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       I saw tapes made by a company here in Hemet. I think this was the most vicious tape on any one anywhere ever made. But then that is only my opinion. Henri and Curt Crampton had known the wife of this company many years ago.

       Please note during all the years following my coming to Hemet -- I had a raft of company, I made many dinners, baked bread, cakes and custards and took them around the neighborhood. Remember this is a place of elderly and for some reason I didn't feel 'elderly.' Played lots of cribbage, pinochle, went to a few shows and though I was lonely at times I was happy here. Many of my family came to visit from the L.A. area and from New Mexico. Coming here allowed me to see many old friends that I had known in the forties and on. I also had two major surgeries that were successful.

       The young reporter who had written the Golden Era story for the Hemet News was harassed to the extent he left the area. I hope he is happy and has kept his whereabouts secret as the cult never forgets and would continue to harass him.

       Another incident along the way is when I read in the paper where the Chamber of Commerce was having Arte Maren as a speaker. I guess he was to speak on one of his 'Management courses.' I felt if they were to have him speak, they should know of his back ground. I had an article which showed that he had spent six months in prison following the raid on their 'church' in 1977. He refused to talk, so he did the time. When that picture was published in the Hemet News, I understand the Chamber found another speaker. I don't know -- I was not there.

       Priscilla and I had many conversations and I listened as I heard the pressure being put on CAN. It was at this time that I learned of various programs being aired which gave some of the ex-cultists a spot to talk I then learned of Don Wager being involved in Co$ cases. I saw Don Wager in a trial in 1980. It was a trial by Calif. state against a woman who had kidnapped her daughter out of Krishna. I think her daughter and son helped her. I went to Henri and Curt’s prior to the trial. The mother and sister were staying there also. The mother was terrified and I could understand that. She was a teacher and had certainly never been in a trial before. We practiced with her with hope she gained more confidence. Not that I knew anything on how to testify at a trial, where a state would accuse me of wanting to save my child. This was indeed an interesting trial and Wager was attorney for the mother. I have to admit this man was very convincing. He got out his big white handkerchief and sobbed for the jury. He scolded the mother for saying something which I believe she really meant. Told her she had lost the case. However the jury was out a very short time when they found the mother not guilty. The Krishna daughter and her husband left the Krishna about six months later. She felt it was partly because the daughter heard the truth when on the stand. I make this note as now I see Wager in cases with Abelson and other lawyers.

Ex-mob Attorney Eliot Abelson outside the Riverside County courthouse while procuring Keith Henson bogus conviction
Ex-mob Attorney Eliot Abelson outside the Riverside County courthouse while procuring Keith Henson's bogus conviction

       There were many good articles around that time, including The New York Times and Vanity Fair, voicing concern about Scientology. I have been trying to think at what point in all this did I realize that the quest of the cult is far more political than religious in my opinion. I can't remember the day when I knew this was no longer about my son, but a much larger issue. This is all about my love for this country and a desire to keep democracy right in there for all of us. The fact that our courts are used on a daily basis to harass and intimidate good people is repulsive. Each day I lose more and more respect for those that I elect to represent me. I am not being represented, I write in plain English:


I am not being represented!

       Why is Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Isaac Hayes heard and those that have seen the cult in action and are truly knowledgeable are left standing in the hall in Congress?

       Old men drooling over the likes of Lisa Presley consists of asking questions of this woman, who has no knowledge of medicine. Nada knowlege.

       The one thing that helped me was the many friends who have supported me and written over the years. I have met such wonderful people thanks to the cult -- I guess I would not have had that opportunity otherwise. At the end of 1994 my close and dear friend Curt Crampton died. He was a wonderful man that was so kind and contributed so much to all of us. He had a straightforward way and could often get through to those in doubt. I am reminded of a time I was staying with them, helping with files and all. It was at the time when one of the 'messengers' for LRH had been able to escape.

        She was such an intelligent young woman and we immediately all loved her. There was another couple who came to visit around that time - they were from the valley area in S. Calif. Both were spies. I had a hunch as did Henri, but by this time we had so many spies infiltrating, we kind of gave up and went for a laugh on it. The young man made guitars I think, so he was considered a public - possibly public G.O. volunteer, at the time, I do not know. I can still see his face as he sat on the couch -- his expression is what gave him away. I wonder to this day if he had a clue we were on to him and giving him all kinds of 'information.' The young woman who had been messenger had to give up early -- the harassment was more than she could take, after all she had done her 'time' and we wished her all happiness -- she deserved it at last. She did write wonderful letters to various departments in government and like many, were just ignored. Where were these people who were elected to represent her?

       It is a good thing I kept a diary when I came here. Only a sketch of daily happenings. I had forgotten that I called my son twice in 1995. I was so worried about his health following his bladder cancer surgery. I cannot remember the conversations but do note he never called me. I had wanted to know if he wanted a rocking chair that my dad had bought when his first son was born. It was given to me and I always loved it. I could remember his rocking me in it and then my son and singing the alphabet and teaching him spelling words while he rocked him. He loved him so much - my son was the oldest grandchild on both sides.

       Around that same time I got a call from Jeff in asking me if I had a password on my phone. I had never thought of a password on my phone but I hung up and called the company and placed one there. A few days later I was busy in the kitchen when the phone rang. Some guy explained that there had been a mistake made on my bill and he would like to correct it. I said, "not to worry, I'll just deduct any charge that is in error off my bill when it arrives." He said, "oh, that is silly, I have an MCI person here and he can take care of it now. All I need is your password." I said "oh, that is okay, I'll trust them to take it off my bill -- I'll just circle the error - MCI loves me," and I hung up. I had been making bread so I finished with that and went and called the phone company. And of course they asked me for my 'password.' I gave it to them. The young man on the other end of the line said, "why Mrs. Camburn, you called a few minutes ago and could not remember your password." Now what does that tell you -- was I lucky that Jeff called me and was I lucky I took the time right then to install a password?

       Also around that time, I got a call one morning from a woman who said she was 'president of the woman's club' here and that she had a gift for me from the club, and she would like to bring it by. I have forgotten just how she put it but it didn't make sense to me. So I waited a few minutes -- thought about it and looked up the phone number of the president of the woman’s club. I asked her if she had just called me about a gift or plaque that she wished to deliver. She did not know what I was talking about and said she had not used her phone all morning. So I pulled the curtain partly in the living room next to the front door. I made a nice big note "Sorry Son I missed you -- will catch you next time!" And I waited. Surely in about an hour a small red car drove up and a small gray-haired lady walked up my front steps. She had a little package in her hand. And I watched her in action. She read my sign and turned around and dashed off the steps (thank God she didn't fall) and jumped in the car and they took off pronto. She knew I had caught on to whatever the ruse was that was intended to be pulled.

       I was writing letters to various friends and some in congress at that time. I was so disheartened to think that common sense was not being used by followers with regard to their health. I knew the pain that Roxanne had suffered and it all just seemed so unfair. I was also told by various doctors that I had seen since coming here that when they had a patient from the cult they always brought a 'watcher' with them. I always mentioned to the doctor, "be oh, so glad they are here under any circumstance -- at least you have the opportunity to help them, even if you are being watched."

