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still available OSA letters to Lavenda Sept 2nd 1999

Excerpts from Testimony of John G. Clark Jr. M.D.

Congressman Leo J Ryan, in Congressional Testimony - webbed at - in which A Medical Doctor states that after 6 weeks under a "total immersion" of mental manipulation, it takes the same sort of shock therapy to shake a person back into reality as was used to shake the Korean POWS when they were release.

Attorney Graham Berry is familiar with Lavenda Dukoff email

Shortly before leaving for Chicago, in the week prior to my departure, I
received a phone call from Lavenda Dukoff. Lavenda had first contacted me
a few years ago, in 1996 after the publicity of the raid by Scientology in
August 95.

And said she wanted to tell her story. I suggested that she allow me to
tape record the conversation, which she consented to, and I recorded it.

The transcript of that conversation was filed as an Exhibit in RTC Vs
Lerma in my Motion for Reconsideration et al.

Lavenda would call from time to time when, she told me at various times
that she was deconstructing where Hubbard stole the pieces that he wove
into the bait for the mind control trap called Scientology. She shipped me
two boxes of books and notes, which are in my possession.

Lavenda "Dukoff" "VanShaick" "Harris" various last names, been married 7 times. Born Lavenda Gibson, last husband was named Harris and has used the following names:

Gibson [ maiden name ]
Van Shaick [ spelling unsure ]

last location Winlock Washington [state] Vehicle Tag Number is at bottom

She told me she was employed as a Psychic Friends Network style telephone
Psychic - where the longer you keep a person the phone, the more money you

Lavenda spent many years in Scientology, testified under oath at the 1982
Clearwater Commission hearings, and was a complainant in the Flynn lawsuit
against Scientology, and accepted a cash settlement, and a gag agreement.
She told me that the cash payout was I believe $385,000 to her.

Lavenda's initial contacts with me in 1996 dealt with a strange episode on
the Internet. A series of postings appeared telling pieces of the story
that were covered by the gag agreement that Lavenda had signed with
Scientology. I received copies of a letter from Scientology OSA Ken Long
asking her to sue Steven Fishman for the 'forgeries', the law firm they
wanted to use to represent her, which they would pay for, was same one
used against Lavenda in Flynn case. [Lavenda said ] Lavenda claimed to
find a piece of yellow postit note stuck to back of one of the pages which
said "Does she drink coffee" She said that this effort to recruit her
broke her gag agreement so she started talking a bit and told her story
in a phone call which I recorded.

We thought we might have met in 73 when I was in Scientology working for
Continental management and had been sent to Las Vegas for a day or two. I
met a young lovely lady, I do not recall her name, and she took me home to
stay with her one evening. I've told this story to Lavenda and at the
time and she did not recall this very well - these events were from 24
years ago. at the time of these conversations.

And from time to time Lavenda would call and talk to me. She was in
litigation with one of her ex husbands [4 times married ] for custody of
her son. She would call and talk about the origins of Scientology and how
Hubbard stole the honey from past philosophers that was then used a bait
to trap people in his bad science fiction that he could not otherwise

About a week before leaving for Chicago, I receive a call from Lavenda,
she was sobbing, she said she had lost her case. And that her ex was a
convicted child molester. She said one thing that stood out in my mind ,
she said "I would do anything to get my son back"

I wondered if that included trying get me into some whacko
scheme, .. I could not imagine someone who I
thought I had just talked out of suicide could do that.

She said she had no reason to live, and that she was going to end it now.
She said that Scientology had been financing her ex-s litigation.. and was
behind the recent loss. She said that she thought they had bought off the

I told her that to take her own life would be a terrible waste, and if she
felt so hurt and enraged by what had happened to her - why not turn that
rage against the perpetrators of evil - the Scientologists - as if she was
willing to die now out of despair alone, she might as well turn that
willingness to her advantage, and substitute a willingness to die for a
just cause and make her life worth something more... Whatever I said [ I
spoke for about an hour ] seemed to quell her depression and she decided
to try to do something about Scientology.. as she put it: "Once and for


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