ex-member frank oliver describes tactics used by Scientology against its critics

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above: ex-member frank oliver explains scientology tactics and policy
towards thier enemies
those whose words or conduct interfere with the continued extraction of money from rubes
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The Persecution of Ex members, current members [RPF], Authors & critics, and those who support them by the fraud called Scientology

"If you tell a lie long enough and effectively enough, you can get the masses to believe it. For example, the Virginia Slims Tennis Tournament suggests to impressionable children and teenagers that tennis players actually smoke. Athletes have known for decades that "smoking cuts your wind." The tobacco propaganda machine is like the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell's 1984. If you work at it, you can convince the proles (proletariat) that war is peace, slavery is freedom, black is white, and two and two make five." -William A. Levinson, www.stentorian.com

"He who commits injustice is ever made more wretched than he who suffers it."Plato

"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities" Voltaire (1694 - 1778)

Keith Henson Timeline (LONG) LINK

LATEST INCIDENT: An ex scientologist named Randy Payne, who used to run a chain of english schools in Hungary, and learned of Virginia Waddy's 1889 version of Hubbard's supposed "Study Tech" had his house front door broken down, and the place was trashed, a computer was stolen. Report is HERE

Free Speech activist Keith Henson arrested
Intro - Wiki Entry - CASE website

Keith Henson - The Tom Cruise Missle Affair

How to help

Here is an illustrative fact about Henson's original trial:

"the judge for his case in riverside county
was a retired judge who hadnt tried a case
in years
They wheeled him in for THIS CASE
and he has not tried a case since!"

9 November 2006 - Barbara Graham reports vandalism while away from home LINK

1 October 2006 - My friend Barbara Graham got an article published about Scientology's harassment. HERE

As the detectives stood in my home, a friend apprised the men of my relationship with the cult. The detective then asked why I would speak out against Scientology if I knew reprisals were likely. The answer is, I wanted to warn others about the potential harm of Scientology. Look at it this way: If I knew you were about to step on a rattlesnake, wouldn't you want me to warn you?

15 September 2006 - I (Arnie Lerma) have been informed that another Private investigator, is calling my friends and spreading innuendo that I'm being supported by a 20 year old? amazing... frankly I wouldn't mind at all if it were true..I'm almost 56.

26 July 2006 - Andreas, Webmaster for XENU.NET and Operation Clambake chat board reports that an attempt has been made to cause him to lose his job. LINK to Andreas' report.

NEW - Deposition of Shawn Lonsdale by Scientology results in Scientology looking like the bunch of keystone-cops thugs they are: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

scientologist michael fitzgerald

Watch Bay 9 News footage of the attack LINK

Justice Latey: "grimly reminiscent of the ranting and bullying of Hitler and his henchmen"

July 8th, 2006 - Above: Scientologist Michael Fitzgerald arrested for assaulting a peaceful picketer of Scientology. Shawn Lonsdale, in Clearwater, who uses the nickname Proflex on the OCMB Chat board was assaulted by the Scientologist above. Shawn says that he knew this day was going to be different.. because Scientology's handlers were not acting the same.. and they were moving about, watching him, talking on cell phones.. as if the incident was choreographed..Without provocation, the assailant rushed at Shawn, who saw him coming, while getting the event on video tape, Shawn directed the attackers headlong rush into a plate glass window, which was impacted fairly hard, though his head did not break it. Non Scientologist witnesses backed up shawn's description of events, which was in turn backed up by the video tape which is in the possession of the Clearwater Police.

Michael fitzgerald's arrest record is HERE, and his listing showing completed Scientology courses is HERE.
Editors comment - these are the same tactics used by the nazis.

This is not the first time Scientology has resorted to violence, here is a picture of Scientologist Frank Offman punching Robert Minton in Boston a few years ago. The image is linked to the original report from 11 September 1998

bob minton getting punched by Scientologist in Boston

March 4th 2005 - Arnie Lerma's neighborhood gets flyers delivered to all his neighbors. Report HERE

12 Dec 2005 A caller informed me that they were pulling out of the scientology battle because Scientology would send members into their houses at night to stand in their children's bedrooms to scare them.