       Gabe was in L.A. that year and he was kind enough to come out and see me. I was pleased to meet this man who I will always have on my 'hero' list. He tried hard to keep his town as it was prior to the cult moving in under the guise of United Churches. The records show how he was harassed and intimidated over the years. His little wife Maggi suffered by the miserable actions taken also. My grandmother used to say, "Don't worry, Evil will out." Will it be in my life time? -- I surely hope so. Through Gabe, I met a lovely lady here in Hemet, who had lived here many years.

       We are friends to this day - hers is a story I must keep to myself. Earlier that year I read where Gene Ingram was arrested in Florida. He is a PI that has worked for the cult for a long time. In that another PI had darkened my front porch, I was glad to get a picture of Ingram. Sometime that summer I looked out my front window and saw a car parked across the street. A man and a drab blonde woman were walking back and forth across the street from my house. He seemed to be jotting down the numbers of license plates as cars drove by. I could be mistaken but that is how it looked to me. They spent well over a half hour there. I did not see him walk up on the porch but did see later they were getting in the car and leaving. Later that day I found a card on my door. It was the business card of John Gaw from Moreno Valley, Private investigator. He had a note to call him.

       Now why in the world would I want to call a private investigator? I didn't need any license plates recorded that I knew of. I realized when the cult took Dennis Erlich's computer they had phone numbers to call. I had to written to Dennis in an effort to give him support when he had left the cult. I was also reading all about Dennis's trial, about the abuses he had suffered in and out of the cult. This was a hard year as the cult leaders had decided that our Parent organization who had helped so many parents and children alike was going to be destroyed and of course, no need for me to go through it. It is history now. All this time I have been living my life. I took part in many things such as cards, activities here in the association and many visitors.

        Yet, every now and then, there would be an entry, "I am so very lonesome." I do not remember as of today being so lonesome, but I would not have written it down if I was not. I guess I have forgotten how hard it was to adjust to being alone after so many years of marriage. George and I were married 27 years. It was this year that I received the phone call from my son. He had gone to Clearwater and was at the Sandcastle. He called to ask me for my address. Said he had something he wished to mail to me. I thought it was strange -He did not want to talk just wanted my address. So I gave it to him. I could have told him to look in the phone book. I have always had a listed number. To me an unlisted phone is like no phone at all. I was not surprised that my son was at Clearwater. I think he went there every year in November and stayed in to December. Several days later I received a big thick book which had pictures of all the people that I had known and highly respected these last years. They were 'stretched' to make them look wretched. I barely glanced at it and set it aside to mail to a friend at Readers Digest. As I went to rewrap it for mailing, a short letter from my son fell out of the back of the book. I suppose this son of mine thought I would actually read that trash written about those wonderful people? So I nearly missed the letter. He had written that these were the people who had kept us apart all these years. And as you know, the sad part of all this is my son actually believes that.

        One nice thing came about that year -- A judge in Virginia ruled in a case there involving another 'copyright case' that the RTC (Scientology) had DIRTY HANDS. This was the first time I had heard that type of statement from a judge. It was also the first time I had ever heard of Arnie Lerma. I must remind all of you that read this -- I was living my life here in this little city. I was learning a lot, reading many articles, books and trying to watch meaningful programs (what few there were) on the TV. I taped a lot of good programs which I have offered to people over the years.

       I made a few notes along the way. I decided that John Kenneth Galbraith was one of my all time favorites. He once stated, "writing a letter to the State Department is like making love to a mattress." I found later getting responses from the State Dept. made Mr. Galbraith’s statement ring oh, so true.

       When I am finished with this I will make a list of the dates and names of senators, congressmen, to whom I have mailed letters, mostly after I moved here in 1990. I believe I destroyed most of the prior ones other than the one's from Leo and a few others. This is a quote I have used in many letters to those in Government as I felt it made 'made sense.' Page 161 from 'The Mind Alive' by Harry and Bonaro Overstreet (published 1954):

CHAPTER 11 WHEN MENTAL HEALTH IS THREATENED."If, as now appears to be the case there are objective differences in behavior between emotional health and ill-health, then there are also objective standards of right and wrong where man's treatment of man is concerned. That which promotes psychic health and the full vital aliveness of the mind deserves support. That which undermines such health -- encouraging fixation, regression, perennial immaturity, and blockages of relationship between the individual and his environment -- is suspect." (the entire book is still a good read forty years later.)


       Of course the most important book with regards to the cult was 'The Scandal of $cientology,' by Paulette Cooper. In the years following I have read all of the publications (on $cientology) printed following her book. I don't think I have missed a one. I tried hard to read some of Hubbard's books and I found they were printed purposely in 'Hubbardspeak' -- meaning that they could not be understood without indoctrination, and then only to confuse. Probably wrong on that one. However the History of Man was unbelievably scarey.

       The fact that Hubbard went to such lengths to remove the writers of the truth on his organization surely proved he had something to hide.

       I went to political meetings and there met the young woman who ran against Sonny Bono. She was terribly under-funded and knew in this area a Democrat would have difficulty beating a Republican under any circumstances. Anita Rufus -- I talked with her several times. I warned her as to the tactics that very possibly would be used against her, (telling her it was just my take on it) and I am sure she didn't take it seriously. Into the fourth or fifth week of the campaign I read in the paper that Ms Rufus had gone through what my warning consisted of. Her parents had been visited in Florida and asked many questions -- the questioners looking for any scrap that could be used against her. I had asked her to be sure to get a 'password' on her phone. And sure enough some unknown entity called her office with intent of getting into her phone bills. I had told her about Jeff calling me one day and telling me to get a password on my phone. Whoa, there was another one who heard about how cults sometimes behave. Sometimes I think the higher powers give me so many opportunities to inform when I 'm not even trying. Of course Sonny Bono won and wouldn't you know he was now my congressman. I wrote several letters during the short time he was in office however I mailed most of them to various congressmen who headed different committees. I was interested in various bills being passed at that time. His work on the copyright fiasco was his major piece of work. I believe as I write this the Supreme Court is reviewing this. No doubt it will be left as is. Sonny Bono's first meeting in the Rayburn building was to promote an association titled 'Parents Involved In Education.' -- PIE. It was headed by a woman in Palm Desert, Calif. named Ms. Steinke. I called her and talked with her about the Citizens Commision on Human Rights. She told me how wonderful Bruce Wiseman -- polite etc. He is head of the CCHR in that area or was at the time. I noted at Bono's meeting there many familiar names. I cannot locate my correspondence on this but do have letters from Senator Haynes (Calif.) whom I wrote to complain about this organization apparently pushing the LRH tech in our school system. (Senator Haynes forwarded my correspondence to Ms Steinke. dah.) Probably what brought about dozens of hang up calls at that time. I had made notes in my diary to that effect. I also noted where mark Goldwitz introduced the SLAP law in Calif.

       I also note that I wrote to former President Bush and his wife Barbara, asking them how could they support Moon and those miserable weddings where the couples meet at time of ceremony? Also noted that I have been checking the Insight Magazine which is also a Moonie publication.

