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Title: Vaughn Young: Victim Extraordinaire
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 01:19:45 GMT

In article <88v9mk$9e1$>, (Robert Vaughn Young) wrote:


> An Open Letter to Mike Rinder

> Sunday, February 20, 2000

Well, isn't that special?  An open letter.  So good of you Vaughn.  I
suppose you think Mike Rinder will be answering you?  You're a full
blown loony, aren't you?

> Dear Mike:

> It's a very early Sunday morning in Cincinnati. I finished three posts
> yesterday that I will put onto ARS and this will wrap it up for me.

Since it's early in the morning, it's best to post an open letter.
Vaughn Young:  Man of Brilliance.

> I'm making this an "open letter" not for the benefit of people on ARS.
> Except for Stacy and Jesse, they haven't got a clue as to who you are
>and what really goes on. No, I'm doing this "open" so it can be found
>more easily by your staff, especially those who know me and the topics
>I'll mention.

You did this for the benefit of the staff?  What a guy!  You spend a
lot of time being inane, don't you?

> You and I go back a long way, Mike. And until a moment in Tampa
>during my testimony, I always considered us to be basically friends.

You mean you considered that you were still friends after you were
attempting blackmail for thousands of dollars by being quiet?  You
considered you were still friends after demeaning and degrading Mike
Rinder's religion?  Have you been standing too close to Minton's

>You don't understand my side, but I understand yours because I've been

Yeah, man, you've been there.  You've got the scars to prove it.  Up on
that hill, takin' flak from the Viet Cong.  Tell 'em your story,
Vaughn, you've earned it, buddy.

>That's why I know that while I might have you asked how things or the
>family were, you had to "keep your hat on."

Could this be.....evaluation?  No way.  Vaughn was the epitome of
standard tech.  Had sex in auditing rooms recently, Vaughn?  I suppose

> In that regard, I've never held the harassment against you personally.

Now that's mighty white of you, Vaughn.

> Besides, I figured that there is some of it you actually don't know
>about because you never ordered it and the PIs don't report it to you.

I may demean and degrade and invalidate your religion on a constant and

international basis, but, dammit, I've been harassed!

>Besides, it's your job. You're supposed to make life miserable for us
> "suppressives," right?

Of course, all of his time is worth spending on you guys.  You are very
amusing, Vaughn.  I'm amazed you lasted in the SO as long as you did
considering your delusional state.

>So to the degree that I've been there, I never held
> it personally against you.

Even more white of you.  You de man.

>That was when it
> changed, when you decided to mock my condition. That's when I realized
> that you really are gone.

Mock your condition?  C'mon, aren't you making this too dramatic?  I
know you have a flair for that but do you really want to portray
yourself as a victim?  Pathetic.

>... and I wanted it to just be between us, but
> that was impossible. But I was left with wanting to tell you and so I
>wasleft with having to write this letter.

Poor boy.  Forced into writing this letter.  A victim at every turn.
Yeah, a gun was put to your head to write this.  You are such a wuss.

> Don't get me wrong. It wasn't that what you said made me feel worse
>about my condition. It merely made me feel worse about yours. I've
>come to grips with my situation. You have yet to realize yours.

Ain't that nice?  You are such a full-hearted person, Vaughn.

> It's one thing when a couple of professionals go at it.

Wouldn't you have to be a professional first?

>They understand the turf. It's not personal. That's why I've
>understood your side of it.
> But it is another when you cross the professional line.


> I may have made a lot of comments about your professional conduct, but
> I've never slighted you personally.

Here's the excuse you've finally had the courage to make up, Vaughn.
Commence your personal attacks.

>I guess I always wanted to pretend
> that it was possible that we could sit down some time over coffee and
> chat, if nothing else about how kids grow up and life moves on. I
>knew you couldn't and wouldn't.

A nice cozy meeting.  Awww.

>It all has to be reported and you can't afford to
> relax around some "SP," can you? But that was okay with me.

Was that really okay with you?  Really?

> I wanted you to know that it was possible, that even though you
>couldn't be that way, I could.

You are so magnanimous.

> Well, I was wrong. You really were one of those people who high-fived
>when you heard about the cancer and you really are glad that I'm

I think that you just want him to be glad that you are dying.  Aren't
you glad you are dying?  You've lost your chance at eternity.  You can
now go back to the void and start all over again.  Just remember to
write up your overts and withholds when you come back.

>I'm sorry about that, Mike. I'm sorry that I was really wrong about
>you, that I thought that underneath it all, we were really friends.

Because friends always act the way you have.  What a friend you've
been!  I wish I had more friends like you.

> "When you were in there," she said, "was there anything anyone could
>have said to you that would have changed your mind?"


> The question really rocked me. I went silent and thought about it for
>a few seconds and then the answer hit me even more.
> "No," I answered. "I'm sorry to say this but there is nothing anyone
>could have told me or said to me that would have changed my mind.