March 4th 2006 - A Scientologist leafleted my neighborhood with Arnie Lerma is a hateful guy type leaflets. See Full Account HERE

An Ex-OSA Volunteer staffer TOM GORMAN describes tactics and attitudes of one Scientology OSA Director at San Francisco Scientology - Warning - Adult language

Ex-member Gerry Armstrong under surveillance see his declaration HERE

June 2005 - Scientology's OSA operative Sylvia Stanard sent a letter to my ex offering legal aid to sue me, mentioning previous contacts, along with the usual artifice. July 18th - Scientology's Scientology Joel Phillips sent letters to my neighbors including printouts from scientology's serial character assassination website, RFW. Reply's to this effort from my neighbors are HERE

May 2005

The Fair Game policy is still applied , to the contrary of claims made
by Scientology.

What basis do I have for this statement? 

I have been subjected to it myself after exposing, and with the help
of colleagues,
put a stop to Narconon in my region in Sweden. ( The matter is
still pending in court. Final ruling has not been made) The stop could
, with worst case scenario, be just temporary.

After having a feisty debate in the newspapers with Co$ Public
Relation Officer of Sweden and with some other scienos , the Fair
Gaming started. First a bunch of members from cchr protested outside
the hospital and outside the psychiatric clinic. The OSA officer from
Stockholm, rented a local in my hometown at the same time ( to
organize the actions of course) and had an add in the paper where she
proclaimed an open house for citizens to get informed about
The clinic was also intruded by Co$ members spreading pamphlets all
over the place and to the harassment of the patients in the
waiting room.

Several phone calls and a letters to the management of "my" clinic was
made by OSA , with the intention to get me fired or at least strongly
reprimanded because of my actions against Co$ and Narconon.

A retired professor of governmental law was hired by Co$, to
investigate the judicial situation and preferably to get my ass in the

A smearing campaign was launched in the newspaper ( Black PR ) against
me , using some poor women who had turned to me for help regarding her
friend who was in the claws of Narconon.

Co$ made written allegations to the ,police, the regional governmental
office, the National Board of Health and Welfare , requesting some
kind of legal actions against me.

All this happened during the period of spring 2003 to the summer 2004.

This far the only consequence for me personally has been the
inconvenience of making an investigation of my own of Narconon and

My and my colleagues medical arguments against Narconon can be read at:

So I can assure Barbara Schwarz and other concerned parties on this
board , with the fact that Orkeltatte's true identity most certainly is
well known by the OSA, as well as the fact that actions has been taken
against my person , all in line with the unofficial Fair Game Policy.

June 2003: Scientology's Stazi visits yet another ex-member's friends
- Tory...in their quest for silence

Activist Jeff Jacobsen's father smeared by Scientology

"I went by a news rack of our singles paper tonight and someone had opened up the rack and put flyers against my dad in amongst our newspapers. This is sleazy for several reasons:

* they are using our commercial property to distribute material without payment or permission. This is essentially theft.
* the flyers are unsigned
* it is, I'm sure, an attempt to get at me by attacking a family member. Isn't that a Mafia tactic?

Since this flyer is quite consistent with a large number of examples of other Scientology character assassination flyers (including one on me distributed around my neighborhood), I certainly suspect Scientology.

Jeff is organizing the next
International Protest of Scientology for Dec. 7, 2002.

Scientology targets xenu.net - summary Here

Scientology targets ex-member
Caroline Letkeman

Continuing harassment of Swiss Anti-sect leader - 16 March 2002

"if they [Scientologists] think something is true, it becomes true.
Reality is what you agree to. If enough people believe the same lie -
it BECOMES reality." Rev Dennis Erlich

Artist and ex-Scientologist Gene Allard wins 300,000 jury award for malicious persecution from Scientology for being set up by Scientology for bogus criminal charges in 1974

The Saga of L Ron Hitler AKA NostraDumAss
"I was harassed by the Sci_fi religion a couple of years ago for having a
band named El Ron Hitler "

Bugging of Auditing Rooms

Harassment of Writers of critical books -

Time line of persecution of Bob Minton "August 28, 2001: Information was received that Scientologists were obtaining
information about Mr. Minton's wife and children by regularly stealing the trash at the house in Boston.

