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spacer Tips for breaking the trance of a Scientologist

The following from email - and posted at the suggestion of the author:

If the Study Tech worked, how is it possible that long time auditors who studied applying the Tech would need cramming on a continuous basis?

If they actually did "clear all their misunderstood words" and did all the patter drills, were double checked out etc, , why then did the tech did not work?

The cramming action is the biggest proof that the Study Tech does not work, because if it did work as it is being promoted, nobody would need cramming...

If the tech worked... as it is promoted as a "working technology", then no member would lose his business or get fired from work... I know several active public members who have lost their business, were fired, layoff, etc...

Were they PTS or it was the economy? You can not blame recession, because it is always the persons fault, but it really happens all the time.

If the tech worked... you would not see strange aberrations happening all of the time amongst members of Scientolotgy.

If the tech worked... the divorce rate among the members of the group would be low, not higher than in any other group in the world

If the scientologist private schools worked... you would not see children dropping out of school, rejecting the idea of study to advance in life, or being far and further behind in academics than the children in the "wog" Public School System...

If the Teachers (Supervisors) are so good in these schools, why can any person off the street who has no formal education be hired?

How can someone teach or supervise a child in a subject when he himself does not know it?

How can a Supervisor teach Algebra to a child, if he himself does not know it?

When a member is sick why is it blamed on the individual?

Have they never heard anything about Genetics, or the tendency of illnesses that run in the family?

cwood suggested this brilliant idea.

Make a direct statement of fact about scientology. whatever facet of
it that outrages you that particular day.

Ask the borg member " Do you agree?'

He will say No, its all lies...

You say: Hubbard said the only reason a person disagrees with a
subject is due to a misunderstood word.
What word did you not understand?

this is not a rote patter as long as this gist is what gets across

This might demonstrate to the scientologist that word clearing is
used to quash disagreement.. period.
this is short simple and elegant

A 25 year member does his own research and find that the information on the net is real!

See this new addition to this web site, A write up by another 25 year member of scientology who was told that the information on the net "is all lies" and he had the nerve to actually go out and get original documents.. and he found that the docuemnts on the net and the ones he found from public government files, were in fact the same , though he did comment that his copies were better quality... Read Michael Tilse's new write up HERE - this is the best tool, written in scientology lingo, - if you can just get the Scientologist to READ it.. good luck...

Whenever a scientologist says :

seize the moment and retort with the corollary of Hubbard's key
phrase that isolates them from reality ...


This will short circuit that particular lock on his mind... thank you
to whoever told me about this.. Might have been Jeff Jacobean

From "The Art of Deception" by Arnie Lerma

This is a long routine but seems to work ]

"Before one can attack a complete operating system for defining a
reality, you must realize that it is an operating system that includes
definitions of you and your efforts as being "all lies, paid for by
the evil psychiatrists" or just "nutballs" or "suppressive person" -
all forms designed to "make less of it", "it" being your efforts to
expose the truth, instead of Hubbard's fictional view of reality as
rendered by his PROGRAM running in the target's mind.

You see if the minds of Scientologists have been expertly programmed,
or, as some say, infected with the mind virus called Scientology, it
is very difficult to make them let go, as they know their program is
right because "auditing works" for them, at least that is an appearance
for them.

So I do this.

I explain how the "Bridge to Total Freedom" [TM] by 'Religious
Technology Center', claims to go to a state called OT, or Operating
Thetan. I point out how the old gradation charts used to state that at
OT level VIII one was "total cause over Matter Energy Space and Time",
I then point out to the fellow how *IF* there was just ONE OT... if
there was just one person who had a shadow of the super abilities that
Scientology makes its adherents dutifully toe the line for, in promise
of its realization, then "I WOULD NOT BE HERE".

I chant this at them:

"No OTs in Scientology, if there were just ONE OT, you would not be
listening to my voice right now"

They do not like this, as it reminds them that they are all there
waiting to achieve a promise, which, like the story about "The
Emperor's New Clothes", does not exist, except as part of the stage
magic show called Scientology.

