The "Circle jerk Report" an analysis of the worst spammers on the newsgroup - updated Dec 15th 2007 LINK

Feb 11th 2008, Post Anonymous Picket Dead Agent efforts misfire LINK

An accurate historical archive of an index of alt.religion.scientology participants compiled by Martin Hunt from 1995 - HERE

A Guide to Who is who on Scientology's newsgroup alt.religion.scientology
If you imagine 40-50 Scientologists posting on the Internet every few days, we'll just run the SP's right off the system. It will be quite simple, actually.--Elaine Siegel, Scientology's OSA INT (1996)

Latest entry - IMPORTANT - The S. Stanard nickname on alt.religion.scientology May 5 2007, current ACTIVE spammers on ARS include but not limited to, Barbara Schwarz, and Cleanschools, and Truth Seeker is back. June 4 2007

"This is one of the few newsgroups with an actual organized
totalitarian ideology/ organization specifically trying to sow
confusion and discord in it, you know (I think they've finally given
up on trying to rmgroup it)". - tinmimus

Hubbard Policy for handling dissidents and critics HERE

Scientology actively, openly, and often
covertly, crafts an armada of synthetic personalities to generate
agreement that critics and activists are BAD and scientology's lies
are GOOD..... a plague of dingbats are as good as spam or sporge
at confusing while diluting the newsgroup of any actual content

19 Sept 2003: Note by Tory:
" When I was working with the Top Secret OSA Int Internet Mafia, run by Gavino Idda and Bill Yaude running the OT Volunteers, here's what Bill told me:

I asked him who in the heck was doing all this high tech stuff, as I knew most Scientologists and they were not in the league to "handle" anything on the Internet, especially something where no one was supposed to be able to figure out where it came from, or track it at ALL. (This was before when I knew what the back end of this routine was....spamming).

Bill said, 'We've hired high tech computer geeks...they know ~exactly~ what they are doing". I got that they (OSA) had paid them enough that they were not worried about any of them talking. No doubt they had them sign their rights away, too, along with the skillion dollar waiver IF they do ever talk.

Ahhh.....the CHURCH (spit) of Scientology.... ain't it sooo nice to know you're in a religion, kids?

X-Scientologist after 30 years "In"
Free Speech Advocate!

THE PLAN by ex osa volunteer and 30 year Scientologist Tory Bezazian

This was (and I'm sure by their postings, still is) OSA's Big "Plan":

1. Distract the critics...get them OFF of Scientology..any way you can.

2. If possible, turn the critics against each other. This turns people off,
and they stop posting or reading ARS.

3. Make ARS is totally no one wants to stay or come on

4. Degrade any and all critics of Scientology. This can be done any way
possible. They will lie, fake allegiance, pick at you over and over...or as
Dorian (although I'm pretty sure he's too loony to even be a part of OSA<
but he sure is trying...:)....just make gibberish so people get sick of even
reading ARS.

Bottom line: Trash the attention goes OFF of Scientology and on to

Don't forget's important not to get sucked in. Considering the
years ARS has been around...errrrr OSA, you *might* want to consider a new
plan. This one is quite old, and certainly isn't working. Sure, a few names
come and go...but guess what stays? People who want Scientology abuses
Judging by the public daily opinion.....
the sleazier you all are, the more the public sees your abuses for just what
they really are: abuse NOT religion~!

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it." -- Upton Sinclair

Compare the thumbs up responses, and enthusiastic car honks of support from a grateful public when any of scientology's indoctrination centers get picketed, to the theatrical of acrimonious OSA bot's performing on the stage of the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup.. and you too will realize its just part of the scientology carnival show. See excerpts from RTC vs Lerma where scientology admits running nicks on the newsgroup

Read Kim Baker's excellent analysis of OSA's disinformation tactics.. thanks to Conner for bringing this to my attention.

See Gerry Armstrong's ARS Follies page - Entertaining collection of postings by folks on the newsgroup attacking ex-scientologist Gerry Armstrong.