The Disappeared of Scientology - My own best friend I joined Scientology with, Gary Lowe told me never to call him again, when I called him after not seeing him in years, here is an appeal on behalf of  "Los Desaparecidos". "The disappeared ones it creates with its policies of disconnection."

Scientology vs Something Awful chatboards November 6, 2002 LINK

$cientology now using children to orchestrate bogus complaints 23 March 01

A 21 year old girl from Philadelphia is on Scientology's target list. I helped talk her out of Scientology when she was 18. she recently provided affidavits from a French case against scientology. So she is now being targeted.

$cientology vs Gregg Hagglund

Two police cruisers parked on Munn's Avenue near Sixth Line on
Saturday, May 13, to investigate a complaint by a homeowner.
Fifteen-year River Oaks resident Gregg Hagglund called about two
picketers in front of his home around 2 p.m. The two women held
placards reading "Do you know your neighbor spreads hate propaganda?"

More Persecution of Gregg Hagglunds family

Still More Re Gregg Hagglund in Toronto

$cientology vs Arnie Lerma

Anonymous asked this question on 5/4/2000: [ on the askme.com website ]

I've seen some pretty hateful claims and comments by Scientologists about you. Damn, man, what did you do to piss those poor people off? "

Title: Spreading Lies The Scientology Way Feb 2000

As some of you may know, I am a former public, OT7 Scientologist who is now a
member of the board of the Lisa McPherson Trust, a group dedicated to reforming

In the last couple of days, several of my former Totally Fun Company employees
have called me, and told me that Eugene Ingram, a Church of Scientology PI from
L.A., has contacted them trying to dig up dirt on Patricia Greenway and myself.

Since Ingram really can't find anything bad about either of us, he's been
taking information from my supposedly confidential P.C. folder, and twisting it
into salacious lies in his own perverse way as a way to smear me.
Peter Alexander

Scientology vs Keith Henson Jan 2000 In Pursuit of the "to destroy utterly if possible" tenet of L on Hubbard -

Scientology vs Tom Padgett - Scientology even got their own arcane wording {PTS, SP} used on an arrest warrant for Mr. Padgett under "ALIAS" - This is a story of a custody case between MR. Padgett and his Scientologist Ex wife.


Stacy Young [ as seen on NBC Dateline, above, June 16th] - on recent events June 1998

August 1999 -Politics and Tactics
of Scientology and cultic operations summarized by Official German and Swiss government publications

Kim Baker commentary July 1998

Open letter to John Travolta by Alfred Zeisel "I was an active SCNist for 13 years, but I have never been attacked by the German government. In those 13 years I never noticed that in the Munich, Copenhagen or Saint Hill Orgs we did anything religious."

Tom Padgett - Scientology has pattern of use of children custody battled to FAIR GAME enemies of Scientology

Robert Minton gets a call from Scientology's Lawyer Elliot Ableson

Harassment Techniques: The Cof$ resorts to extra-legal means to silence it's critics. Enid was sued for copyright violations, and she lost. The basis of her defense was religious freedom, but of course, she can't affront a team of the best attorneys who are friends of the judge.

Offbeat L. Ron Hubbard Strikes Back - Fax sent to LA weekly by cult in error reveals much about techniques used by this cult to manipulate public opinion

Threat to my wife!...After responding for the first time in a long time to Keith Wyatt ( and then *plonking* him for the 16th different address....) I received the following from some gutless, spineless little coward.

Warrior RPF commentary: And it has, for some SO members. One such person I knew personally
was Andre Tabayoyon. He spent something like 3 years on the RPF.

>The RPF gives a chilling, real example of what Hubbard wanted to do to
>"delete" people from society, to "remove" them "without sorrow," that has
>already been posted here to alt.religion.scientology. Unable to do so to
>society in general, he was able to establish these programs in
>Scientology, first on the ship and then ashore. (Parallels can be found in
>the "reeducation" camps run by the Chinese where one goes and works and
>confesses so he/she can reenter the society.)

