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The Age (Melbourne)

Superman Christopher Reeve blasts Scientology

Melbourne Age Feb 5, 2003

Superman Christopher Reeve and, despite the fact that he is confined to a wheelchair, he is still is a super man, has been in Australia promoting research into treatment of spinal cord injuries has also been in the news in the US.

Christopher has hit out at Scientology, telling how he opted out of becoming a member because he was "skeptical" about its claims. The enormously wealthy organisation has superb PR machine that goes into high gear when any criticism arise but, it seems Christopher's blast, was totally unexpected.

He also talked about how he had fooled the so-called E-Meter, a machine that is supposed to detect lies or hidden agendas.

While no comments have been forthcoming from ardent Scientologists Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Juliette Lewis and other high-profile Hollywood adherents, it seems that Chris's words were music to the ears of investigators working with - a group that investigates claims made by the organisation.


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