       I have made a note that I read where LRH said the Japanese spoke 'baby language.' On Sept. l8, 1997 I wrote about Travolta, who was appearing on a committee to reprimand Germany for not liking his cult. All the senators just drooled. I started writing more letters to the House and to the Senate. Alfonse D'Amato, the Chairmain at that time, disgusts me.

       Cartoon from Time Magazine - Travolta to Congress -  How bout a tax break for people who goto crummy movies

       In the year of 1995 I wrote many letters. I noted early in January, that I called Ronnie and asked him about his health. He said his blood count was good but he was very anemic. (this didn't make sense to me but neither did his not having surgery early on for the bladder cancer.) The calls were futile and I remembered Hubbard's advice -- only call when you want to call. And he certainly never returned a call or offered to tell me the truth of his condition.

       I learned this year that there were many good people who were willing to respond to letters. I also learned that I would not be rebuked for writing regardless whether the person be famous or otherwise. I also realized that any communication with my son was like talking to a paper bag. He did not want to hear anything I had to say to him.

       This is the time that Dennis Erlich was going through so much. I received a call also from a man in Virginia. His son is lost to this cult too. I do not know how to help him. I note as I write today this man and his wife died brokenhearted over the loss of their son. I am not positive but I believe the son is now deceased also. All this time living here with so many nice people in the area, I have tried to keep up with the various activities. It is difficult to really communicate as there are few here who would understand about this cult or any other one. It is difficult to find someone to talk to in this area. So I feel like one who is living two lives. I did meet an interesting lady in the doctors office and we became friends. She had a grandson involved in the Krishna but had given up on having a normal relationship with him. I was one of the first that she said could understand her. She was an avid reader and we exchanged books and magazines -- a very interesting lady. I enjoyed her friendship until she died.

       Spent time watching various programs, like Derkowitz, Buckley, Moyer -- I often wish my dad was here to watch with me. These are men he would agree with and if not enjoy talking with them. I have made a habit of cooking dinner for myself as if I was going to have a guest. I set my place in the dining room and turn on the TV and eat with Dan Rather, or one of the other news guys. They laugh at me at the coffee shop but this way I do not feel like I'm having dinner alone.

       I continued to write to all those in the family and realized I was to lose some in deaths from the families of both of my husbands. I also noted that people of strong religious feelings are far more afraid of death than those without. This is hard for me to understand. I would think with all that biblical teachings one would have faith and not be afraid of dying. I guess the few calls I made to my son were the last. I find it strange that I had forgotten I made those calls. I also note that the day the this woman called saying she was from the Women’s Club. I asked a friend and her husband to come by. They went next door and waited until this person came by, driven in a small red car. They did their best to get the license number but they pulled away so fast they only got part of it. At that same time, Priscilla was getting hang up calls and I had them daily too.The late night ones are so disturbing. I also note this was the time that Germany declared $cientology a business. Now there is a country that has been there before and knows with what it is dealing.

       I bought copy of Jon Atak's book. Wrote to Lyle Stuart and to Eugene Methvin. Jeff called and said he was going to D.C. I kept up friendship with Rose Paull. We called each other often I believe her daughter joined the same year that my son bought into it.

       This was the year I started printing on all my letters:

Now I wonder if anyone read it. One only has to pick up a paper to day and ask, "where is the news about the cults?"

       I watched Cong. Bono on the tube whining about WACO. I later saw him on the Letterman show. I believe I have it on tape. I think I have mentioned about listening to the radio at night (have done this since 1976.) After the Waco tragedy, I was searching on the radio for KGO which I usually listen. The next station over is Art Bell and I caught that he was mentioning Waco -- so I listened. I am not in to 'UFO think,' so do not listen to him, but this night it caught my ear. He had the lawyer, Thompson on his program who I was told, had doctored the tapes from WACO and she proceeded to say that she was sending message to her 'followers' -- that on Sept 12 they should pickup their assault rifles and march to Washington -- call all the congress out and I think she said hang them. Art was hurriedly saying, oh you do not mean that -- but she affirmed that she did indeed mean it. She was off the program soon. The next night I listened to see what he would say. Art came on and said Thompson had a nervous breakdown. (As good as answer as any.) I'm sure many others were as shocked as I was to hear that drivel come over the air. Guess that is the last time I have heard him. I understand he has a huge following and is syndicated -- Does that tell me something or what?

       I may have written this before but it really surprised me. (Did I record this right?) I also have noted along the way in my records that I was making Snickerdoodles -- 200 at a time sometimes. Sometimes taking them to the bingo group.

       Also bought Flo Conway and Jim Seiglman's new book 'Snapping.' Also started to note that Ralph Reed is heading the 'Christian Coalition.' (I made a note - "just what we need -duh!") This was the time that AllState was suffering their problems (which I understand they never fully recovered -- so is this LRH Management tech at work?) It was so difficult to be here and know that CAN was being undone by the Cult (The most ethical church on the planet!)

       In case I didn't list the call Ronnie made from Clearwater, it was on Nov. 21st 1995. I copied the phone number of the Sand Castle -- it is 1-813-596-3995. Don't bother to call -- they do not answer.

       I went in hospital about that time and while there one of the doctors noticed a book on my stand. I believe it was the 'Piece Of Blue Sky.' One doctor came through and had a strange look and asked me what I knew about $cn. I said, "way too much." He told me his daughter was in a college and she was in to the cult at the Orange County Org. in college and she was into the cult, going to the Orange County Org. He said they wanted his daughter to go to a foreign country and open a 'Mission' there. I told him to take every measure he could to get her away from the cult. I sent him information but he was so nervous about the whole scene I could not do much more for him. I hope to this day he was able to keep her home. I note that I had watched John Kenneth Galbraith on a program. One of the things he said was, "fear of serious talk never challenges the big boys." That was certainly proven later when I watched the members of Congress drool over a few so-called stars trying to promote sanctioning Germany because Germany considers Scientology a 'threat to democracy.' What a waste of time.

       Another year went by -- I wonder now how I could carry on every day living, visit with people, go to the coffee shop, see doctors, have surgery and still know in my heart I was just filling time and would rather have had 'normalcy.' Well like Dad said, "you are never given more than you can bear." I think he used the word 'handle.' I make faces at that word. I still have not read Studs Terkel 'Coming of Age.' I was told it was a good read.

       I remember a lady coming to Sunnyvale, so that was prior to 1980. She was the wife of a pilot. She had two sons. The pilot was deep in to the cult and was harassing her to join. She had serious heart trouble and knew of the negligence of health care. I told her to go public and see if that would work. She spent several hours with me and I gave her copies of info I thought she could use. I often wonder what happened to her as she never got back to me.

       In my notes I had where Andrew Bagley was talking to Curt Crampton. I think he more or less left the cult. Died a few years ago. Also noted that Ingram was in England harassing Jon Atack. Noted that John Gaw said every Org has an RPF -- he is the PI from Moreno Valley. I wonder if he is still over there?

