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Congressional Action Alert from Rev John Wetzel - LINK

Rev John Wetzel call to write Congressional Oversight Committee

A Celebrity Actor Scientologist LEAVES Scientology, Jason Beghe tells all LINK to Village Voice

NEW April 12th 2007
Worldwide Demonstrations April 12th,


David Miscavige's own Niece exposes Scientology's lies on INSIDE EDITION!LINK

Arnie Lerma interview article from front page of online magazine - English Translation with same imagesLINK

Jan 18,2008 re Tom Cruise leaked video must see:

EXCLUSIVE Sky News Video Footage - re Tom Cruise with leaked cruise interview and commentary by THIS webmaster in part 3!!


Listen to my last radio show, best introduction to Scientology, what it is, I've ever done LINK

November 8 2007 Listen to ex-member Larry Brennan interviewed by Tom Smith ( Tom is also an ex-member of scientology) Mr Brennan worked with Scientology leader David Miscavige - run time 55 minutes - 13 Meg WMF LINK and 26 Meg .MP3 LINK - A devastating interview with an insider, religious cloaking, corporate frauds, director perjury, disconnection, enforced abortions, slave camps and naziesque conduct.

B: Here is the best NEW video slamming Scientology:

and BELOW is the best video ever:

The best Introductory Video about Scientology Starring

Forrest Ackerman - Rons Literary agent
Ron DeWolfe - Ron's son, deceased
Paulette Cooper - my personal friend
Gerry Armstrong - my personal friend
Barbara Kaye - Hubbard's Public relations officer
Michael Goldstein - my personal friend
Dennis Erlich - (we were both raided by scn in 1995)
Hana Eltringham - D/Commodore Scientology and personal friend
John Atak- Piece of Blue Sky, I consider him my friend
Vaughn Young - PRO for Scientology and a past friend
Laurel Sullivan - Hubbard PRO
Jean Cox - Writer
Forrest Ackerman - Rons Literary Agent
Ray Kemp - ex Mission Holder
Lyle Stewart - Publisher, we talked once years ago..
Jim DinCalcini - Ron's Medical Officer - knew the name from when i was in
Jesse Prince - friend from LMT
Put the keywords above into the Search engine for more information.



See the NEW Pictures of Tom Cruise and David Miscavige (The little leader of Scientology) LINK

Scientology tells its members that the materials here are "all lies" and that is a Hate website - I contend that it is L Ron Hubbard that incites his deluded victims to hate: Listen to this fair use snippet by L Ron Hubbard, saying:

"The only difference between moslems and christians is how they go to the bathroom" (Laughing)

Listen to L Ron Hubbard incite hate:
Real Media - 155K
Windows Media - 150K

Top 25 pages visited on this site - Sept 2007 -

NUMBER ONE More on Charles Manson, and Scientology's efforts to make his involvement in Scientology disappear and silence those who knew about it. This is the 2nd Manson page, following page #1 here Up from #22!

NUMBER TWO - A silly Tom Cruise page. This nutball's machinations have overwhelmed this activist's ability to make sense of them. We are no longer following his antics, but are concentrating on how mental manipulation and deception is used, so that you, the reader of this site, might be less likely to be fooled, conned, or tricked by confidence artists of all kinds including L Ron Hubbard's scientology clones. This a new page linked from the top of this one concerning what is going on inside Scientology's Gold Base linked from this Tom page that many feel to be worth reading - added Sept 19, 2007.Down from #1

NUMBER THREE 27 Year Member Creed Pearson - His entire family disconnected from him because he discovered the truth about Scientology. Up from #4

cults are as dangerous as drugs, they commit the highest crime, the rape of the soul

NUMBER FOUR The Penthouse Interview with L Ron Hubbard's son, by his 1st marriage, this is a classic in the information war with Scientology. HIGHLY recommended for current members and the general public. Contains links to supporting evidence to Hubbard's son's amazing claims of his father's satanic motivations. Down from #2

NUMBER FIVE A briefing for Journalists writing about Beck Hansen aka "Beck", pop musician, this page helped push him to admit his scientology connections. Up from #6

NUMBER SIX - Criminal Convictions of Scientology - with a focus on the Belgium Criminal Indictment and an analysis of prior criminal cases, including what happened to the Spanish criminal indictment and others. This is #5 in the L Ron Hubbard series. New to the top 20 list.

