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Pretty good... ZDF-TV was able to provide an overview of everything in just 30min. The programme covered the death of Lisa McPherson and the destruction of CAN.

Reporter Tartarotti was followed by PIs all the time. (If someone has a vidcap hardware we might make fotos of the for Jim's page)

- Jim Beebe can be seen and interviewed shortly, but then he got asthma. he's about 50 - 60 - Lisa foto in her coffin. She looks different, much older. - Many people were scared and refused to be interviewed - Cynthia Kisser can be seen in her Methodist Church with her son (who looks scared). The community there supports her - The new CAN address is just a mail drop - Heber Jentzsch speaks german (somewhat) - Interviews were scheduled, then called off - Robertson was called a scientology straw man

And absolute first was an interview with Jason Scott! He told that Kenny Moxon promised him a million $. He didn't know what Moxon was a top scientologist. He calls himself now "a pawn in their game". When Moxon was fired, he filed liens against Scott, even tried to get custody on him (he's 25). Scott now can't buy a house, etc. At the end of the film, Scott said that he found out that CAN wasn't evil at all, that they were helping families.

My absolute favourite is an interview with Heber. That was the most funny part of the programme. Heber is such a loon, therefore is a sure bet for great fun. He was unable to answer a question, instead he started attacking CAN and showed a foto of "CAN people" arrested. ZDF then showed a foto of Heber arrested in Spain (In a corner of the TV one could see "Operation Clambake". Hey, these ARS-CC product placements are cool!) Heber started to ask questions, and Tartarotti refused "It's the reporters who ask the questions". Heber then said "well why can't we both ask the questions?" Heber attacked ZDF, claimed that ZDF was destroying religions. What Heber really hated was to see fotos of dead Lisa. He refused to look at them, and said TV should interview Robert Davis. (who doesn't give interviews, as Heber knew).

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