Also see:

New Dimensions of Social Movement/Countermovement Interaction:
The Case of Scientology and its Internet Critics
a paper by Michael Peckham

OSA bots [Note - These are currently or recently used identities. There are many more older nicks that have been used by OSA, such as Wgert, Erin, Justin and Rod Fletcher.] this is not a complete list but gets updated occasionally. Use this as a guide top to the pattern of conduct of the posters on the newsgroup, as, after they get listed here they permutate and change..however Scientology admitted in RTC vs Lerma having nicks on the newsgroup see bottom of page.

The posters that are obviously OSA actor nicks live in a  world of enforced performance, - knowing that if they slip up they may be sent to Scientology's concentration camps for additional remedial brainwashing as the normal Scientology methods did not enforce compliance to the whims of David Miscavige, who fancies himself the new L Ron Hubbard for Scientology.

Anonymous remailers - OSA loves to use these, but the fact that a newsgroup posting is from an anon doesn't mean it's by OSA. An OSA can be determined based upon which of the known, named activists who fight Scientology are being attacked on the newsgroup by an anonymous. A few of the remailers and anon nicks used by OSA are:

if you are interested, here is my own "trust matrix" of SOME folks I consider reliable, and happened to think of at 2 AM before going to bed, when it was written. Go HERE, access to the MEMBERS files are provided only to folks who provide ID. Ida Camburn Barbara Graham Roger Gonnet Joe Cisar Chip Gallo Z-blade Ed Fiesty Chris Lethiser Dave Bird Kim Palmer Mark Plummer Tory / Magoo Michael Gormez Dave Touretzky Zenon, Karin Spaink, Andreas (, Gerry Armstrong, Valerie E., Jeff Jacobsen - These people will give you good advice, I know these folks, trust their judgement and they have compassion, if you're miffed that your name isn't mentioned email me, it is late... and I was working off the recent "truthseeker" "lists" of disinfo...
nomen nescio
an metet
frog, frog2 znar austria
"secret squirrel"

Recent Additions:

June 2008:
The Impossible to handle .Lily FireRed. LINK to Google Profile
Trudy Johnson - Posts Psych Spam LINK

August 2007

Alex R Singh - ARS poster

August 2003 -
Truthseeker - (Truth Seeker)
This ANON sounds like a blend of dorian, lawrence and ultramike (umike) with a little 'concerned critic' thrown in - uses disinformation, occasional posts with content copied from other real activists to gain popularity, if he fools just one person, that's a potential $300,000 for scientology in future income. Posts lists of activists mixed with OSA operatives to confuse. Feeds disinformation for google newsgroup search engines, as does the Barbara Schwartz identity. This is another plan by OSA to create the super "uber critic". Killfile this one. Occasionally conjures up new nicks using names of other real posters to the newsgroup (Curtis is one), plato_world@yahoo then does his own followups telling himself how smart he is

"Arnie Lerma -" Nov 22nd 2002:

Barbara Schwarz targeting various ex-members including Brigitta Dagnell
People Out of Control ( from News of the Weird June 15 2003 ) Barbara Schwarz is history's most prolific filer of Freedom of Information Act requests, according to a May profile in The Salt Lake Tribune. Schwarz says she is a daughter of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and a granddaughter of President Eisenhower and said she endured a number of kidnappings and mind control and microchip-implanting procedures in her quest to learn the whereabouts of her alleged husband, whom Schwarz said disappeared after he was charged with murdering Barbara Schwarz (yes, the same one). She has, said the Tribune, "carpet-bombed" "every" federal agency with "thousands" of FOIA requests, followed by "dozens" of follow-up lawsuits (one containing 2,307 pages, naming 3,087 defendants). [Salt Lake Tribune, 5-5-03] - Killfile this one

SunSurfer - targeting ("depopularizing") ex member Michael Pattinson

vic bonds





Names, nicks and other identities:

Nick:  Baron - OSA operative who routinely rides OSA's directed attack lines. Posts anti-psychiatrist spam; supports gunBunny. Name:  Bill Yaude - head of OSA's OT volunteers Internet mafia" run out of OSA's Internet Unit at Hollywood Guaranty Building [HGB] at 6331 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 1200, Hollywood, CA 90028 headed by Gavino Idda and includes Jim Kalergis and a guy named CJ."

