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Fortress Technologies is a Scientology dominated 'wireless security'
company which recently lost a lawsuit which alledges Religious
Discrimination by the Scientology management against the plaintiff Ben
Levy. Fortress is also linked to the very doomed WWC (Wireless
WebConnect!) as well as receiving $800k from Reed Slatkin.
The original discrimination complaint can be seen here:
It's an interesting read. A sample from the complaint:
      55. During the last months of Levy's employment at DSN, defendants
subjected Levy to harassment, ostracism, intimidation, embarrassment and
ridicule at his work place that had no relation to his work performance.
      56. Upon Information and belief, defendants took these actions to
fulfill their Scientology goals and because Levy was not a Scientologist
(a fact known to all of them), but rather a person of the Jewish faith.
Levy was awarded 1.8 million dollars (and has yet to receive 1.4 of that
The Slatkin trustee report
{} mentions
Fortress, as Reed had invested nearly a million dollars with them.
       3.         Fortress Technologies
Fortress Technologies is located in Oldsmar, Florida and has been in
business since 1995.  It is in the wireless security technology
business.  Slatkin contributed at least $810,000 to Fortress
Technologies in capital and loans.
The Trustee's investigations reveal that Fortress Technologies has never
been successful in marketing its products or made a profit.  Current
management has informed the Trustee that (1) when Fortress Technologies
was formed, its management was dominated by members of the Church of
Scientology; (2) one of the non-Church founders, Ben Levy, sued the
company and other founders for religious discrimination; (3) the
litigation resulted in a $1.8 million settlement in favor of Levy
($600,000 to $800,000 of which is still owed); (4)  until Levy receives
that money, he is entitled to receive five percent of any financing that
is raised by the company; (5) the company may be in default on its
payment obligations to Levy; (6) the company's capital burn rate is
approximately $300,000 per month, and this is based on reduced staffing;
(7) the company immediately needs $1 million just to keep its doors open
short term and $5-10 million to continue its business; and (8) without
the infusion of additional capital, the company will not be able to
sustain its business operations.  The Trustee has declined to assist
Fortress Technologies' efforts to raise capital and has requested that
its management attempt to find a purchaser for the Estate's debt and
equity interest.  Based on the current economic picture for the company,
the Trustee does not anticipate any significant return on Slatkin's