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Apology to Mayor Gabe Cazares,
Richard Leiby and the Citizens of Clearwater Florida by an ex-Scientology Guardian

Dear Mayor Gabe Cazares, Richard Leiby and the Citizens of Clearwater,

I would like to apologize for things I did over 20 years ago. I used to belong to Scientology's Guardian's Office, which is now called 'OSA', short for 'The Office of Special Affairs.'

I was very young, about 20 and just starting out at San Jose State University and accepted into the Marine Corps Naval OCS (Officer Candidate School ) Aviator Program. I hadn't been at school for long when I met a young lady dying of a blood disease who asked me to go to a Scientology Lecture. I did and being a dreamer at heart it didn't take me long before I signed my billion year contract to L. Ron Hubbard's Sea Organization and moved to your lovely city of Clearwater.

My job was first in Public Relations. We had an incredible infrastructure of intelligence officers, private eyes, legal people, and more. I felt like I was working for the CIA and saving the planet from evil. It was an incredible feeling of power and rightiousness with an "army" of friends.

You old time residents probably know me from when the Clearwater Sun ran a picture of me and my uniformed "Nazi commandos" at the Clearwater Sun Building when we did our "we're being persecuted" protest. Nancy Reitze was my boss and she orchestrated Hubbards "Positioning Technology" on Clearwater. Which was to position the Clearwater Sun to something evil, and thru our "Survey Technology." The evil chosen was Nazism. So position them to them. The idea was do anything to stop reporter Richard Leiby and the Clearwater Sun from printing anything "entheta" i.e. anything negative.

I remember going to staff meetings where private eyes were sent out to find "mud" about Richard Leiby to "discredit him". Our info bureau reported that they couldn't get any dirt on Richard, so the next directive was get dirt on his girlfriend or wife, or whatever it took to silence him. There were many episodes like this that took place while I was there.

I want to apologize to all the Citizens of Clearwater for my being so misdirected and under undue influence that I would use whatever means it took to get the job done, including participating in organizing the Nazi demonstration in front of the Clearwater Sun.

I want to apologize to Mayor Gabe Cazares, for being the one who was sent in to monitor or disrupt his meeting at the VFW, Veterans of Foreign Wars.

I want to apologize to reporter Richard Leiby, for stealing copies of the Clearwater Sun from Newstands in Clearwater, so that Citizens could not read a critical article written by Richard Leiby.

I want to apologize for being part of organization that did these things and others, in order to try to dominate your city.

It's been a long and difficult road to recovery for me. I was excommunicated from the church because I wanted to leave. My wife and I had a child and a child on the way. I was declared an "SP". That's the most awful fate you can receive from the church. My wife had to disconnect from me and I couldn't talk to her unless my communication was monitored by the Church of Scientology's "International Justice Chief". She begged me to stay in Clearwater and to beg the church to release the Suppressive Person Declare on me so I could be there for our 2nd child. I did and said anything to get that awful fate removed.

I remember I called home to my mother in California to help me out. I was outside a 7-eleven type of fast food mart and left my wallet at the top of the pay phone. I only had about $17.00 in it and my driver's license. I was at complete bottom. I believed I was the scum of the earth, and totally useless to mankind. I had done home birth with my first daughter and I couldn't even be around for my newborn.

I didn't want anything to do with religion anymore and I knew I would be hunted if I talked about what I knew. It has taken many years of help and caring of loving people to put me back together again. I also learned how to forgive myself and I wanted to ask you, the Clearwater residents, to forgive me as well. Christ said to the father, "forgive them for they know not of what they do" and if wasn't for his teaching you would not of received this apology. I no longer fear the church and what they will do once you get this apology.

This has taken courage on my part to do this as once the church gets a hold of this letter, then the discrediting, and harassment policy begins. And since I have no crimes to expose, then the LRH policy of 'make something up,' will apply, like the claim they are a child molester and the stigma will remain even after the person they attack has spent piles of money to prove their innocence. 'Always attack and never defend' LRH said. I'm sure they are putting a "Dead Agent" package together the minute this page goes public. Just like they did when your courageous Mayor Gabe Cazares opposed them..

This usually silences people.

I remember the time John Travolta would come to Clearwater and he use to say he loved Scientology but didn't like the Scientolgy management. Well it was our Guardian's Intelligence office that collected his "confidential confessionals" from his supposedly private and confidential counseling records to compile a dead agent package for use in case he went against the church. Since I didn't see anymore negative talk from him, I guess he was "handled".

I'd like to apologize to John Travolta, as well, for not recognizing that I was in a mafia strong arm operation and now believe that exposing your secrets, if you did not toe the line that management wanted, was wrong.

I want to apologize to all that I harmed in the name of "saving the planet from evil doers" in believing that I was doing "good". I have placed this letter of apology and my story on the web at as part of my continued journey of recovery.

I also want to especially thank an incredible Clearwater resident man named Don Mains. He let me stay at his house when I had no where to go, he loaned me money when I didn't have any, he helped me get a job so I could get back on my feet. Don was in charge of bringing the spirit of life hang gliders from I believe it was Chicago to Clearwater and Jazz player Dizzy Gillespie into the Clearwater park. I owe this man a great debt of gratitude. Let him know that I finally went on to get my pilot and flight engineering license and have become a valuable citizen again.

I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me for not knowing what was right and wrong.

But, for me, right now, writing this letter, and telling my story is my way to finally:

Do the right thing.


Gary Weber

Ex-member of Scientology's Flag Guardian's Office
in Clearwater Florida

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