> Gavino Idda's Special Mission work

> At a get together in 1985, Sjogren met Gavino Idda, who headed a
> similar mission in Italy at the time. Idda boasted that he hired a PI
> who bribed a head of the dreaded Guardia di Finanza (The Finance
> Police) in Milano with an expensive gold watch and some thousands of
> dollars. The result was a raid of the premises of a "squirrel group",
> accompanied with bad media for the group.

rest is webbed at
And Gavino Idda is the guy who provided the Hemet Court with internet
postings they claimed were mine. How nice. Keith Henson

See the BERNIE page HERE
Nick: Bernie - A one-time Guardian Office member, now OSA volunteer who runs a fake who's who at Bernie" has used the name "Bernard Roentgen" once. His specialty is perimeter defense, as he poses a stand at a reasonable distance from the OSA attack bots designed to fool people with half-truths. He is included here because he is obviously part of the show, and is a known ex-GO. Up until now, he has been what OSA used to attack people, when OSA didn't want to be >seen> as attacking people Suspected to also use the nick "Kymus" on aol.

"I'm sorry, but after looking through Bernie's site I've come to the conclusion
that it's just more Scientology propaganda -- and especially devious since it
poses as a critic site.

And yes, it's biased -- against critics. There's little on here that actually
criticizes Scientology, but plenty that criticizes, nay, ATTACKS, critics.

While some of his points may be valid -- some of L. Ron's were too (truth mixed
with lies) -- his purpose seems to be to weaken the critic movement. I don't
think his guise of 'rationality' should be trusted.

Dilbert Perkins
Los Angeles, CA"

"Fluffygirl" "Claire"     Does an "I am a reasonable ex-member apologist act"...- "oh yeah, sure, you think that's true, well I never saw it, so it isn't necessarily true and I am the princess of $cientology" Fluffy is a detriment to any newbie coming in because of her use of a pattern of apology and then always, gently, and graciously, changing the subject. In my opinion, she helps keep people in scientology, gently...

Larry T - Larry T INVENTS stories, so that they may be used as proof that "Its all lies" -

Jonathan Barbera

Bill Walton    runs old DA attacks on Rob Clark

Bouncer -

Clark Bor - an 'on source' Scientologist read this great analysis by Warrior

Nick CL - past attacks on ex-member Gerry Armstrong

on April 4th 2002 Gerry adds

"Oh, the CL Op had the hat of attacking the Admissions' authenticity.
But that was about as logical as the op's attacks on its other
designated targets.

Yes, the Hubbard's Admissions are authentic. [ link to admissions from 'sources' pages ]

(c) Gerry Armstrong

Dave Dufoe - Started posting anti-psychiatry spam December 5, 2001

Dorian : - the scent of evil is overwhelming, though telling the difference between a sociopath and a scientologist working for their Stazi division "OSA" is quite difficult at times, previous attacks upon Andreas { runs and current attacks upon ptsc makes me think this is no more that yet another contrived identity to create the super critic valence... while trying to destroy bob minton [ details not posted ], andreas at and ptsc by it's contrivances. The Dorian identity espouses the eugenics plans of the Third Reich. Perhaps, this was an attempt to create a guilt by association.... that ex-members might be be intrigued by the stylistic elements used..

Nick: Dr. Paloma - An OSA operative who routinely rides OSA's directed attack lines. He attacks selected critics and supports gunBunny. This nick is suspected of either being Dennis Clark, head of CCHR, or may be OSA Ian Shillington. Though Ian isn't considered nasty enough to be Paloma, Ian has claimed publicly to be a "Doctor of Neuropathy" in Florida, and of course has NO diploma or credentials since no such thing exists in Florida. Shillington, like Mary DeMoss and Richard Hirst, would likely be posting through an ISP provided by (George Pilat). "Dr. Paloma" has recently claimed to be a "neuropsychiatrist."

