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If reading an article here, leaves you feeling outraged that Scientology or its front groups are considered "charitable" by the IRS - use the form above to contact your US Congressman - Every voice helps.

L Ron Hubbard's great grandson: Jamie Kennedy explains what $cientology really is: "My mother still has a letter from Ron threatening to break my grandfather's legs"

The mp3 track you want to hear is "Judas' Son" - enjoy
[ parental advisory - adult language ] [ Audio file, mp3]

L Ron Hubbard's Son - Ron DeWolf denounces his own father as a fraud - Read this hard to find 1982 interview in the News Herald

Charles Manson was a Scientologist

"Once the world is Clear--a nation, a state, a city or a village-the Scientology -organization in the area becomes its government! And once this has taken place the only policy accepted as valid is Scientology policy."

L. Ron Hubbard, taped lecture Jan. 9, l962 "Future Org Trends"

Somebody some day will say "this is illegal" , by then be sure the orgs say what is legal or not." L.Ron Hubarrd HCOPL Jan.4, 1966

"My father asked me to steal an H-Bomb"
(Hydrogen Nuclear Bomb) Ron DeWolfe, under penalty of perjury, 1982 Clearwater Hearings



"It is a truism that almost any sect, cult, or religion will legislate its creed into law if it acquires the political power to do so, and will follow it by suppressing opposition, subverting all education to seize early the minds of the young, and by killing, locking up, or driving underground all heretics."
--Robert A. Heinlein, postscript to Revolt in 2100

Checklist of the Main Traits of Terrorist Groups

This list may be useful in inspecting the degree of totalitarian fanaticism or even the destructive potential of groups which are trying to insert themselves into an area or which are under investigation.

The points are indicators of danger to the community or country. The more points present the greater the danger. I would imagine, also, that it could be useful in preventing injustices from witch hunts by groups who find themselves wrongly attacked. They could show by real evidences how few of these characteristics their group possesses.

My own experience in drawing up this list lies with over two decades in the cult of Scientology plus four years of part-time internet research since then, and also with some general research into Al Quaeda based on events since September , 00. The major parallels between such fanatical and/or terrorist groups with a totalitarian vision dressed in religious garb such Al Quaeda and Scientology can be listed as below. Other cults and groups share these traits to differing degrees.

NOTE: Both Al Quaeda, according to my research, and Scientology, per my own experience and research have these NEGATIVE traits as part of their core structure.


(not in order of importance)

Mainline strategy is to spread the group's beliefs and/or behavior patterns in a totalitarian fashion and by all methods, legal or not, to large zones of humanity regardless of the free will of those people to be so converted.

