I am going to explain this very slowly.
If you are a Scientologist I hope this posting wakes you up just a little to what has been done to you.

Hubbard was a paranoid Schizophrenic

He originally wrote Dianetics in 1950.. ( Read the 1950 Scientific American Review of Dianetics ) He claimed that Dianetics was a discovery of a magnitude comparable the discovery of fire... This is more than one lie. Dianetics as written by Hubbard, is neither his discovery or is it of any major import to the field of psychology and self-betterment.

In Dianetics Hubbard demonizes psychiatry, psychology and Pavlov, He repeatedly refers to them in his voluminous writings as the "PSYCHS"

He does this for at least two reasons:

Number ONE

He knew that for his scam to keep extracting money from rubes, that he must "de-popularize" and "dead-agent" psychiatry, because if anyone read Psychiatrist and Professor William Sargant's book "Battle for the MIND" one would learn that what Hubbard called "Dianetics" is based upon a technology that was first used in North Africa by psychologists and clinicians to treat soldiers suffering from shell shock - post traumatic stress disorder or "ptsd". That technique was called "Aberactive Therapy" and was based upon the work of Pavlov.

Pavlov, famous for his detailed experiments conditioning dogs, some of which were conditioned to salivate when given a slight electrical stimulous through their paws... ( see this page about Scientology's subliminal shock - from their e-meter ) made his most important discovery by accident.

One holiday the river flooded Pavlov's laboratory. By the time the first staff arrived at the scene, the dogs were swimming for their lives at the tops of their cages in the rapidly rising water. The dogs were rescued at the last instant before they would have drown..

Pavlov then made his most amazing discovery. The conditioning in his dogs had in most cases been eliminated and sometimes reversed!

Based upon this observation, various forms of induced stress therapy were tried over the years, including electric shock therapy, insulin shock therapy, ice water baths etc... as a means to treat the insane, and cause a mental-reboot of sorts. The theories were that when the brain reaches a complete state of mental overload it will temporarily cease to function and then re-start - sort of a clean reboot with a new operating system.

Used for evil intent, Pavlov's discoveries were used by Lenin to create the Stalinist brainwashing techniques that controlled those who would not obey the wishes of Stalin's totalitarian government. Other evil spectres of the past have used these techniques.

Now for Scientology to keep it's followers they must never never be allowed to find out that Hubbard DID NOT INVENT DIANETICS! So the entire field of mental healing is demonized by Hubbard.

Because he did not want his rubes to ever read the truth, Dianetics was NOT discovered by Hubbard, he stole it from prior art, Aberactive Therapy, which was used by Psychiatrists in North Africa in 1944 to treat shell shock.

Number TWO

"Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in God, but NEVER without belief in a Devil"

Page 95 Eric Hoffer's "The True Believer"

"When Hitler was asked whether he thought the Jews must be destroyed, he answered: "No....we should have then to invent him. It is essential to have a tangible enemy, not merely an abstract enemy" Hermann Rauschning - Hitler Speaks (Pitman 1940)

The Abstract enemy in Scientology is the REACTIVE MIND

The Tangible enemy in Scientology are "PSYCHS", that is Psychiatrists and of course those who have been the "dupes" of "psychiatrists," the enemies of Scientology, such as you and I.

I asked author Paulette Cooper, who was sued 19 times for her 1971 edition of "The Scandal of Scientology" this question: Why did you decide to expose Scientology?

She answered, because I recognized in Scientology, the same spectre that killed my parents at Auschwitz.

What does this screed have to do with a lousy movie starring a washed up actor called Battlefield Earth?

In The Movie Battlefield Earth the BAD GUYS are called "PSYCHLOS"

In Dianetics and Scientology the BAD GUYS are called "PSYCHS"

For Scientology's PSYCHS (or PSYCHLOS in Battlefield earth) -serve the same purpose as the JEWS did for the Nazis

By repetition of the idea that PSYCHLOS are evil, Hubbard hoped to make PSYCHS more evil, because his worse fear was that somebody might read those psychiatrists that Hubbard stole Dianetics and Scientology from - he knew one day that someone, somewhere, would connect these dots.

Number THREE

In Battlefield Earth there is the repeated idea.. that it is a good thing to get LEVERAGE over the humans. Leverage ... as used in Battlefield earth is a reminder to scientologists that Scientology has all of your secrets, all of them.. written down... ready to use, if you should dare speak out, and tell the world, what you realize after you finish reading this page. Hubbard twisted the telling of his science fiction into the telling of "shore storys" for mens minds, into a career... and his readers paid the ultimate price, with their lives.

I believe he got back into writing science fiction because he knew that when people LEFT scientology, they still regarded him fondly ( for a while ) ( which of course was just part of the plan of organizational deception).

see: http://www.lermanet.com/cos/8steps.html

He also used ALL of his "science fiction" published after he had started scientology, to gently remind the reader, that he had, in his possession, all of their deepest, darkest secrets.

He even used Battlefield Earth to remind his ex-admirers that he


That is the subliminal message in all his post $cientology "Science Fiction" - they , themselves, were part of the scam... reminding his loyal readers to keep their heads down, and continue to stay silent, or he might reveal all their deepest secrets that Hubbard collected, summarized, and indexed.. from their supposedly private, confidential, 'sessions'

More on the overall pattern here:


He knew damn well that he was running a scam.

That's why he always wanted everything done NOW...

Because he KNEW this day was coming

As you see above, Battlefield Earth forwards Scientology's agenda. He also, did not call the bad guys PSYCHLOS, by accident.

Just as in Scientology, he did not decide to refer to the human soul by the name "THETAN" by accident.

If you were to say the word SATAN with a lisp it would come out THETAN.


Arnaldo "Arnie" Lerma
An ex-scientologist
send money and lawyers
word SATAN with a lisp it would come out THETAN. Ferengi + Borg = Scientology
I'd prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speak.
The only thing that always works in scientology are its lawyers
The internet is the liberty tree of the new millennium
Secrets are the mortar binding lies as bricks together into prisons for the mind
http://www.lermanet.com - mentioned 4 January 2000 in The Washington Post's - 'Reliable Source' column re "Scientologist with no HEAD"

The Sea Org REAL motto

and get our friends out

If you liked the above, you will REALLY like this: Where Hubbard stole the 2% rule..


Notes: Rubes In carnivals, or carneys, there was a term called "rube", it meant 'the mark' short for the 'marked one'. When a customer would come in and play the same rigged game over and over trying to win the huge teddy bear for his kid, losing much money to the carney, the concession operator would often give this man a 'consolation prize'.. a small stuffed animal of a very particular kind.

Then he would wander about the carnival, clutching this particular consolation prize, the proof he had spent a pile of money and earned nothing of value, the proof, and the walking advertisement that advertised to all the other game operators that HERE IS A RUBE, who has been successfully conned, have at him for more!

If you are a scientologist reading this and wearing a 'clear' or 'ot' bracelet, look at it now.