       In February of 1992, Ted Koppel aired a program with David Miscavige. It as an hour program and Koppel was gracious enough to let it run an extra half hour. I often wonder if he would give that much time to some of those that have left the cult. Perhaps the public would like to have equal time with them. on March 16th of '92, Dennis went for protective order. Priscilla was deposed again.

       My son was released from hospital on April 8 of 92. He must go back for surgery and take cash as he does not have insurance. Remember? A Scientologist doesn't get sick. Poor guy found out that those LRH cures just do not work. Jeff Jacobsen went to Chicago and spent time helping at the CAN office. Jeff has been a true friend over the years.

       Friends of mine went up the coast to San Jose. They stopped in a motel in Ferndale. It was there they learned of the tunnel built by $cientology for more of Hubbards 'works' was in Petrolia, Calif. That makes four tunnels paid for in millions with more tax free dollars. Henrietta Crampton was deposed in the Hart case. Priscilla also deposed in the same case.

       During that time my blood pressure soared and I had surgery the day before Thanksgiving at Loma Linda University Hospital, and back again in February of 1993 for more surgery. I have always been able to recoup quickly.

       I just ran across a tape I made of a call between me and Roxanne Friend. One I could not part with. I was trying to encourage her and yet I knew she was terminal. We always talked of getting together but never did.

       When I heard that Marcia Clark was going to be prosecutor on the Simpson trial. I proceeded to watch more than I would otherwise. I noted Clark's first husband was shot in the head by Bruce Roman who was another $cientologist. Shapiro was the one that defended him, which I found interesting.

       In 1995 when I continued to hear about Scientology demanding names of donors from CAN - and multiple lawsuits being filed in an effort to financially break CAN. All those in CAN were honorable people only hoping to help those parents and people who contacted them. CAN never 'solicited' anyone to leave any cult. They didn't have to -- there were more letters and phone calls that the staff could a handle when I was involved in the early stages of CAN and I don't think it changed. During those years as I read of Clinton's holding hands with Travolta and the Secretary of State writing to put Germany down for having the where-with-all to know what the $cientology organization was all about, it was really hard to take. I had voted for these people, and these actions -- to many people, was a real turn off.

       As I watched the trials of Clinton before the House I learned more and more of the lawyers and the law offices where they were involved. I could see then, that there was no one in that administration that was there to represent me. And sadly. none in the Republican administration either. No brave hearts among them. I noticed at the time that Congressman Obey was a 'friend' of Travolta.

        $cientology had started the raids on the four SPs -- Dennis Erlich, Larry Wollersheim, Bob Penny,Grady Ward. and Arnie Lerma. Somewhere I made a note that the Judge let Wollershiem read OTIII to the media. I wonder if I noted that right? Aonther place I noted that Judge Brinkema said "$cientology has dirty hands." Keith Henson was charged in a copyright case also. Jeff was deposed -- I think this was the first time in August 95. Lyle Stuart mailed me a copy of the second printing of Madman or Messiah. Corydon authored a good book. I read it and recommend it highly. Bent Corydon still resides in Riverside and I believe he has a consulting firm.

       About this time Senator D'Amato was having his hearing to sanction Germany. Not one person other than Hollywood 'celebrity' $cientologists were allowed to testify. Somewhere I read a quote of Dickens, "The Law can be an Ass." I think it fits.

       I made note of the first meeting that Cong. Sonny Bono held was in the Rayburn Building. Among those attending were members of $cientology. This was to promote an organization called 'PIE' -- Parents Involved in Education. I followed this up as the president of this organization was in Palm Desert, close to Hemet.

       I called Ms Steinke and tried to explain to her who Bruce Wiseman was and his affiliation with Citizens Commission of Human Rights. I didn't get far with the call and if I remember right she said he was 'real nice looking.' This group worked the area and other areas to infiltrate the schools. I mailed info to my State Senator Haynes -- rather than respond to my letter of complaint -- he forwarded my letter to Ms Steinke -- the woman in Palm Desert with whom I had less than a fruitful conversation. It is responses like this (and many others) that make concerned citizens give up in trying to educate or at least inform unknowing elected officials as to what has transpired. I then with the help of a friend copied information with regard to the cult working their way in to minority schools in L.A. and copied an article of a young woman $cientologist pushing to get Hubbard books in the school system. I sent twenty huge packets to various schools around the state in hopes that the Superintendent would take notice.

       At that time I wrote one of my letters to Sonny Bono and received a response which was less than favorable. I had written to complain of a bill that was being introduced. He quickly responded thanking me for my 'opinion.' He had continued to deny the fact that he was a $cientologist - so I mailed him a copy page 15 of Madman or Messiah. The late Representative offered a Eulogie: "My only sorrow is that L Ron Hubbard left before I could thank him for my new life." signed, Sonny Bono.

       After Bono's death, his wife, now the current Cong. Mary Bono gave a different view in the article in George magazine by Anne Bardach. She noted that the Cult members were harassing her husband to the point he had asked the FBI to intercede to get them off his back. Too bad he didn't realize when he had introduced the bill that was passed on the copyright fiasco, that it was possible the cult would scream, "more, more more!!" Just my opinion. I taped his funeral in Palm Springs. I understand that Heber Jentsch was there, along with other noted $cientologists. Mary had her way and he had a Catholic funeral. None of the dropping body bit. Susie Coelho an ex wife attended, long time $cientologist. I noted when Gore ran for President his manager was Coelho's brother. Made me raise my eyebrows once more. Perhaps if he had a better manager he might have had more votes.

       As I look over the stack of copies of letters and responses I have had over the years, and I have saved only a few, I wonder if I should not have just said, "Why bother?" It is money that talks, and fear of the well known dead agent packs that keeps this body of intelligent men from investigating this organization. I guess I felt 'somebody' has to keep letting them know.

       The last straw, of course, was when the IRS was duped into changing what had been in effect for many years. Most all that have viewed this organization over the years have seen it is a money making organization by it's many front groups. Another strong opinion perhaps?? The part that I will never understand is the deduction for $cientologist tuition. What is different about their schools than the Jewish family Sklar and their children’s school?

       In 1996 I went to a Democratic meeting where now Gov. Davis of Calif. spoke. I remembered him as being one who forwarded a letter I had written to Jerry Brown in 1976 to a woman in the Health Department. I had asked for information on Narconon. Her name was Josette Mondonaro. She wrote back and mailed me a thick copy of research done on Narconon which Calif. State had financed in the early seventies.

       Some time after I moved here, I heard that the Mexican government paid for 600 people to come to the Fort Harrison and some were housed in the Hacienda Gardens. I have 1997 jotted down but I am not positive of the date. I do know being outraged at the time, as the U.S. is forever helping Mexico in one way or another. I do remember a friend who visited Mexico city told me the cult had a large Org there. During this time my friend, Hank Kitchen, now deceased was writing the IRS. He also felt strongly that the Waco tragedy was caused by Koresh and that is the way that vicious cult leader wanted it. One way to insure he was a martyr.

       I noted that the Washington Times celebrated l5 years in the business. Also noted George Bush and Orrin Hatch attended. It was held in the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Jeff picketed in Phoenix and called to tell me the picket went really well. Arnie Lerma picketed in D. C. I bought my computer in May 1999. I believe it changed my life. I quit writing in my diary each day as I was no longer lonely. In fact if I had not made notes of how lonely I was, I would probably have forgotten by now.

