{ Excerpt of 1982 Clearwater Commission Hearings pages 4-303 ) Index for hearings Here

MR. CALDERBANK: Three brief questions. where-did you learn your burglary skills?

MR. DARDANO: Mostly from books and practicing.

MR. CALDERBANK: Where did you get the practice and the books?

MR. DARDANO: Just around the house that we were living in, the lock picking; we'd get practice lockpick- ing.

MR. CALDERBANK: Scientology taught you and supplied you with the--information you needed to help train you?

MR. DARDANO: Yes, sir.

MR. CALDERBANK: Is that a policy of the Church to do that or

MR. DARDANO: Yes, they're very specific: intelligence packets that are--- intelligence are trained specific ally on how to do breaking and entering, how to lock pick.

MR. CALDERBANK: And this is supported by the policy


of Scientology?

MR. DARDANO: Yes. Nothing we did -- we had quite a few we' would go in and look for information under. the guise of students doing research or -- basically, lying to get information, using cover stories to get information about people or places.

MR. CALDERBANK: Is this a policy that's done world wide in the Scientology organization or utilized worldwide?

MR. DARDANO: Yes. It's done under the training office Bureau 1 in the Guardian's Office.

MR. CALDERBANK: Any information or communication, while you were in Boston engaged in these activities, come from or go to Clearwater?

MR. DARDANO: Yes, it did because all Clearwater is Flag, Flag Land Base.


MR. DARDANO: Virtually all information across the planet comes to Clearwater.

MR. CALDERBANK: So, we control these type of criminal activities all over the world from Flag here, Clearwater?

MR. DARDANO: Yes, sir.


MR. CA.LDERBANK: Okay.. The person that ran the criminal practices what's his name, Deac?

MR. DARDANO: Deac Finn.

MR. CALDERBANK: Deac Finn is now, to the best of your knowledge, here in Clearwater in a local mission running the WISE

MR. DARDANO: WISE just -- I'm not sure what city it is; it's not Clearwater.

MR. CALDERBANK: But it's in Florida somewhere?

MR. DARDANO: In Florida, somewhere within an hour to an hour and-a-half from Clearwater.

MR. CALDERBANK: Working with W-I-S-E


MR. CALDERBANK: -- which is selling Scientology technology to.private industries, private businesses?