent false information, though they prefer to coerce or bribe others to lie for them. If they cannot find sufficient dirt in facts, they will frame critics (Paulette Cooper, author of Scandal of Scientology framed for bomb threat) in order to be able to say all critics are criminals.


2) Corporate litigation tactics:

Scientology consistently litigates using corporate style tactics to bankrupt the opposing party and force sealed settlements that preclude public scrutiny. The also seek to force gag orders, as well as seek to financially bankrupt critics so they cannot afford to speak out. Who would believe a street person? The brutality of Scientology's style of litigation is described by Ralph Nader''s new book "No Contest - Corporate Lawyers and the Perversion of Justice in America" ISBN 0-679-42972-7 also the recent movie The Insider describes what its like.


3) The purpose it to harass:

Media and Journalists who dare describe them must face monstrous litigation - which has an actual purpose, not to WIN but to dissuade others from speaking out critically. Time Magazine spent 7.2 MILLION [defending their publication of "The Cult of Greed and Power"] before USDJ Leisure (NY) dismissed the case. Having become widely identified as an overlitigous entity, this cult now tries to find folks who can sue those they themselves no longer can, as they appear to be doing in two divorce cases, they are willing to fund anyone willing to sue a perceived enemy and fund endless litigation, while trying to hide public scrutiny about their despicable tactics.


4) When publications and investigations do appear:

Scientology has a 40 year history of infiltrating government private and public records, and removing information critical or damaging to them. for example stealing books critical of them from Public Libraries. There are sworn affidavits, as well as multiple first hand stories of their policy of stealing copies of magazine and newspaper editions critical of them. See the story of Operation Snow White - from documents on file with the Justice Department -available on the web. from a search and seizure in late 70's. documenting the infiltration of government offices on a worldwide basis. I was approached in late 1960's and asked to steal critical books from the library. I declined.


5) Citizens fear to speak!

Ex-members are reluctant to speak out, not only due to fear of intimidation, but due to confidential covenants signed repeatedly while they were members. Further, after a fellow spends 100,000 buying a bridge to ‘total freedom’, human nature dictates that he might be reluctant to admit being such a fool even after he realizes same. However hundreds of horror stories are now available on the net, and the rate of new folks coming forward is increasing every day

6) Copyright Law is the ruse, silence is their goal:

Scientology misuses copyright and trade secret law in order to keep their coercive and fraudulent nature secret. See the case of RTC vs Lerma. Further, for instance, guess who now owns the copyright to Paulette Cooper's book, Scandal of Scientology? - It is now owned by the Church of Scientology. \

7) Justice is not Persecution:

Having effectively intimidated journalists, media, judges, governments (even the IRS) and individuals - the court of last resort has become the sea of public discourse - the internet. In the last 2 years almost 40 years of suppressed information has been made available to governments, media and citizens on a worldwide basis through the efforts of concerned volunteers, who are the citizens of many nations. The resulting firestorm may reach a level deemed to be "persecution", but it is my informed opinion, that it is still a long way from that.

8) Hope

The Internet is succeeding in making known the true nature of this corrupt, criminal conspiracy to defraud the public - something no one person, organization or government has been able yet to do ... but it is being accomplished - as critics and free speech advocates stand united on every continent - making more and more of the suppressed material available every day. I would estimate that there is perhaps 600,000 pages of documents, stories, testimony, inquiries, court records and criminal indictments available on the net - for the whole world to see. In spite of Scientology''s best efforts to suppress and contain, for 40 years:




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"I’d prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speak"

"Secrets are the mortar, binding lies as bricks together, into prisons for the mind."

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