       In July 1999 I spent time with old Citizen Freedom Friends. It is so good to be with people who know you and why you are keeping on. I read where Mario Cuomo said, "The game is lost only when we quit trying." I am well aware this is No GAME. However, I will keep on as long as I breathe. I wouldn't think of letting my father down along with my promise to Leo.


        Ida Camburn in center, Rod Keller on right


       I did make a note I got my first WIR 'Week in Review' from Rod Keller. I notice that Cesnur has more and more apologists. I find this strange that supposedly 'learned people' would want to support cults that kill.

       Gabe wrote to me that $cientology had bought 10,000 John Atak books, so that they would not be available for sale, and think of it, ALL with TAX FREE money! I made a note that John F. Kennedy Jr. , his wife and sister were killed in a plane crash. All so young, I grieve for his sister and for his wife’s parents.

       It is kind of strange how I came to buy this computer. I had been given one a year or so before. It was set up for DOS and I did not like it. So one day I took it down and put it in the closet. One day a friend of mine was here and asked, "why do you not have a computer?" I told her it was not really something I needed as I had been writing countless letters on a perfectly good typewriter. She asked me to come over and look at hers all set up and she would show me a few things that I could do with it. I looked it over and did realize I would not be making cards but liked the looks of her set up with printer and all. I took the name of the company and called them when I got home -- asked them to pull her invoice and send me exactly the same items. Three days later it all arrived and later a man came from Riverside to set it up. He turned me on to AOL, showed me how to get in and out, and then left.

       Like most elderly beginners, I was afraid of breaking something. I was told that is why children learn so fast as they really have no fear. We have a wonderful computer class here which has a great teacher. The class started in late '98 with about twenty interested people and now has over two hundred. I helped the first year and then found I did not have time to continue. I had learned enough to go where I wanted to go with it and here I am talking to people around the world. I think I should thank Mr. Windows, and all the wonderful people on the net who have helped me along the way. I must admit I'm amazed when someone here where I live, calls and asks me for help. Makes me smile -- better they should ask me how to make Snickerdoodles.

       Getting back to 1999. Arnie Lerma gave me the directions on how to get to IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and a chat channel I have enjoyed. On New Years Eve I spent several hours talking with one who has become an internet friend Andreas Heldal Lund. His web site is which is one of the best. I had a hard time explaining to my 'coffee shop' friends why this machine had become such an important part of my life. From 1976 when I first learned how one could be manipulated and coerced into joining an organization that would separate one from their family and friends until I turned on to the internet, it was impossible to find people who understood. At last I could talk to people who had been there, had suffered 'fair game,' and who had lost loved ones as I had. Blessed relief to finally feel free to state the fact, that I fully understood some of the whys and hows. I had read countless books, every good article with regard to brain-washing from Dr. John Clark’s which is now in the Record thanks to the late Cong. Leo Ryan. My most recent studies are those of Dr. Stephen Kent, and they are wonderfully informative. I never had the opportunity to meet Dr. Clark however we corresponded in the early years. He suffered terribly at the hands of the cult. One knew he was definitely on the right track or the cults would not have gone to such extreme efforts to silence him.

        In March of 2000 there was an accident on Gilman Springs road which killed a young girl. She was l6 years old -- coming from a bible class. Her mother followed in a car behind her. This was at 9 o'clock at night on a Wednesday. A worker was taking a piece of heavy equipment across the road and the girl failed to see it. She was killed instantly. Her sister ducked down and was saved. Her mother discovered the horrible accident.

       I had been reading on the internet about the various court cases the cult had brought against ex-scientologist and critics for posting the cults material. I had known Dennis Erlich for a long time and knew of his horrible treatment in the cult and then as an ex-scientologist. His story is well recorded. I did not know Grady Ward or Keith Henson. Keith read of the accident and felt as many of us did, that it was not a sensible act to have a road grader on a highway at 9 o'clock at night. But then it was Wednesday and the statistics, called 'stats' in Scientology, would be up for the Thursday count.

       Keith had been picketing as many others had over the years. He came to Hemet and I welcomed him to stay with me if he cared to as I have room to spare and enjoy company. In all the time he was here, I never heard one word with regard to the 'beliefs' of Scientology. Only the practices and the abuses were top priority with him as well as with me. There is no problem with any one who wants to believe in higher powers, aliens, whatever -- as long as there is no damage done to the believer. The summer of 2000 was filled with much joy as I felt the public was being informed in a legitimate way. On one Sunday, a friend called and asked if I had seen the two women going from door to door on my street. I had seen a couple of women walking around but thought they were Jehovah Witness. Now that I think back, the JW's have never come by on a Sunday. My neighbor asked me to come over and she showed me a folder with what is known as a 'Dead Agent packet.' I do not know how many homes the women visited -- one was the head PR woman from Golden Era, and the name of the other one came up later in court. Many of the neighbors turned them away and told them they were not interested and others kept the folders to give to me.

       Within a short time, friends from around my area started calling to tell me my home was being watched day and night. Soon we discovered a huge motor home close by which evidently was monitoring the area. We went out to eat one evening and on coming home took a different turn. We drove down Stetson and low and behold, on Elk St. there is a place where huge trucks park over night. There sat the huge RV with all windows covered except a small spot in the back window."Better to scan you, Ida," a neighbor told me. The cult took pictures of all the houses on the street next to me. Maybe on my street, I don't know. I was told that perhaps the cult had sophisticated equipment to listen to conversations with in my house. The purpose was to rile the neighbors and only one out of all of them still frowns at me. I guess she would change her mind if she knew the full story. I do not burden people here with the fact of the disconnection or loss. As far as hearing our conversations one picketer slept late one morning and Keith had gone ahead to picket. He and I were having coffee and I asked him if he slept good. He said no he hadn't as he was worried about his house. His son had planned to be at his home that weekend and he couldn't make it. He said he was worried about fire. He had been harassed before. He left later and went to join Keith to picket. One of the cult 'handlers' came up to him immediately and said, "whats the matter -- you worried about your house?" He repeated almost identically what we had discussed. Made me think perhaps there was a laser picking up our conversations. Phone company fails to find taps -- when I lived in Sunnyvale, the company told me the cultist work with in, so they could do little about it. I thought that was a poor excuse.


       Not long after Keith came, my son who had not contacted me in years started sending e-mails. I have only shared those with one person -- the letters included many vicious lies about my guest. I then found that this woman from the Golden Era Productions -- (International headquarters of Scientology and the home of the leader, David Miscavige) had gone to the manager of the association where I live and had badgered him to give me orders to have Keith leave. Somehow this woman does not know about first amendment rights. I do not know the exact number of times she harassed this good man, but it went on all summer from what I understand. Keith and I went later on and spent an hour or so with the manager and it was time well spent. I made the appointment for fifteen minutes and we were there enjoying the visit for well over an hour. Muriel Dufresne evidently thought she could give orders to the manager but found out differently.