Ex-Scn [ a nick ]  nothing ex about this dingbat

Facts_not_lies@yahoo  -  Mary DeMoss, Mary Demoss was Lisa McPherson's boss, shes dead  goofy attacks on Gerry Armstrong   started 29 Oct 01

Nick: Gunbunny - An OSA operative who routinely rides OSA's directed attack lines. He attacks selected critics, in particular Bob Minton. Name: Keith E. Wyatt

Nick Jack Carver (J Galt) :  Another one suspected as playing critic but uses the old osa handling  line of making a "reasonable comparison to Christianity"

Nick: JLHartley - He is another Dr. Paloma/Baron/Travis Sargent type.

kumbia Incoherent rants

Nick: Kymus - See Bernie above.

Nick: Lameduck - Scientologist and OSA volunteer Mary DeMoss.

Nick: LaserClam - What LaserClam is trying to run here on a.r.s. is a 'deflection of attention' away from a previous post or header from which OSA wishes to divert your attention, by means of the attempted use of his 'question'. Some people have correctly pointed out that LaserClam is applying Hubbard's so-called 'auditing tech'. 9PL429o0 - A new one 23 oct 2001

Nick: LMTbadpr - Scientologist and OSA volunteer Mary DeMossMary Demoss was Lisa McPherson's boss, she's dead

Nick: LMTwatch - Scientologist and OSA volunteer Mary DeMoss, Mary Demoss was Lisa McPherson's boss, she's dead.

Lurkmonster - apologies to all for not adding you sooner, a volunteer scientologist from DC area who is currently trying to handle the newsgroup . If there was just one "OT" in scientology Lurkmoster wouldn't have been asked to handle the newsgroup. (Michael) (Umike) now UltraMike7@webtv   ultramichael, shortly after the inception of this page, announced on ars that he has a new nick this one, notice here that he joins the bernie [ see above ] club, also note bernie apologists site won't point at this one, but we point at bernie's

And this GEM from umike: umike ( Tuesday, March 23, 2004 - 02:48 pm Pitbull writes:"What lies on the religiousfreedomwatch site? ' Exactly. I havent found any lies there.

Nick: Ultramichael - Ultramichael makes erratic, contradictory, insane postings. Rational dialogue is impossible with him. On October 1, he posted that he was changing his nick to Mike. Sure.... f you believe this, I have a bridge to sell you...

Nick: MikeSmith3 - He is suspected as being Bill Yaude.

Nick: Miscreant Critic  - Jan 16th 02 - targets Dave Touretsky, Tilman, Jost and myself with elaborate fabrications in true  Hubbardian fictional illusion style.

Nick: - just another Bill Yaude dingbat - This identity posts Bob Minton Dead Agent material.

Nick: Sleddog - "Sleddog" is actually Richard Hirst, a Clearwater OT Committee member, a Mary DeMoss lackey and primary FLAG OSA contact with Daniel Otero, who is an OSA-hired Tampa P.I. (Richard Hirst keeps Alaskan Malamutes or Huskie dogs as pets, ergo: the "Sleddog" moniker. DeMoss and Hirst post from same or similar ISP addys as provided by, an ISP owned and operated by George "unindicted Snow White co-conspirator" Pilat). (Russ K)

Nick: . He sometimes calls himself "Steve"Jazz", sometimes "Steve Jasmine". His debating technique is something like "take something someone said, and make nothing of it".

Nick: (Theta), aka mike.