  1. The group as an entity considers its own survival paramount. All other human associations deemed inferior and expendable.
  2. Self-serving authoritarian leaders ignore plight of main body of membership.
  3. Critics or apostates of group actively pursued and persecuted.
  4. Terrorist "cells" used to perpetrate crimes, abuse or outright destruction of persons or property.
  5. Cocoon of internal isolated realities blind members to the outside world. Dependency created on group for member's very existence and loyalty cemented by fear of expulsion.
  6. Language terms invented and ordinary words redefined to promote the group-think and propaganda.
  7. Access to media denied to members (no T.V, radio, newspapers).
  8. Deeply distorted or hateful belief system. Beliefs do not permit the qualities such as love, kindness, compassion, etc to be part of members' behavior patterns.
  9. Totalitarian aims intended to be imposed on mankind as a whole by force.
  10. World domination a part of plans of group to comply with the commanding intention of the group's guru or leader(s). Definite plan is to convert entire world to their group's belief system.
  11. Fanaticism forced on society by a few members unknown to (or often disapproved of if known by) mainline membership. Zealous commitment encouraged and used to enforce group's aims.
  12. Highly compartmentalized group structure which enables cells to operate independently of group but funded by group.
  13. Access to working with "inner circle" or management by invitation only.
  14. Activities and operations of leaders or high management kept secret from main membership.
  15. Operations spread over many countries to ensure wide base of activity despite being banned in some countries.
  16. Bases of operation outside areas of tight law enforcement to preserve continuity despite actions of individual governments.
  17. Intention to gain control of territories or zones of influence whatever current population wants in those areas.
  18. Use of all types of power gained to perpetrate corrupt and/or destructive activities.
  19. Use of "front groups", "religiosity" or "charitable" appearances to mask real agenda of operatives and group leaders and gain power and influence by deceit.
  20. Infiltration by trained group members under covert control of group into government agencies, institutions, corporations and associations in order to exert internal control and enable group influence to be imported or opposition to group nullified.
  21. Secret accounts, money channels and financial irregularities to get past legal restraints.
  22. Immigration falsehoods enforced on countries by deceit.
  23. Operatives trained in specific activities using normal educational/training establishments but for socially destructive purposes. (such as Flight Schools for Al Quaeda, or Law Schools for Scientology operatives).
  24. .Leaders are fugitives from justice in one or more countries or zones.
  25. Leaders place themselves in positions of non-accountability by isolation from operations they have created or by geographical separation from the areas they are influencing.
  26. Complex financial structures mask destination of member funding and eventual use of funds. This may include money laundering.
  27. Identities stolen or falsified by group operatives or cells to mask source of illegal and/or destructive operations.
  28. Ideological basis "justifies" crimes or illegal actions in the eyes of operatives to the point of utter contempt for the law of the relevant lands.
  29. Major business scams or illegal financial schemes used to finance group expansion activities (i.e. possibly such things as drug trafficking, major "ponzi schemes" where investors lose their funds but group uses those funds, investment fraud scams, etc..).
  30. . Major funding through deceit of membership as to eventual use to which their contributions will be put.
  31. Certain types of individuals, ethnic groups, or apostates slated for active personal destruction or murder by the group. Breaking up of families who do not go along with group's aims.
  32. Para-military aspect of group used to recruit operatives under tight discipline and self-denying loyalty to group objectives.
  33. Recruiting and training of suicidal or self-destructively devoted members. False army, navy uniforms but real munitions etc used to give a war-like face to intentions of group, but group is not an official armed force of a country.
  34. Justice by the group leaders towards members and to outside "offenders" or "infidels" is by whim and can be very savage.
  35. Abuse of those considered "inferior", i.e. women, gays, other "competitor" religions or groups, critics, and those not % loyal to the dictates of the leaders, etc…
  36. Intensely planned attack strategies, mostly covertly directed for destructive ends against perceived enemies, whether real enemies or not.
  37. Group dictates what members must think. Penalties accrue to those who dare to think differently.
  38. Group pretends to align with non-group environment but this is very superficial and fake. No real or deep harmony with group's surrounding environment or culture.
  39. Central conspiracy somehow separate from main body of group but using group for its fanatical ends and/or personal power or enrichment.
  40. Physical and/or mental torture to obtain loyalty and compliance.
  41. Destruction of non-group properties, persons, businesses force compliance with group demands and aims.
  42. Extortion of funds, contribution or silence by illegal means.
  43. Murder, attempted murder or deliberate injury of those who appear to stand in the way of group's aims.
  44. Oblivious attitude to consequences of the group's destructive acts on individuals or society.
  45. Society, or parts of it, deemed "expendable" and to be replaced by group's own agenda and resulting culture.
  46. "Religious Police" or "Morality Enforcers" part of tyranny of fanaticism.
  47. Group's "Public Relations" spin divorced from reality. Pure propaganda of lies to deceive.
  48. Personal confessions, private information used to blackmail dissenters into compliance.
  49. Group boasts of achievements that have no basis in reality.
  50. Brainwashing of members by various processes of mind control and/or false information inculcation from within and denial of true information from outside the group sphere.
  51. Savage physical or emotional violence to keep fanatically tight group discipline.
  52. So-called "bringing of new order" by cruel devices rather than reason or love.
  53. Violence enacted in the name of God or a guru thought of as a kind of deity.
  54. False friendly, charismatic or benign "front" or façade used to slick over atrocities to hide them and continue the deception to further advance group's hidden agenda.
  55. Heartlessness as a consistent attitude.
  56. Reign of emotional and/or physical terror is the normal operating basis by leaders over the main membership to enforce loyalty or compulsory contribution.
  57. Use of fighters or covert operatives to force group's aims on dissenters or non-compliant areas or populations. Group hires thugs, P.I.s and unethical individuals to stifle criticism by all available means.
  58. Killing (or extreme duress forced on people) away from the eyes of the world.
  59. Obsession with destroying anything and anyone "different" from them.(ethnic cleansing, book burning, perversion of justice systems, introducing confusions into orderly institutions etc….)
  60. Generally maintained group consideration that the group or its leaders are "above the law".
  61. Attitude of "we know it all" without openness to self-inspection and use of this to promote self-arrogance and destroy and discredit
  62. perceived opposition by defamatory claims. Socializing done exclusively within membership of group.
  63. Accusation of others of committing crimes or atrocities that the group or its operatives really committed.Irresponsibility for the free will of others.
  64. Advance of group leaves wake of destruction.
  65. Highest order of "duty" to the group is self-sacrifice, not personal achievement, success and power.
  66. Emphasis on past-lives, future lives, paradise etc…used to deny importance of current member lifetime and to obtain total self-sacrifice to the group.
  67. Sweepingly false propaganda used to instill false ideas into group at rallies, events or meetings.
  68. Group's own views get forced into public and political arenas by devious, sly means, sometimes by the use of opinion leaders or misinformed or complicit celebrities.
  69. Group states it is friendly and benign but is really hostile, aggressive and armed to the teeth.
  70. No limits to the extremism of the group "for the cause". "Fair game" not limited in its application.
  71. Socially benign or "religious" cloak hides non-religious agenda and violent determination.
  72. Leaders of group operate members like puppets to the detriment of the individuals concerned.
  73. Network of false front groups not apparently connected to main leadership or group but furthering group's expansion of political influence, finances, community control and false "public relations" by deceit and hidden agendas.
  74. Use of group's beliefs or methods used "in reverse" to harm non-members.
  75. Use of highly complex structures of corporate networks and legal intricacies to avoid responsibility for legal consequences of group's destructive activities.
  76. Group violates human rights in the advancement of its own agenda.