NUMBER SEVEN A court filing from Canada, detailing Scientology's CONVICTION as an organization for breach of the public trust - basically convicted as being liars..what is important is that they were convicted as an organization... - new to this list

painting by scientology OT8 Michael Pattinson

NUMBER EIGHT Michael Pattinson's story, A Scientology "New OT8" - the highest step in Scientology who left Scientology. He crossed the entire bridge and found there was nothing there but lies, his paintings used to hang in Scientology buildings, now they hang here at - Also has been in TOP TEN since it was originally posted.- Up from number 12

NUMBER NINE A page about the current leader of Scientology is named David Miscavige, read about the creepy guy that Hubbard may have chosen to run scientology because his birthday falls on April 30th. Down from Number 4

NUMBER TEN In 1971 Paulette Cooper published the first critical book about Scientology. The Scandal of Scientology. She was sued 19 times. This is her first story about those events since the media frenzy of that time. This long version is exclusive to Exposing the CON. New to the Top 20 List.

Image of Certificate of Courage awarded to Arnie Lerma by jewish author Paulette Cooper to writer and internet activist Arnaldo 'Arnie' Lerma In recognition and appreciation of  Extraordinary Bravery and Sacrifice in A Dangerous and Difficult battle, April 28, 2004

NUMBER ELEVEN Scientology, The Nazi's and the Occult - disturbing page, disturbing. mostly because it is true. - Down from #5

NUMBER TWELVE - List of names of the big shot, big money donor's to Scientology's IAS - International Association of Scientologists - the fund are used to destroy my life and the lives of those who dare expose scientology. Nota Bene: Not all the names are still in Scientology, some have left and have contacted this webmaster. Down from #9 See massive index of Scientology Frontgroups HERE

NUMBER THIRTEEN Stanley Milgram - On Conformity and Obedience - Has been in top ten for ten years...A scary college course outline of Milgram's seminal work that shows how normal people can do terrible things when they are following orders. It helps people understand the actions of Terrorists of all persuasions as well as understand Scientology's vicious natureand their wilingness to lie. Down from #8.

NUMBER FOURTEEN - This is my "communion" page, it is my work of conscience, an anti-war page, shortly after first putting this up access logs revealed that it was downloaded by The Holy See. This is my Anti-War page, it is not related to Scientology, outside of the observation that both war and scientology depend on greed, lies, and deceit, - and mental manipulation.Up 3 from #17

NUMBER FIFTEEN - A page with various Audio and Video selections by ex-members and lectures by my freind Margaret Singer Phd, and Dr Jolly West and others that Scientology wishes were impossible for you to find. Down from 13.

NUMBER SIXTEEN The story of XENU in the November 2006 Southpark "In the Closet" segment, is real, I can prove it...Enjoy. Up 3 from #19

NUMBER SEVENTEEN Frequently Asked Questions page - Up 3 from #20

NUMBER EIGHTEEN Laughter is therapeutic - this page is about Battlefield Earth, containing the best one liners from 300 reviews of the movie that everyone detests except those who are hypnotized into liking the name L Ron Hubbard Down 7 from #11.

NUMBER NINETEEN 57 year archive of news articles about Scientology, new to the top 25.

NUMBER TWENTY Charles Manson had a Scientology E-Meter at the Spahn ranch. Up 3 from 23.

NUMBER TWENTY-ONE The old version of the MAIN INDEX page prior to 1999, that is still popular. Down from #10.

NUMBER TWENTY-TWO An index of Scientology's frontgroups - all are used to lure the unsuspecting into Scientology - while avoiding the stigma that Scientology rightly has. This is likely the most egregious example of the classic corporate public opinion manipulation techniques of this kind, anywhere, and in the entire history of man - even though well documented the extent is incredible. Send this list to your congressmen.

NUMBER TWENTY-THREE Laughter is therapeutic - Laughing AT Scientology page, A page of pre South Park pokes at Scientology, since South Park it has become impossible to track them all, and I must stress that after enough research most realize that though ludicrous, Scientology is no laughing matter.