I explain to the person some of what I have described herein
previously, with emphasis on how Dianetics tricks you into mocking up
something called the "reactive mind", and how the "E-meter may help to
induce a euphoric response to the expectations of the "Auditing
Experience" and that "There are NO OTs in Scientology".

(Note: OT's is pronounced OH TEAS)

And of course the target is rejecting all of this all along. But
that's ok, just depending on time, repeat these concepts gently as
long as time permits.

You are baiting a hook, to pull him out of the illusion.

After a while, when you intend to end off the conversation, tell the
fellow this:

"OK, so you don't feel you are the target of deceptions by Scientology
or Hubbard, or in any sort of trance, stage play or illusion, or
running any kind of mental program. right? {emphasis on 'right?')

He agrees.

"So how about this, lets make a little friendly wager, ok?"

He agrees.

"Here's the deal" [ then I state with emphasis, command style, with
'intention', very directly ].

"The next time you hear the words, 'Pick up the cans please, this is
the session' you will remember everything we discussed in this
conversation today".

Now the fellow has just denied all of your allegations, and agreed to
this wager... and you have commanded him, (he is after all running a
program) to recall this conversation at a very specific time, a time
in which Scientologists are at a heightened level of expectation - as
those words: "Pick up the cans, this is the session" commence every
auditing action with an E-meter!

And what will he have to deal with at the beginning of his next

What fun! Turning the stage play against itself!

He will have to tell his auditor ALL ABOUT THIS.

And it gets repeated again!

And hopefully he notices.. Gee, that guy was right, I *AM* running a

This is one technique I think might crack the mind armor that
Scientologists wear under the guise of "Thinking for yourself".

I don't know if it works, but the last two public Scientologists that
were assigned to keep me busy during a picket have yet to be seen

And at the last picket, I was studiously ignored... "
(c) Arnaldo Lerma 1999 not-for-profit use encouraged

Now then of course there is this one:


repeat this chant a few times during a picket...

The say



It is also simple and makes people think...

the purpose is to generate a system error in the hubbardian control
programming - the blue screen of death from windows95/8....

This is the instant that the person will suspend belief long enough to
hear you....or look at the net web sites.

If Scientology starts yelling about de-programming.... use this one
from a father who wishes his son would get the hell out of the
cult now:

"Why would scientology ever object to DEPROGRAMMING unless
it' actually is no more than mental programming to being with?

Mr. xxxxxxxx I look forward to being able to tell your story someday

Response to "It's all lies" I want EVIDENCE
well you could ask them for evidence of OT....
but this works better:

he US federal 2nd court of
appeals wesbite

Or try this one
of the United States Supreme Court

now, come back here and tell me "It's all lies"

be sure you fully understand all the words in the legal definition of
malice .... cause this huge case was not lost because of
a 'technicality' as OSA is telling it's sheep.

Why are we here doing this?

This was received this am, I hope it has the same effect upon you as
it did upon me. this is why we are here

[email header deleted ]

Dear Sir,

I was just wondering if it is still possible to reach you, if writing
to this address. And also ask if I can write to you about $cn some day
if I

And then I froze... Its been more than 2 years now since I left the $o
and I still panic when trying to sent a mail to a "known SP", "cause
what if THEY find out"... Will I ever stop being scared??? I don't
even dare to use my real name or my own computer. Is it me being

I really don't know if I should sent the mail like this. I don't even
know if I should sent this letter at all, but if your reading this
now, then I guess I did...

There is a major struggle going on inside of me right now...

I feel terrified when I think about what I'm doing right now. If I
sent this letter I can never go back there. And I don't know that
scares me so much since I have no wish to return to the church.

I just decided that I will sent this to you.

But I'm still scared... If you receive this, and if you answer this I
really hope that I didnīt waste your time, cause to be honest I really
don't know if I would dare to answer you. So please forgive if that will
be the case.

I keep looking at the screen not believing that I'm doing this. Not
believing that this has taking me almost an hour to write. I hope you
can find some kind of logic in all the mess above.

[ signature deleted ]

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I'd prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speak.
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