(c)Michael Pattinson

Scientology and Saddam Hussein

One critic of Saddam had his tongue torn out then he was left to bleed to death on public display, most 'disappear' in the night....never to be heard from again... or manage to escape the madness to another country....

Andre Tabayoyan escaped the Scientology compound in Hemet.... He lived to tell his story... ( See Armed and Dangerous ) below

Time Magazine had to paymillion in legal fees to expose scientology's true nature Scientology pursues its litigation to use the US Legal system to accomplish the same thing that Saddam does by tearing out a man's tongue..

Both Scientology and Saddam Hussein won't allow critical books to be in public libraries

Fiesty posted:
This is from a $cientology site. A book "Cult Around the Corner" apparently came out in May 22. They still try to say their not $cientology, especially with the use of the word "psychs" and the need to attack the original CAN :-

Scientologist Nancy O'Meara, treasurer of the new Cult Awareness Network, and Club Theta member, answers questions about her new book and its role in bringing about an atmosphere of religious tolerance in the world.

Ms. Ida Camburn replied:

Thanks for this post Feisty; It does not surprise me that O'Meara would want to remove the books from the library that tell the truth about destructive cults. I remember when CAN was bought by a Scientologist and then the former directors phone number was purchased following her move from S. Calif. The voice used to answer the phone closely resembled her voice. When those that did not know CAN had been taken over by the cult, would call for help they were not told another faction was now in charge. I was told by one who called that her message for help was to no availHer message was forwarded to the head of the cult where her daughter was involved.