Rod Keller - makes front page of Philadelphia Inquirer! - "The flier was unsigned, but he soon discovered that other demonstrators had returned from Clearwater to find nearly identical fliers, bearing their names and photographs, near their homes in Boston, Salt Lake City and Los Angeles.
The flier continued: "When he's not stirring up hatred in the streets, Keller is poisoning the Internet by filling it full of religious bigotry and intolerance."

A letter from Gerry Armstrong "But documents gathered through a lawsuit started by her family show that she went through a terrible ordeal, during which she was held against her will and was illegally given the potent sedative chloral hydrate without proper medical supervision, while Scientologist clerks, librarians, and other non-medical personnel watched her lose her mind and her life"

Keith Henson's motion to vacate TRO - Dec 1 1997 "defendant was jumped from behind, and choked to near unconsciousness, his video camera and picket sign were knocked to the ground, and his car keys were wrenched from his hand. Defendant has video tape of the events up to the point he was choked and the camera knocked from his grasp. (Exhibit 3) "

Scientology fired UK lawfirm (Nov 97) after they advised client: "if you publish anything like that, you will be sued for every penny you have" [regarding adverts to dead-agent those interviewed in TV4 Secret Lives story about Hubbard]

Vampires of Scientology - Transcript of Channel 28 segment about cult member writing checks on Lisa McPherson's account after she was dead...

Robert Kaufman, tried to publish a book "Inside Scientology" in 1995, here is a description of his harassment by Scientology: "But Girodias [Kaufman's publisher] was having more serious troubles. A monstrous sneak attack
against Olympia was waged in England. Hundreds of Olympia letter-head stationery were stolen from the London office, and phony letters went out to Olympia dealers and distributors throughout the British Isles that the publishing house had gone bankrupt and to send all Olympia books back to the warehouse."

Gerry Armstrong files suit!

"Plaintiff, as claims for relief, alleges entitlement to damages caused by defendants' malicious publication and dissemination of false and defamatory statements, as well as claiming damages for defendants' intentional infliction of emotional distress upon him. "

Gauntlet [Magazine] Scientology, and the disappearance of Rick Cusick

Catrina's Story of the RPF [Gulag's of Scientology]

The rules were strict: no talking to people outside the DPF, no phone calls or letters without permission, always running instead of walking, obeying all orders from the person in charge of the DPF. Passports were to be handed over, to make it harder for people to escape. We were to watch each other, and report anyone breaking the rules.
MORE on Scientology Gulags and brainwashing in America here

Tom Pagett- survived years of pain during custody battle with his scientologist ex-wife.

Translation of Newspaper article from Sweden about Brigetta Dagnell, Helsingborgs Dagblad 24 Nov 1997

"I was a Scientologist in 14 years and I am ashamed! I am ashamed before my children and my now dead parents, for the contempt of man I learned to defense under those 14 years. Furthest inside myself I knew that this was no religion but a pretext to avoid tax"

Scientology film-maker says he is victim of 'subtle harassment'
London Telegraph
Thursday 20 November 1997
An American private detective, hired by attorneys acting for the Church of
Scientology, has approached friends and relations of the makers of a
British television biography of the Church's founder, visiting home
addresses discovered by trickery.

by Grady Ward - Helena Kobrin a Scientologist Lawyer for the cult attends Grady's Bankruptcy hearing.
"While most of the identities of donors are not recorded and I
do not remember them, I did remember a few of the larger ones
and submitted them.. Of course her intent is to
try to figure out how to harass and dissuade such donors from
helping critics."

11/09/97: [Rod Keller's Week in Review] "BBC Channel 4 has come under attack from Scientology for its planned broadcast of an uncomplimentary documentary on L. Ron Hubbard. The Independent carried articles this week that John Travolta has been pressuring BBC executives to cancel the broadcast, and that Eugene Ingram and other Scientology PIs have been harassing the producers of the show. "

Pattinson Letter (notarized), Pattison Letter
"At the end of 1996 I was subjected to [a] horrible kind of "religious
deprogramming" in the Scientology "Fort Harrission Hotel". This was done,
using an "E-meter", by a top official of the "Religious technology Centre" (RTC)
namely Mr Marty Rathbun. I was interrogated for several hours on the most
intimate personal religious beliefs (Christian) and his actions were designed
clearly to get me to give up my Christian religious beliefs in exchange
for RTC's "elegibility authorization" to read a confidential publication"