Nick: Tigger This person produces nothing, pattern is to attack ex-members, and Bob Minton, oftimes posts pointers to newsarticles that are critical of Scientology but only generates criticism of warriors who are doing their damnedest to expose scientology, and has upset and wasted the time of a dozen ex-members who all think she's a sociopath or OSA. If shes a sociopath I'll apologize for figuring she gets brown envelopes with DA info in the mail from OSA. Ex-member Tory (Christman) Bezazian adds this comment: Tigger? Well, to me it doesn't matter whether a person actually IS a part of OSA...or whether OSA is working them. If they are doing OSA's work, and getting their stats, they are part of the team."Tigger" is most definitely part of their team, whether she knows it or not". Rx for Tigger? PLONK!

Nick: TheTruth -

Nick: Travis Sargent - anti-Psych spammer, general OSA attack lines. Name: Bill Yaude - "Bill Yaude was and created [the] Travis Sargent [identity]..but told me when I left, 'I have turned [the] Travis Sargent [identity] over to someone else.' " Says ex-OSA volunteer, Tory Bezazian, " Bill Yaude may have taken the nick back."

Nick: Truth Dissemination Division suspected Mary DeMoss

Virginia: Virginia's product has been a trashed COSI - cos investigations email list and a trashed fza discussion list. Ye shall know them by their product, sorry Virginia hope yer A-I steps make you OT someday. If there was just one "OT" in scientology you wouldn't have been asked to trash those discussion lists.

Bum Tech

Scientology has hired bums before to harass people. We feel they are doing this
on the newsgroup too. They are folks who Scientology considers to be expendable,
hirelings whose loss would not hurt Scientology.

Name: Keith E Wyatt - See gunBunny, above., i was told he was a security guard in a mall suspected of earning a little extra Christmas money courtesy of OSA.

Nick: Phil Chitester - Various OSA personalities. reported to be a homeless guy posting out of a public library in Colorado.


The Fools

Those who have been fooled by the antics of those above:

Nick: Lex - Also known as 'x', aka 'naamio', aka Sonja Mattson - An apparently compulsive liar whose intention is to waste everyone's time by making allegations which have no basis in fact. It is best to killfile her, unless you like to waste your time responding to her endless train of lies.

Name: Nelson - Apparently an ex-member who acts like, well.... a Scientologist, complete with the Hubbard-programmed mind virus.

Nick: Russ K (


Contentless Dingbats


More info about OSA   by recent ex OSA volunteer Tory Bezazian


Another effort -- A written plan or project to censor activists by OSA -- is now suspected. It consists of generation of email spam and postings using key strings from the online nicks of various anti-Scientology activists, but generated from other ISPs, sometimes with fake headers to appear to come from us, suspected in hopes of getting our names included in system spam filters. This data is being collected now. Please send information concerning suspected incidents to


Some analysis of the online war to expose the terrorist organization DBA Scientology

[ a reply in an effort to quell infighting between critics and activists, almost entirely egged on by scientology's operatives ]

I think that we are human. If someone does 1000 things to help
expose Scientology, he might make a mistake once in a while.
If someone does, say, only 5 things to expose scientology, it is
statistically easy to bask in one's perfection.

If someone does nothing but criticize those who are trying to expose scientology..but they are not worth mentioning...

I define 'back channeling' as trying to work out differences and
create a consensus of future profitable course out of a public forum,
so that one does not feed OSA information to know where to pound on
the wedges that delineate differences of opinion or agenda amongst
those trying to expose $cientology

Some folks, appear to define it as "folks plotting against me" and Scientology will yell conspiracy.
But they can be no conspiracy to prevent a fraud from being perpetrated upon the public.

An individual processed with the aid of the E-meter was said to reach the intended goal of "clear" and was led to believe there was reliable scientific proof that once cleared many, indeed most illnesses would automatically be cured. Auditing was guaranteed to be successful. All this was and is false -- in short, a fraud. " Federal District Judge Gesell 333 F. Supp. 357; 1971 U.S. Dist

I have tried to not attack effective players in public forum, but even
I have managed to be goaded into doing same occasionally... out of tens
of thousands of posts over 7 years... The few I've posted, in the heat of my disgust,
I invariably regret them, and
sometimes even try to cancel them....