       The one incident that I felt was so sad was to learn that my beloved son had called the manager checking on my mental health. Now remember my son has not called, written or visited (he lives two hours away) in the twelve years I have lived here. I think the manager was completely aghast that my mental state would be questioned. We had a good laugh over it later -- he didn't tell me for awhile, I think he didn't know how to approach such a subject. The thought of such 'disconnection' was beyond anything he could comprehend.

       As we all know, the purpose of all this harassment, day after day of PI's, some hired and of course, some from $cientology, the true believers.

       The residents complained to the police who did nothing. It seemed perfectly legal to park in front of a ninety year old woman's home and frighten her beyond belief. When this woman asked one PI what he was doing there, he implied he was from the FBI. Of course many of my neighbors and friends were deeply concerned as to what the cult would do to me. One of the PI's (a woman) drove an SUV and when I would go to the store she would pull up on the right side of me as I was going to make a left turn - and then she would make a left turn out of the wrong lane and follow me. She came so close one time that I was terrified. That day I was going to the shop where I buy my prescriptions. She got there first and as I pulled in she grinned at me.

       This is the same shop who had called me several weeks before to tell me I had called in an outdated prescription. The amazing part was that it was from a doctor I had not seen in over three years. I then realized I was not mistaken when I thought my trash had been 'trashed.' Now who in the world would want to look in my trash?

       So from that date on, I could no longer call in my prescriptions. I had to go into the shop and order them personally. This is another step in what I believe the attempt to make me look like I had 'lost' it as they say. Well it was just another inconvenience that I have learned to live with. My trash had been raided as far back as 1978 when I lived in Sunnyvale, Ca. My friends who had worked with CAN had the garbage trashers at one time or another. Funny thing this trash raiding is not illegal, however when it is placed on my property, I feel that is an invasion of my privacy.

       I was fortunate to have such wonderful help from so many friends. I have many descriptions of cars and license plates from that time and up to this date. Once in a while I would take my car and drive up behind them as they parked in front of a neighbors home. At least it got them moved to another area. As the critics and ex-$cientologists learned that I was happy to entertain them, my summer was filled with times of wonderful conversations, happy meals and the oven busy making Snickerdoodles. (a small sugar cookie that I have made since the fifties.) We had classes to learn computer tech here where I live. I enjoyed going and learned what I needed to know to continue my fulfillling my promise to Cong. Leo Ryan.

       The stalking of the PI's became just a part of every day life that summer. When the LMT was formed, I was asked to be on the advisory board. I agreed and my only contribution was a huge flag that had flown over the capitol in honor of Congressman Ryan, a letter which he had written to me which he me, stressing the need for a Charles Dickens to expose the fagins of our time, and a 'playful parrot' which I had been given as a kind a joke, (it repeated what one said as long as he batteries were working.) I also sent a few books with the hope they would be passed on to the people who had not read them.

       None of the ex-$cientologists had the opportunity to read 'Madman or Messiah' or 'Piece Of Blue Sky' or any of the other wonderful books written while they were in the cult. Many that I have talked to could not grasp the truth for some time once they had left.

       In December of that year, I asked Keith if he could go with me to Clearwater. He agreed, though I know he went as a favor to me. There I met many people who I had talked with and had written to over the years, both via computer, letters, and phone. It was wonderful to see so many people eager to let the world know of the abuses of this masterful cult. There was much to do about where the picketers should walk, in fact the cult had felt it necessary to go so far as to rip up the sidewalk. I had seen a video of the picket held the year before where the picketers were shoved and hassled by the $cientologists.

       It was a good trip and I am happy that I went. I was able to talk with former Clearwater Mayor Gabe Cazares, Dr. and Mrs. Lottick who had lost their son, Noah, in such a tragic death.

       Picture of Noah Lottick

       The year 2001 rolled around -- I went out on the porch and looked at the fireworks in the distance. 200l brought events that I believe will go down in history. Keith Henson was arrested and tried in the court here in Hemet. I will not discuss the trial. I learned a lot about 'Justice' at that time. I went every day. My friend, who is now deceased, often went with me. She took short hand notes and when I compared them to transcript, her notes were perfect. She had not missed much. I could not believe what I saw and heard in that little room where a man's life was being jeopardized. I had read the affidavit of one who told the detective that she 'could turn on her tears' and believe me, she turned them on while she sat on the stand. One other thing I noticed, was the quality of the clothes and especially the shoes of the twenty or so SO (Sea Org) members who were brought to the trial each day. One old man was so tired he could hardly keep awake. Not a decent pair of shoes on any of them except the PR gal and the lawyers. No less than five lawyers each day watching while the young D/A seemed to be terrified of all of them. That is just my opinion. This quote of Clarence Darrow comes to mind:

" The litigants and their lawyers are supposed to want justice, but in reality, there is no justice, either in or out of court. In fact, the word cannot be the last analysis, most jury trials are contests between the rich and the poor. Criminal cases, however, practically always have the poor on trial." Clarence Seward Darrow

       I have always been a 'flag waver,' I have ordered flags which have flown over the capital for many years. I felt the need to fly that beautiful flag at half mast in memory of the loss of Justice. I flew it at half mast all during the fall and when some of the old timer vets were unhappy to see it, I took it down. I used to fly it daily. I no longer do. I feel our justice system is broken. I see corrupt lawyers, and people who lie on the stand and get away with it. The court case is well documented - all on the internet.

       We were followed constantly. One day, Keith and I stopped at a used book store on State St. to make some copies. Keith had been in the same store to pick up books at other times. The owner told us that he could expect the head PR gal from the cult to be in as soon as we left. He said she came in the store each time Keith had been there and asked him, "what did he buy? what did he copy? what did he say?"

       Talk about stalking?? Or was that just 'friendly' concern?

       Now as I write today I have visited another used bookstore where Keith had been. And low and behold the same thing was related to me from the owner. $cientology had been to his store following one of Keith's visits asking the same questions. He was also given the ugly d/a pack. Who is stalking who here?? Now I wonder if places where I shop have been shown the same pack of lies.

       The first page of that pack gives my name and address.

       The failure of our elected officials to represent everyone is appalling. I was so naive in thinking the courts were fair. During these past years, I have learned many things about how people cope, how a church license gives one apparent rights - that no citizen in the real world has, and I have learned how parents can be destroyed by the loss of a loved one. I have also learned it takes lots of strength and extreme dedication to continue to keep on keeping on.

       When I go to the sites on the net that asks, "Why are they dead?" And I read of the many, many young people who have died with cancer, and the many suicides, I wonder, "how in this land where we brag of 'freedom' are the messengers tried and convicted and the real criminal enjoys a non taxable status?" This is not what Anna Doyle, my 8th grade civics teacher taught me. When I am a told by people here in Hemet who have tried to rescue a run-a-way victim up on the highway, they seldom can beat the radio dispatched, uniformed guards from $cientology, so they are unable to help then to escape. I smile when I hear of successful escapes now and then, just not enough!

       Keith is now in Canada and hopefully he will receive the right to remain there. He is a kind and gentle man and I believe he has been wronged. Meanwhile the cult has spent millions to stop the message.