Phd Margaret Singer and Phd J. West did wonderful contributions to educate and to help those who had lost loved ones to various destructive groups as the many who asked for help after leaving.Dr. John Clark presented wonderful work on manipulation and control by closed systems. Cong. Leo Ryan entered one of his first papers in the Record.

As for removing the books from the libraries, this has been taking place for years. In the seventies I checked out a book from a library in Santa Clara, "The Scandal of Scientology" by Paulette Cooper. I read it and returned it to the library. When I returned to check out another, the librarian informed me that a slip from the inter- library where they had retrieved the book for me , advised her that the book had been stolen. Also magazines were removed from libraries around the country if they contained articles telling the truth about Scientology

In the future ,efforts must be made to inform our librarians in our own communities to be on the look out for more thefts or any other clandestine action to remove worthwhile books. If you find that you are to busy to make a call personally, letters would be great as would reach all workers including the volunteers.

Ida J. Camburn

Somebody some day will say "this is illegal" , by then be sure the orgs say what is legal or not."
L.Ron Hubarrd HCOPL Jan., l

Arnie Lerma added:
Yes, I was asked to take critical books from public libraries but declined .. back in 1...

I did get a call from a lady who said that she was asked to by Scientology and did steal critical books from the US LIbrary of Congress... she did not leave her name... but did tell me the story, and told me which current scientology bigshot she used to be the girlfriend of...and did mention that when she knew him he was not so evil as he is now.

Arnie Lerma

Saddamn Hussein uses the Hubbard's maxim - "If you want to control people you must lie to them"

Feisty posted:
THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN CONTROL PEOPLE IS TO LIE TO THEM. You can write that down in your book in great big letters. The only way you can control anybody is to lie to them. When you find an individual is lying to you, you know that the individual is trying to control you. [...]

He's got to tell you lies in order to continue control, because the second you start telling anybody close to the truth, you start releasing him and he gets tougher and tougher to control. So, you cant control somebody without telling them a bunch of lies. You will find that very often Command has this as its greatest weakness. It will try to control instead of leading. The next thing you know, it is lying to the [illegible]. Lie, lie, lie, and it gets worse and worse, and all of a sudden the thing blows up. Well, religion has done this.

_Organised religion tries to control, so therefore must be lying._

After a while it figures out (even itself) that it is lying, and then it starts down tone scale further and further, and all of a sudden people get down along this spring-like bottom (heresy) and say, "Are we going into apathy and die, or are we going to revolt?" and they revolt, because you can only lie to people so long. Unfortunately there is always a new cycle of lying.

-- L. Ron Hubbard, dead founder of the thriving cult of greed and power Technique

Those Pictures and Statues of Saddam Hussein everywhere in Iraq are like those pictures and statues of L Ron Hubbard everywhere in Scientology

Both of these dirtbags used totalitarian techniques to build empires of lies....

Both are obsessed with loyalty and with their enemies..

Both seek to "destroy utterly" those who might oppose them.

Both tried to invoke religiosity in order for their tyranny to survive...

Scientology hides its totalitarian regime behind religiosity to protect the secret of their e-meter, to keep the scam going, and the money flowing to pay for more thugs ( lawyers ) while calling its "critics anti-religious bigots"

Saddamn hides his totalitarian regime behind calls for a Fatwha holy war, calling his critics enemies of Muslims.Both have thier pictures and statues everywhere in their respective domains to appear as the one true "source" of all....

In Scientology everything that happens to you that is good is because of Hubbard. In Iraq all good is because of Saddamn Hussein, especially the fact that you are still alive.