A Letter to a Senator - " anonymous "
[an enemy of Scientology] May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any
Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be
tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed." Go Here

Arnie Lerma's Letter to Senator D'Amato and his reply
"It is unconscionable, that an organization that practices ‘fair game’ tactics toward ex-members, critics, media and anyone with the courage to speak out, be able to even question the activities of the Europeans in a public forum sponsored by my government"

Gerry Armstrong on Gulags of Scientology

I have seen people picked up bodily by four big men and taken to the RPF kicking, struggling and screaming in protest. That is not "voluntary" as Scientology's spokespeople claim. I have seen many people held and guarded. All mail out of the RPF was read by the MAA, and any mail in could be. Telephone calls to family were by permission and were monitored. The RPF is something Germany and every government should look at because the citizens of every country are being assigned to these US-based gulags in violation of basic human rights.

Robert Vaughn Young on Gulags of Scientology

"But this is typical of the RTC/OSA, to divert attention away from what they are doing and claim that others are doing it TO them. No. People are being brutalized INSIDE Scientology and the horrifying part is that they are being convinced it is right, just as those hundreds of people were convinced to follow Jim Jones in Guyana. "

And the koolaid they drank was tax exempt too.

Brigitta Dagnell - tales of an ex-OSA member part1
"I remember one morning when the 82 of us got 16 slices of bread to share and one man took 6 of them. It was near civil war that got started. The meals were eaten in a cellar where we shared the space with lots of pigeons. It was very dirty, filled with bird shit. On one occasion I had to fight with the pigeons to get my meal. The food was never enough for all of us and consisted of rice and beans - no plates, no cutlery and no pots. Once we got soup, and I was lucky to possess a small plastic mug so I could drink it"

Translation of the French Suicide story

This is an English translation from Mikael Tussier's fine web pages describing the story of the suicide of Patrice Vic. Lest anyone think
what happened in France is a victory for Scientology, it's not, by a long shot.

The Diary of Paulette Cooper
Paulette Cooper wrote a book called the Scandal of Scientology, she was terrorized by the cult called Scientology, her story is completely substantiated by documents recovered in a FBI raid of Scientology... After years of litigation, the copyright to Scandal of Scientology is now owned by Scientology - using copyright law to squelch criticism....

The Raid on Arnie Lerma's home Washington Post article about same

Dylan's Story
"I have been disconnected from my father and uncle for 6 yrs now. yet
the whole reason I got into Scientology was to be able to communicate
with my father better. Oh well."

Declaration of Anne Rosenblum, posted by Dennis Erlich, (who was also raided and sued abusing copyright law to squelch criticism)
(An RPF Story) "I walked like a zombie for about 15 minutes, at least I think it was about 15 minutes. There was nothing going through my mind. It was completely blank - like a zombie."

Deposition of Robert Friend
"Q During that time, during the watch prior to the trip was Roxanne ever physically restrained from leaving the apartment?
A I know for sure I restrained her on one occasion.
Q. Did anyone else restrain her from leaving the apartment?
A I remember Jim, I believe, Jim Sydejko blocking the door on one occasion.

A Mothers Betrayal by the new $cientology controlled "CAN"

Since Scientology has taken over the old Cult Awareness Network,
parents have contacted us with allegations and horror stories like the one here....

My friend Joe Cisar's German Scientology pages [ english ]

Real Audio (tm) file of David Mayo - from 1986, Freezone Conference in Europe describes the false promises of super powers, and how no one achieves them, [in Scientology] and that Scientology is NOT a church [ Warning - this is a 35 minute file - 2 megabytes ] The first 8 minutes are fairly easy to understand for the layman, the rest is more suited for ex-members David Mayo wrote the NOTS materials, and was once the Senior Technical person in Scientology, spent tens of years working for Hubbard and has been in litigation for YEARS and now has settled for an undisclosed large sum of money - and can no longer speak

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Listen to L Ron Hubbard say 'The man on the cross there was no Christ"

[Contact Your Elected Representative]
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member to the U.S. House of Representatives
tell him what you think about $cientology
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