Here is an old message posted by a person who explains for us how OSA
really works its magic against critics of the cult here on


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Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 00:42:07 -0500

You have all seen the Church of Scientology's various attempts to
"handle" alt.religion.scientology in the past few months. I now show
you the EXACT policy they are applying to a.r.s.. I KNOW. I applied
it myself, when I posted here last year, when I was still a
Scientologist. Note to newbies: I am no longer a Scientologist, I
left the Church, loudly, after I finally realised the truth of
most of what is posted to a.r.s.

Scientologists are all required, at some stage, to do the PTS/SP
course. (Potential Trouble Source/Suppressive person). The course is
mandatory before anyone can do the Upper Levels.
In this course, they are required to study and drill a policy on "How
to handle Black Propoganda." Black propoganda is defined as any
information campaign that is hostile to, or critical of Scientology.

I know this, because I took the course, in 1993, and learnt how to do
the "handling" described below. My comments will appear at the end of
each section, in parentheses, where I describe how I applied it when
I was a Scientologist.

I now extract relevant portions from the policy. (Exact reference:
HCOPL 21 November, 1972, "How to handle Black Propoganda" by L. Ron

1. Fill the vaccuum.
First of all, cease to withdraw. It is proven conclusively in
public relations handling of black propoganda, only outflow pays
...Blunt demial is crude and can be used against one as a sort of

[Comment: On a.r.s., I never addressed the subject - I changed it.
some of you old timers here may remember that. Watch for that.]

2. Disprove false data
The technique of proving utterances false is called "DEAD
It's in the first book of Chinese espionage. When the enemy
agent gives false data, those who believed him but now find it
false, kill him - or at least cease to believe him.
...every friend, every opinion leader, every staff member you
have, should be supplied with a dead agent pack containing proofs
against common rumors.

[Comment: I did this by discrediting the information given by various
people (e.g. IF that was true, why didn't you sue them?)]

3. Disprove every rumor
Proving negatives is almost impossible...a million, million
variations exist in dead agenting.
The basis of it is NOT the thing rumored and to be able to prove it

[Comment: Again, I tried to take the attention off the affidavits,
and distract people from them - look at how everyone's attention
was on Dennis posting my private e-mail for a while]

4. Handle the level
Handling interest is basically an excersize in the tone scale.
Agreement occurs at the same emotional level as the person making
the statement. He buys his facts at that level.

[Comment: I measured what I perceived to be the "tone level" of
each individual that posted, and matched it, getting in on
thier "reality" level (e.g. Rebecca asked how it felt to be under
mind control, I responded jokingly, saying "I-am-an-automatic
robot", etc.]

5. Carefully study out the scene
The technology of finding who is shooting is very vast.
...There can be more than on *apparent* source and these can be
handled. But they will at last lead to the real instigator. One
just keeps locating names and filing them, with dates.

[Comment: This is OSA's job - they have files on everyone who posts
critical articles here, in any volume. I studied out a.r.s.,
identified who I perceived to be the main "drivers" of the thing,
and went for them -"engaged them".]

6. Impede or destroy.
As you have been dead agenting as you looked, the attacks get
handled. The campaign ebbs and flows but actually lessens.
...The usual action is a counterpropoganda campaign based on truth.
...It is a long-to-find and hard-learned fact that people who engage
in black propoganda have BIG BURSTING CRIMES TO HIDE.
They do not have little cromes. They have BIG ones. is VITAL to handle the matter. One can't just hope it will
all go away. It won't. It will get disastrous to the degree that
it is not handled.
The fact is that just going on PRing oneself does not remove the
effects of the campaign, and all too soon one no longer has
communication lines left in order to handle anything since
REPUTATION IS SO DESTROYED no one will listen and no lines
...But remember, one MUST attack once he has any idea of the
identity of the black propogandist or even his subterminals.

[Comment: OK. That is where I stopped. I started "exposing"
Dennis as a "suppressive person", but got sickened.
However, look at what is being posted to a.r.s. by Scieno
agents: Character assassinations and "exposures" on Dennis
(not to mentioning raiding his home), Lawrence Wollersheim,
Deirdre, Bob Penny, Jon Atack, CAN, FACTNET. Along with
this, is a series of "good news" articles, posting all the
good things the CoS is doing.]

7. Continue to fill the vaccuum
Continuous good works and effective release of material about one's
good works is vital, especially in a black propoganda war."


So, now you know. This policy is why the Church will not reform, or
address any of the issues mentioned here. It is why they will not
answer anything DIRECTLY. Because they are drilled and trained to
COUNTERATTACK. Like I was. Like every public and staff Scientologist
who takes this course is.

And this policy is what the CoS is applying to a.r.s.

To a.r.s I/C's: You're gonna have a HELL of a time diggin up "dead
agent" material on me. Happy hunting!

Kim Baker