NUMBER TWENTY-FOUR - "How long would I have to run a small electric current through your body, while telling your things that you wanted to hear, before you became convinced that I held the secrets to the universe? - Perhaps the biggest secret of all - the secret of Scientology's E-meter induced endorphins (good humor) and even cancer..

The E-Meter Papers - How Does Scientology Auditing Work? Endorphins, The Hidden Influence..

NUMBER TWENTY-FIVE A listing of some of the incidents of harrassment of those who have spoken out about Scientology's true nature, it is true that they are not as active today as they used to be, however this long time observer is convinced they are just spread out too thin as there really are not many Scientologists..statistic proof of worldwide membership numbers HERE

Previous Top 25 pages visited on this site

Ida Camburn's Story - Ida Camburn's son disconnected from her in 1976, she has been fighting the spectre of Scientology ever since.

The FAB Magazine Article .. nuff said

DIANETICS- A page that has collected most of the original book reviews and reviews from scientific journals about the start of this scam, Dianetics. "In short, a fraud" Judge Gessell

The Reference Directory - Scientology stuff, not linked or categorized.

L Ron Hubbard - some of the lies that fooled me when I was 17

Leo J Ryan Page A Page dedicated to Leo J Ryan, the only member of Congress to die in the line of performing his duties, and to an 83 year old grandmother in Hemet California.

Please try out the Search Engine and the Site Map on THIS PAGE, there are over 4000 files here, documenting scientology's lies.

Gary Weber's apology to the Mayor of Clearwater, Reporter Richard Leiby ( then the 'new guy' at the Clearwater Sun ) and the Citizens of Clearwater Florida for dirty tricks he engaged in for scientology as a member of what is now called Scientology's Office of Special Affairs...the Guardian's Office.


The real sources that Hubbard stole from to fashion the Scientology scam, with links to the Secret of Scientology E-meter
The small jolt of electricity the E-meter provides may induce
a release of the bodies natural version of morphine. This may
explain why Scientology is such a tenacious cult, its members
are essentially junkies.

The Art of Deception by Arnie Lerma
An Award winning essay that explain's in simple terms
how the Scientology scam operates. This is helpful
to anyone with family involved in Scientology. Also see Art of Deception part II

L Ron Hubbard was a liar, and the organization still
there are 5 pages in the new LRonHubbard series, click on his scowling face to goto the next page

The Exit pages (Help for Scientologists) INTRODUCTION page which leads to the main EXIT pages for soon to be ex-scientologists, piles of ex-members stories, some are not for the faint of heart.

The Thriving Cult of Money and Greed The scathing 1991 Time Magazine cover story that Scientology fought all the way to the US Supreme Court.. and TIME won! By Richard Behar, includes links to the actual 2nd Circuit Court and US Supreme Court appeals.

Scientology Gag Agreements - A Conspiracy for Silence

"The first principle of a free society is an untrammeled flow of words in an open forum. Adlai Stevenson" (1900-1965), U.S. Democratic politician. New York Times (19 Jan. 1962).

The Scientology Matrix - Scientology deconstructed
describes the challenges facing a person who leaves Scientology,
also called "The Bridge Out Of Scientology".

Hubbard came up with a 2 percent rule, that 2% of the population were "SP" - Supressive Persons, who should be done away with "quietly and without sorrow" More on Hubbard's directives for dealing with those who would oppose Scientology - The Suppresive Person Defense League LINK

The Back Pages: The old Main Scientology Archive
This is a page listing the top stories in reverse date order
The main index page items end up moved here,
and the page gets longer, and longer, and longer

The original webpage index before the February 2001 effort to make it pretty.. many links here I have yet to link elsewhere

Why John Travolta's Battlefield Earth is worse than you think

Laughing at Scientology's ExpenseWhat do you get if you cross breed a Borg with a Ferengi? Answer - a scientologist...

This is fun to read to co-workers, warning ridicule ahead

The EXIT page for Scientologists Information here is presented using the Scientology Mind Programming language - that is we use Hubbard-speak having been in Scientology ourselves we speak the language. This page is targeted to current and departing members. It is the real wall of fire - leaving Scientology.


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