From what I can see, everyone involved in this effort, be it the old
US CAN network which in the end was taken over by Scientology, Renate
Hartwig's efforts, Caberta's efforts, the netizen effort, the web
efforts, the Lisa McPherson Trust, - whomever - each tried or is
trying to do the best they possibly can.

    No one involved in this effort is perfect, though I admit,
dealing with Scientology demands an almost monastic lifestyle, in
order to rise above any allegations of misconduct.

    In RTC vs Lerma I made many mistakes, but 'hindsite is always
20/20'. In my opinion, after ten years in Scientology, 15 years
recovering from the ordeal, and 7 years of fighting to expose
scientology, any time spent fighting amongst other critics is wasted.
I try to find the good things that each person does, knowing that we
each will make mistakes, and even with all my experience knowing my
enemy, I underestimated Scientology in RTC vs LERMA.

    I sometimes wonder if some of the factions are developing
from a jealousy - from an effort to position individuals or groups, as
being THE ONE who gets credit for Scientology's inevitable collapse, a
collapse that I expect to surprise everyone involved in much the same
manner and rapidity that the Berlin wall came down.

I grow weary of Scientology. In order to be bring down Scientology
fastest, we should try to handle our differences privately, even if
it means putting on merely the face of unity, or enduring the catcalls
and accusations of those who will not or cannot understand this.

Each of us involved in this effort has been doing the best we can,
Let us learn from our mistakes and move on.

That is all God expects from us.>>

Arnie Lerma

>> I define "Truth as God's word" thanks to Rev R W Bellamy,
if you have a problem with "God" then consider replacing it with
'common sense'  instead.

From a 10 November 1995 filing in RTC Vs Lerma
here are a few highlights from

"Plaintiff's response to defendant Arnaldo Lerma's
Third set of Interrogatories ( Nos 1-18 )

Interrogatory #1:
Identify by name and last known address all persons who played any role in any cancellation of postings made by anyone else to the
alt.religion.scientology newsgroup including but not limited to, those cancellations reflected in the documents
produced in this action bearing bates stamp numbers in the ranged R001351 through R001358.

Response to Interrogatory No 1
See RTC's objection to the Interrogatory. Notwishstanding
its objections, RTC responds that the following people have been involved in efforts to have posters of infringing works and their
access providers remove infringing postings: Helena Kobrin,
Allan Cartwright, and Warren McShane.


Interrogatory #8
Indentify the full legal name, last known address, and position held, if any, with plaintiff, the CSI, the CST, BPI or
any organization affiliated with any of these organizations, of the person who has posted messages as in the
alt.religion.scientology newsgroup

Response to interrogatory #8
Notwithstanding RTC's objection to this Interrogatory, RTC
is informed that this is the internet address of Andrew Milne,
an employee of the Church of Scientology International, 6331 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood CA, 90028 and that Mr. Milne is the person who posts from this address.

Interrogatory No. 9

Identify the full legal name, last known address, and position held
if any with plaintiff, the CSI, the CST, BPI
or any organization affiliated with any of these organizations, of the persons who has posted messages as Vera Wallace

Response to Interrogatory No 9.:
Notwithstanding RTC's objection to this Interrogatory, RTC
has no knowledge responsive to this Interrogatory.

Interrogatory No 10:
Identify the full legal name, last known address, and position held
if any with plaintiff, the CSI, the CST, BPI or any
organization affiliated with any of these organizations, of Cory
Brennan, or any person affiliated with any of these organizations
with a name similar to cory brennan

Response to Interrogatory No. 10
Notwithstanding RTC's objection to this Interrogatory, RTC, RTC
believes this to be the name of a staff member of the Church of Scientology of Los Angeles, located at 4810 sunset Boulevard,
Hollywood Calif 90027


Camera pans in from outside FLAG ...down some tunnels..deeper and darker, finally panning out wide angle into HELL.