       Through the past two years, again I have had many visitors and have been able to attend a conference in Cleveland. There I met many acquaintances that I had not seen in years, some from 1976 or 1978. Bob Minton was there and given an award for the work he had done with the LMT. Within months we would see that organization be brought down by the cult. Many people were helped there and have recovered to go on, and will be great messengers from here on. Lisa McPherson who died in the care or lack of care in the cult in Clearwater will be remembered throughout time as the most famous person in $cientology. The court papers are a matter of public record and the history of this young beautiful girl who died far too young will be on the internet for all to see.

       The lawyers that have stepped forward and been a part of the many suits these past twenty five years or more have witnessed courts that appear to me, to be corrupt. L Ron Hubbard issued directives on how to confuse the court, how to stall the case and on and on. All of those papers are also a matter of record. As I surfed the net one day, here was a message on a chat line from my friend in Norway, Andreas Lund. He had received a notice of an FOIA, that the $cientology cult lawyer decided to put on me. He said, "Ida what should I do with this?" I said "post it on the internet for all to see." The cult had asked for all the material I had ever mailed to the government from 1974 on, to be given to them. The Justice Dept. responded with a polite letter to Mr. Levin, one of their numerous attorneys. The purpose of the request to the Justice Dept was one thing, the leak to Andreas was another effort to silence me. When will they learn?

       Reply from the DoJ re Scientology's FOIA on Ida Camburn

        Reply from the Dept. of Justice to $cientology's FOIA Demand re: Ida Camburn, leaked by unknown parties...$cientology

       My only purpose all these years and by the way, I did not send any mail until 1976 (they took the date my son first walked in to be conned 1974) is to let the public know how a mother feels about an organization who on a daily basis breaks up families and destroys relationships.

       I have reached the age of eighty and I am so grateful and so thankful to all those old and the many new friends who have stood beside me. Some of my new friends and one especially, who one night on the internet announced that she 'had left the building' gave me a wonderful early birthday party. One of the ex's flew up from Florida with a wonderful plaque thanking me for what I have done over the years. I felt I would need to drink from the saucer as my cup had runneth over.


Ida Camburn proudly displays her Award from ex-cult members - It states: Ida Camburn - She defines courage - Dedicated to exposing the abuses of Scientology

       Ida Camburn proudly displays her Award from ex-cult members - It states: Ida Camburn -- She Defines Courage -- Dedicated to Exposing the Abuses of Scientology

        My long time lawyer friend, Graham Berry drove to Hemet and took me back to L.A. so I could be there. That day we took a stroll down L Ron Hubbard Way. Sure enough the proof that we had been followed was soon there to see.

       Picture Ida Camburn and Graham Berry in Los  Angeles

        Mr. Richardson (remember him on my front porch?)
was watching us from across the street. (below)

       Scientology Private Investigator  Edwin Richardson spying on Ida Camburn

       Scientology Private Investigator Edwin Richardson assigned to Ida Camburn

       Like the highway in front of Golden Era Productions, those streets are lined with cameras. I have been told the ones in front of the Gold Base are centered to take pictures of license plate numbers. Whoever goes to the Golf course is well monitored too, from what I am told. At their big center in Clearwater Florida, court testimony of their Chief of Security said that there were about 100-150 camera's aimed at the public areas in Clearwater alone! Well, we strolled down the streets in Hollywood, they taking pictures of us and my friends taking pictures of me. We had a great afternoon.

       That evening we went to Tory Christman's home where she had invited many guests, some I had not met but knew over the years. I had two other parties that stood out in my lifetime. One when I was 16, we had open house for the Jr. and Sr. high school kids. It was a wonderful time to remember. Then on my fiftieth birthday my husband and friends hosted one at our home. My son came smiling, I can still see him anxious for me to unwrap the gift he had made while he and his family spent week ends in the mountains. It was a rug he had hooked -- popular at that time, an owl with the big eyes. Like the little silver plate he gave his dad and I when he was about 18, which said 'Worlds Greatest Parents.' On commenting on the rug he said, "knowing Mother, she will Hang it." And that I did, I hung the owl rug as I had hung the great parents plate. I did not put them up when I moved here.

       And I must add the last party was without a doubt a happy happy occasion. I shall remember it forever.

       Keith Henson is now in Canada seeking refugee status. My hope along with many others that he can remain there and live out his life. His wonderful wife Arel, is with him. He is has written some wonderful papers on his thoughts of cults and the reason people join. All very interesting. One is titled "Sex, Drugs and Cults" and has been read by many academics, having been published by Human Nature Review.

       The Reed Slatkin ponzi scheme was exposed as one of the biggest scams of all time. The story is kept current on the internet.

       Another ponzi scheme took place in Arizona by a Benjamin Cook who has been sentenced for his cheating many out of millions. Both men are $cientologists. Both public and $cientologists were taken in in these schemes.

       In October of 2000, I attended the Leo Ryan Conference in Cleveland, Ohio. It was a wonderful occasion as I met many of the people that I had known in the Cult Awareness group (before it was seized by the $cientologists). Priscilla was there along with many others. One lady I had not seen since l978, when I was at a meeting at her home in Chicago. There we discussed the APRL movement which proved to be an organization that Scientology had formed and had put many names as advisory members. One that I called said he was contacted and asked if he believed in Religious freedom -- that did it, they added his name to their roster! It was a short time and it was revealed just who they were and then the raid discovered papers to prove it. I also met some who had left the cult and were too frightened to speak out.

       The conference was educational -- many good speakers and workshops. It was the last time that I was to see many of the people involved in the LMT. It was devestating to learn of the LMT closing and the suit that followed. When one has been involved in the movements over the years to make an attempt to educate the public, few moves are a surprise. I have seen other groups fail and all had done many good things to help not only those in the cults, but also their parents and loved ones. The LMT helped many to find their way to freedom.

       One person who had been in $cientology for thirty years found help. She is the wonderful woman who is enjoying her freedom and sharing it with others.

       Evidently we will have to continue with the use of the Internet to expose the evil doings of this controversial organization. In the meantime, I will continue to write to those in government, though I sometimes think our words fall on deaf ears. I am lucky, however, to have long time communication with some fine journalists and editors.

       I am bold in contacting reporters and pointing them to the urls on the net where they can find the truth.

       I think I was encouraged by a response I got from Marlene Sanders (l976) who was a VP at ABC News. I wrote to them on August 8th, saying I recieved a letter from my son who is at the ASHO Fondation Org in LA. I quote, "I just realized it must have been a week or more since I've written you. Last week I wrote over 80 letters, and not one to you." Ms Sanders wrote back that ABC had recieved hundreds of letters (all from same area) following a story on the cult. It was then I found some in the media would take notice.

       I also remember a young reporter standing in front of one of the $cientology centers where he had aired a program with regard to parents who were upset about the school where their children attended. The young reporter ended his program stating, "would it not be tragic if our wonderful first amendment would destroy our country?"

       As I see the move to put religion in our government, I am extremely concerned.

