A proposal to make the US Federal Government represent the people, instead of money.

The following proposal appears capable of creating significant reform of congress, bringing the existing tyrannical conditions closer to the ideally responsive, representative, government. Read this document carefully, and if you feel this has merit, I strongly urge you to send it along with evidence of your endorsement to this program to your own congressman and senators. At the end there is a place for you to enter your name, which will be added to a list of signatories agreeing to this, and at some time when and if there is sufficient grass roots public support, will be presented to Congress as a petition.

Why 435?

If the House of Representatives is to satisfy a 21st- century America, it must:reflect the people's diversity, be more democratic INTERNALLY, allow and encourage real debate, protect the rights of opinions that are in the minority, and again become chief federal policy maker. Meeting those standards - for a "mediating institution" that also happens to be the national legislature - would enhance economic growth and political civility, and in the process regain the respect of voters. But tough standards require real work, so here are concrete steps to get from here to there:

Are they willing to PLEDGE their support for a REFORM SPEAKER?

This might require supporting a non-Member for Speaker, if no incumbent stands as a fair arbiter dedicated to the adoption of reformed rules that encourage debate and the protection of opinions that are in the minority.This vision of House Reform reflects the diversity of the nation and makes it a recognized asset, and then designs a national legislative approach to harness this resource. It would not make individual Members or parties more powerful, but would give the people greater control over Congress. Though procedural manipulation would not be as prevalent or effective as it is today, the mediating nature of Congress would be restored and national policy-making could be accomplished Instead of the Speaker playing a Rival President, he or she would become the arbiter of fair and open debate that allows the voice of the people to regain control of their government.

Jerry Climer - President The Congressional Institute Incorporated (c) Jerry Climer1992 The Congressional Institute Inc.


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