There you see David Miscavige hanging upside down from some rafters..yelling, "MOXEN!!! RENDER!!!! Damn it, get me DOWN!!!:

(of course he forgets he's in HELL.and No one can even hear him, and even if they could, they just don't care).

Enters the devil: "Dude.what's happenin? You don't like hanging upside down? Well ya in HELL.every time you Fuck someone else, you get the same thing back. So you turned upside down in Google, (or the same there of, requesting it be removed) we thought you should see how it feels.

DM: gags

Devil: Awwww..don't be such a pussy. I thought you were.what was it? "CAUSE OVER MATTER ENERGY SPACE AND ..(laughing) TIME???" I guess you blew THAT one, huh? And you ~sell~ that shit to people???

Blast the flames boys~!

[ Sound: Blast furnace ROAR ]

DM: Ouch! No noooooooo..I AM cause (as he hangs upside down, flinging his arms out and around). Well, maybe not now.but I AM.

Devil..laughs, and grabs some pea shooters and starts shooting peas at DM, upside down."Hey, lets's see who can drive him "PTS" first. Laughs again. him!


Devil: Remember, you ain't the Commodore here, pal. In fact,,,you're nothin but a target for us to shoot at, laugh at, and make fun of. Call all your "CMO"...they ain't here. If they were, we'd hang them up, too!

DM: Writhing around, trying to get down. "Damn it",.I'm sorry Mr. Devil..I am not damning you..just me hanging here. Never mind..can I have some water?"

Devil: Sure, get "DM" some water. I kind a like you, "DM".you're such a classic shmuck! Bring "DM" some water..and slide a little something in it, just so he'll have to do the Narconon program if he ever gets out of here.


DM: "Ok.can I ask a favor, Mr. Devil?"

Devil: "What, shmuck?"

DM: "Can I call Moxen"?

Devil: Why? You may be able to get away with that outrageous crappy, unjust legal Bullshit up there, but not down here in HELL. Here? We just hang you upside down, just as you are here. It's simple. Moxen could care less about should KNOW that. Think about it, man.has that crap ass phone of yours rung ONCE?"

DM Sniffs.."nope".

Devil: "Exactly. And I checked the other day. Just as you altered Hubbard's "Standard tech"..they are already whiting you out of things, and re-writing YOUR crap. Easy come, easy go, babe.

DM ---"Shit. I hate this."

Devil: "well, you should have thought of that BEFORE you and your little miss Ava went out screwing with Google. The world didn't like that. I got reports from all over!

Devil: Kicks his feet up, kicking DM around as he twirls hanging.yelling..pissed off. "well..MR. OT ---- now what?"

DM: "I promise.."

Devil: Laughing ..."forget it pal. You hang there for awhile and feel how others feel.

Fade to black.

Brought to you by Magoo, INC

Magoo, INC is written by Magoo, who was Declared and Expelled for thinking for herself, and speaking her mind. She has written these parades to bring awareness to the harms and fraud that Scientology inflicts on hopes of raising awareness on this subject.

Who wants to bet that the below "PR agency" in fact is a Scientology
run OSA operation?

Monday, April 8, 2002

Position(s) Available	Organization	Date Posted
Freelance Journalist/Writer	PR agency	March 12, 2001
Freelance Journalist/Writer
Los Angeles-based PR agency seeking journalist/writer to work 
exclusively on the account of a not-for-profit, somewhat 
controversial not-for-profit association. The client is a spiritual 
growth/personal development -type movement. The opposition is made of 
disgruntled members/apostates and is very active on hate sites on the 
Responsibilities include:
*	Monitoring the activities of defamatory, internet-based, 
hate-group type opposition

*	Implementing internet and media-based strategies to expose 
opposition's hateful activities

Our intention is to develop an 18-months working relationship with 
the right journalist/writer. This could be a part-time or full-time 
position, depending on the right candidate's preferences. Please 
email resume and compensation requirements to