       For the many marriages that have been broken, the parents who cry in the night for the loss of their son or daughter or their father or mother, (in some cases more than one) I just continue to think really positive and hope they will refuse to be silent and keep active in other areas. Also to read and be prepared to help if you are lucky to have one leave. All those who leave have been damaged - some worse than others - so you are much needed at that time. Don't ever give up hope.

       The many ex-cultists who are too frightened to speak out are the cults main asset. Silence keeps the happenings in the Rehabilitaion Project Force from being exposed. I can understand the fear as once you have been intimidated, had lies spread about you, threatened in many ways, it is difficult to stand up and be counted.

       Michael Tilse a long time $cientologist has found the door out. He has posted his 'Doubt Formula' and is asking for his money to be returned.

       One of the nights that was music to my ears was the night that Tory Christman posted "Magoo has left the building." She has made great progress in helping others as they too 'leave the building.'

       I am dismayed to realize the paper which is distributed in this area, has informed a lady (Vickki Ford) who ran an ad in the 'missing persons column' (her son is missing in the cult) that they will no longer run her ad or anything derogatory to $cientology. Until I canceled my paper, I watched closely and noted the news of the Slatkin ponzi scheme has not been aired, even though there were people in the Riverside area who were victims of the fraud.

        Hey there, don't we still have Freedom of the Press? Evidently not in this area. I have once again started printing on all my envelopes, "Suppression of the press is Suppression of Democracy," just that simple statement.

       Vickkie Ford Cook's advertisement,  in US News and World Report May-6-2002 placed in an effort to get in contact with her son

        Vickkie Ford Cook's advertisement
in US News and World Report May-6-2002 trying to get in touch with her son in Scientology

       Using the Hollywood Stars, (even those who no longer shine) to promote the teachings of this dead man Hubbard certainly is an event to not take lightly. As in politics -- money talks and the awe that our elected officials show when a Presley, Travolta, Cruise, Hayes -- appears, amazes me. These people are just as programmed as any other cultist. It is a fact, they do not have a problem being heard, when others who are equipped to know the truth, are left outside and are kept silent. Again -- none who we have elected, seem to mind the color of their money.

       As I finish the story of the events in my life these past years, there is now another war in its early stages. This war is to end terrorism. I hope when it is over the elected officials will finally face the terror in this wonderful country.

       When the courts are used to intimidate, and destroy good, God fearing people there is need for investigation.

       When families are deliberatly broken apart, there is need for investigation.

       When our State Department refuses to listen to the problems presented to them from other countries, there is need for investigation.

       I have not forgotten how many destructive cults thrived and grew in times after a war. One only has to look at the time that Hubbard was able to get people to read a book which is more nonsense than fact. The time was after WWII. Then another time when not only Scientology but the Krishnas, Unification Church (Moon) increased in numbers, was following the Vietnam war. I suppose these same cults will be clapping their hands gleefullly when they see disrought veterans coming home -- all vulnerable and looking for a 'better way.' Hopefully there is enough information out there now to prevent that from happening, as it has in the past.

       I have always been a flag waver, and I have always thought when I hoisted 'Old Glory' on the flag pole in front of my home, it was waving for all the people, not just the 'chosen' ones. As I have sat in the court room and came to the decision that Justice was not a part of a trial, I feel sorrow and disbelief. I often mention my idea why Hubbard chose to go to towns which are comprised of a majority of old people. He very likely realized that many retired people feel that they have done 'their' share. That they have contributed enough, and realize they have either 'made it' or are not going to 'make it.' Perhaps he realized that many are willing to sit back and pay absolutely no attention to the events around them. I feel they are making a big mistake in sitting back and let whatever comes along just 'happen.' I feel we have all learned through many experiences and should be willing to share the knowledge and take part in the community affairs. I urge all to stand up and be counted.

       Stop looking at this group as just a 'kooky organization.' I view it as a clever group using the religious license to move into the political arena.

       Hello Senator, we would love to have your support, or we will destroy you. Have a nice day. Palm Beach Post - Political Cartoon, re Scientology Influence

       Scientology agent saying: "Hello Senator, we would love to have your support, or we will destroy you. Have a nice day." Palm Beach Post


Moon and his Unification church are well on the way having two members appointed recently to important posts in our government.

       I would surmise that I must at least acknowledge that because of the involvement of my son in this organization, I was allowed to meet so many wonderful people. I would have been content to kept my life totally out of this scene. I could not have lived with myself if I would have let that happen. I guess some would say when something so precious is taken in such an ugly way, surely some good should ccome to replace it. I surely do not know, but I am thankful for the many hours given to me in support over the years. I was given a wonderful party this past year which was so very much appreciated. I felt 'my cup runneth over.'

       For all those 'youngers' as I call them that have helped make my life interesting and worth while, writing, coming by, taking part in exercising their right to freedom of speech, I am ever grateful. You have all shown me that the efforts to expose destructive cults will keep on keepin on.

       I have made every effort not to involve my family in any way. None have ever been involved in any way in my becoming an activist in this field. I would thank them for the hours of listening to me.

       I often send this little verse to new mothers. I do not know who wrote it.

       Babies are bits of stardust.
Blown by the hand of GOD
Blessed is the woman who has felt the pains of childbirth
For she has touched a star

       How did that evil red head who asks in the book 'Hymns of Asia,' "am I the Meyta Buddah?" Ever think he would get away with grabbing that star from me? I will continue to do as I have in the past twenty seven years.

       The Brick in Clearwater that I asked Jeff Jacobsen to place in Leo's memory


       This is a new promise in memory of my friend Congressman Leo Ryan

Congress of the United states
House of Representatives
December 10, 1976
Dear Ida Camburn,

Thank you for your very detailed letter regarding
Scientology. We haven't yet found a way to attack
these jackals who feed on children and young adults
who are too emotionally weak to stand by themselves
when they reach the age of consent.

It's too bad there isn't a 20th Century Charles
Dickens to write about the terrible destruction of
these 20th Century fagins who make themselves rich
while they destroy the psyche of so many.

At the present time, I can only encourage you
to do more of what you have been doing.

Sincerely yours
Leo J Ryan
Member of Congress

Nothing spectacular, I will just keep on keep on keep'n on.

Ida Watson Camburn

(c) 2003 Ida Camburn

Joe's Poem

By Joe Haas, relative of a follower of Larry Yarber

I'm losing my sister, she's slipping away.
she seems to get worse every day.
She's not dying, or sick, as such;
she's just changing, changing so much.
Her church, it seems, is on a higher plane,
I think they're tampering with her brain...
They all love you, right away,
it feels so right, you gotta stay...
In the back of your mind, that tiny voice,
the one that longs to make a choice,
sees through this fog, this web of lies,
but you're crushed like an ant, when you open your eyes.
These brothers and sisters, who love you so much,
now seek to control, your words, your touch,
There isn't an aspect left in your life,
which done unrighteously, won't bring you strife.
Do you think Christ badgers our minds like that?
I'd rather be beaten with a baseball bat.
I know your pain, and all that you hide,
I know the way you feel inside.
Honest to God, I'd rather be wrong,
but I hope your church doesn't last too long.
If you turn your back and walk away, I'll love. Barbara, anyway...
This poem's a plea, It's not an attack.
I want my little sister back.

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