Each time I see a picture or statute of Saddam Hussein, while a true believer stands around 'blinking'... come down off a wall or get pulled over it reminds me of the judgement day for Scientology....which is coming

Both Scientology and Saddam Hussein are armed and dangerous

"My father (L. Ron Hubbard) asked me to steal a Nuclear Bomb (said his son, Ron DeWolfe)"
Reminds me of Saddam Hussein...

MR. DeWOLFE: I think they would I really have no way of predicting, but I think that there's a couple of quotes that my father used to say all the time that really scares me to death. He at one time was also talking about really taking on the world. And I remember in 1 an example which scared me to death and started myself thinking -- he wanted me to devise a plan to try to steal an H-bomb.

MR. LECHER: Your father wanted you to steal an H- bomb?

2- ( Page number of day 2 of the 12 Clearwater Commission Hearings – testimony under penalty of perjury)
MR. DeWOLFE: Huh? 

MR. LECHER: Your father wanted you to steal an H- bomb?

MR. DeWOLFE: Yeah. He wanted me to 


Reminds me of Saddam Hussein...

More from Ron DeWolfe denouncing his father as a fraud:

Scientology is armed and dangerous: see bottom of

America is far from perfect

We need to fix a lot of things here in the USA....

Hopefully we will, as a nation, learn from this as well... to fix some of our own glass-house-ness.

In Saddam's Iraq and in America by Scientology, DISSENT is not tolerated, there can be no demonstration of dissatisfied scientologists...or unhappy Iraqis.... Scientology with hang them with "expulsion" from the promise of super duper OT powers someday or endless frivolous litigation or they get GAGGED by court orders - which is the United State's equivalent of Saddam's far simpler though less socially acceptable solution - physically rip out their tongues.

In Saddam's Iraq there is no critical media about the regime, in America, there has been far, far, less than there should be because of the induced prior restraint of the media by the cost and hassle of doing a story about scientology.

I protested the Vietnam War, and was gassed on the steps of the Pentagon. Ho Chi Minh was fighting a war for indepedence, at the end of WWII - he drove through the streets of Saigon with American Flags on the sides of the jeep.

But then the allies decided to give South Vietnam back to the FRENCH....and He was heartbroken..... and turned to the only people willing to help him, the Chinese Communists..

The French and Germans have learned lessons that America still needs to.

But Saddamn Hussein is no Ho Chi Min.... He is a scumbag like Hubbard's Scientology...

Having embarked on this risky endeavor, I have no choice but to support my government.

You see you cannot protest Saddamns regime in Iraq. You will be tortured by his thugs....

You can protest George Bush's actions in America...

You cannot protest Scientology's abuses either, without being tortured by Scientology's thugs (their lawyers - Rosen, Moxon, Liberman et all )

Washington Post - 1 November 21 from front page Headline article page A1 "Taliban under Assault in last two Strongholds" headline "Al Qaeda Fighters Home was stocked for action" "The smaller notebook, which apparantly belonged to Harith, contains a list of reading material, including 'On War" by prussian theorist Karl von Clausewitz. " for the record, Scientology's OSA / Guardians office training checksheets include 'On War" Karl von Clausewitz.

And check out how similar the files are that Saddam Hussein kept on his enemies to the files kept by Scientology:

Scientology is like a 1th century seedy carnival side show, whenever someone in the audience would yell out how the trick was done, he would be dragged outside by a couple of toughs stationed there for this purpose, and beaten up. Scientology's demeanor is identical to this, only in the 'civil' 2th century they use lawyers, then the entire sordid affair is cloaked in bogus religiosity.

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Scientology is Armed and Dangerous - see bottom of Scientology Scandals Page Organizational Delusion - A report by a 2 year ex member "

On Totalitarian Tactics

"I have always thought it was a most valuable trait to recognize reality and not to pursue delusions. But when I now think over my life up to and including the years of imprisonment, there was no period in which I was free of delusory notions."Albert Speer, from his 1 publication of his memoirs, Inside the Third Reich"

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