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Introduction by Mimi Jaffee - of long gone, Citizens Freedom Foundation

   "I believe it is very possible you were somehow tricked into this whole situation. Scientology preaches one thing but teaches another, including "moral relativism" [ which is the ] same as Marxism" - the ends justify the means, so anything goes so long as it benefits Scientology . It just seems people never learn by tragic experiences like Peoples temple. Scientology is probably worse in many respects." -

In 1995, I was sued by Scientology for posting Scientology's Secrets to the internet. One of these secrets, called OT III, was described by L Ron Hubbard, as The Wall of Fire.

A secret of such amazing import that anyone who read it would die of pneumonia. Mike Allen at the New York Times wrote:

"In the purloined scripture, Scientologists warn that unauthorized readers can die of pneumonia. No epidemic has been reported. -"

What was important to Scientology is not what this grand secret was, but the fact of it continuing to be a secret. The fact of the secret induces current members to create in their minds [ mock up ] something terrible enough so that they are willing to continue to be members of scientology in spite of mistreatment by Scientology.

What is Scientology?

Slave chains forged of lies
are stronger than fine steel

And those enslaved see
neither shackle nor lock.

The mission must be,
in order to set them free:
show them how their
chains were made

and where lies hid the key..

by Arnie Lerma

The Real Wall of Fire is Leaving Scientology,
Click here if you want to breach the real wall of fire!



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