You blind fanatic.  What were you thinking?!?  Nothing?  Holy Cow!

Your sincerity is amazing.

>After all, I believed in what I was
> doing. These guys just went over the edge and now we were all paying
>the price so let's get thing back on the rails and get on with it.


> So I did. I parked it and got on with it and continued for another 11
>or so years and in the process, I continued to look the other way.
>That's how one moves up the ranks, isn't it?

Was that your game in Scientology, Vaughn, to move up the ranks?  Get
more power?  It's making sense now.  You were dissed.

>It's not how well you apply policy, but
> how well you can look the other way.

You poor thing.  What a realization.

>The closest I came was Gerry Armstrong, when I was called to testify
>against him. They really wanted me to come after him but I wouldn't. I
>tried to couch my testimony as they wanted it, that Gerry hadn't done
>certain research, but I wasn't able to use the language that they
>wanted because, as little as I knew him, I liked him and it didn't
>matter what he was doing or saying, that didn't change my personal
>feelings about him.

Of course you liked him, he's certifiable, as nutty as nutty can be.
You is just two peas in a pod, massa.

> And something that just occurred today, Sunday. The girl that Dept 20
>sent in on Stacy at the car wash. One of her lines was how Stacy was
>killing me, a clear reference to the cancer and a clear attempt to hit
>some button on her. You really have no scruples at all, do you Mike.

And beware of the men in black following you.  Don't talk about the
alien visitations.

>I'm sure you gave DM a woodie on that one but all you prove is how low
>into the slime you really can go.

And the true Vaughn comes out.  And you wonder why he doesn't want to
meet with you, Mr. Pleasant?

>Now they are right there for anyone to find, thanks to the Net.

Whoop de do.  You guys are still nutty.  It's just harder to judge your
tone levels by electronic text.  But the craziness certainly shows

> a good record of ARS is kept at <>, just to make
>your work even more enjoyable. - smile)

I thought that nobody knew about  Thank god you're here,

> So you've got a chronic worry. It won't go away.

Oh yeah, chronic worry.  Hee hee.  You look mahvelous.

>So you can't control any more what your staff and public comes to
> know.


You are so kooky.

>You can put secret little programs into their computers, but even
> that takes a chance.

Yeah, see, secret little programs, see.  Can't catch me coppa.

>Some may not like being told what they can't read.

You can't read the writing on the moon.  I bet you don't like that, do


> I have told Jesse time and again - and this last trip I said it
>several times - I am SOOOO glad that I am not a PR in there now.
>Lawdy, what a headache!

You ain't the only one who is glad you're not a PR now, I bet.

>You're already in deep
> kaw-kaw in Belgium and France, not to mention Germany. And from what I
> hear, you ain't exactly winning friends in Russia. Oh, and don't
>forget Greece and Spain.

Of course, we mustn't forget the complete tax exempt status given in
the United States.  This never happened during Vaughn's time.  Funny
thing is that Interpol calmed down after Vaughn left too.  Curious.

So some European countries have a few people who don't like us?  Big
deal.  We have that here too.   Look at you.  You gave up.  And
continue to.  What a serv fac.

> Frankly, I don't think I'll be alive when that happens. I'd like to

And, your point is..?

> I'd like to see it happen. I just know that there is nothing I can
>say to you that will reach you.

Then why waste your time if you KNOW that?  You just keep invalidating
your knowingness, don't you?  Lost your integrity a while ago I see.

>But I'm retiring, as I said in the "hello &
> goodbye" post. And I really am looking forward to my new effort.

Haven't you retired like 6 or 7 times already?

>And yeah, there are various ways that you can work to drag me back in,
>if you want to.

I knew it.  You ain't staying retired.  What a geek.

>There's a lot to be done in the field of educating men about prostate
>cancer and I just happen to have the skills, the initiative and the
>qualifications for what I want to do.

Speaking of fingers...

>You see, the only credential one needs to have to speak about living
>with cancer is cancer.
>I merely decided to use what I have -
> including the cancer - to make a contribution that I can be proud of.

Although I've been sarcastic throughout this entire post, I'll have to
be serious for a moment.

Enjoy your new line of work, Vaughn.  I hope you make a difference and
help some people for once.

And now, back to the sarcasm:

> So if you ever change your mind and want someone to talk to, you can
>call me. You'll know where I am.

Lean on me, when you're not strooong....  You're so sweet.

>Just check the last surveillance report.
> (laugh) My only function will be to lend a sympathetic ear. But you'll
> have to apologize to me for the personal shit. That's for your
>benefit, Mike, not mine.
And I thought it was for a.r.s.'s benefit to see what a great guy you
are Vaughn.

So, here we see the alleged Scientology swan song of one Robert Vaughn

Young.  Hopefully, he will show himself to be a decent human being.


(where is Capt. Nerd when you need him?)

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