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Clearwater Sun

Volume 68, Number 118 August 30,1981

Sect courses resemble science fiction

By RICHARD LEIBY Sun staff writer

At the Fort Harrison Hotel in downtown Clearwater, Scientologists are learning to leave their bodies, control other people's thoughts and communicate with plant life. They learn this by reliving a galactic holocaust carried out by space creatures millions of years ago.

So say top-secret Scientology documents spelling out the highest level of training available to church members. It is training that costs thousands of dollars and, according to church defectors who provided the documents, amounts to nothing but a swindle dreamed up by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

The goal of the training is to reach "OT"- the level of "operating thetan." At this level, Scientologists gain the power to control "thought, life, matter, energy, space and time," says Hubbard. But first they must free themselves of damaging spirits acquired when Earth was reduced to a nuclear wasteland 75 million years ago, he says.

Last week, a Pinellas Circuit Court judge committed a former Scientologist to a state mental hospital after he claimed that the thetans - or spirits-of other Scientologists had invaded his body. Francis Diamond, a former downtown Clearwater businessman, insisted thetans were real; he brought a Hubbard book to his hearing to prove it.

Diamond had received only introductory Scientology counseling and never reached the level of operating thetan. But that level is real for many church members, although details of the training are rarely publicized.

Scientology spokesman Milt Wolfe said he has reached the "OT-VII" level, one of the highest Hubbard has devised. But Wolfe refused last week to grant an interview about the OT course material obtained by the Clearwater Sun

The material includes Scientology's teachings on soul travel, telepathy and the creation of the universe. Wolfe called this material private.

"Whatever may be considered confidential by the church I'm not going to comment on," he said. "It's very bad taste for you to write about it. It's a slam against religion."

But former members say Scientology guards this material for another reason. "If they told you that stuff at the start, you'd just laugh and walk out," says a church defector, quoted in this month's Reader's Digest article on Scientology

All Scientology courses - from basic Dianetics to communications improvement are said to be aimed at helping people achieve "total freedom" from problems. At the pinnacle is the OT material.

It evokes the science fiction writing Hubbard did before he founded the religion 31 years ago.

According to the "OT-III through OT- VII" course packet, man's difficulties in attaining spiritual and mental freedom began 75 million years ago.

(* See SECT, next page)

Sect defectors call training a swindle

(from page 1A)

That was when Xemu, the evil ruler of the Galactic Confederation, concluded that the 90 - planet confederation was overpopulated.

"Finally Xemu decided to take radical measures to overcome the population problem," says the material. "The planet Earth was designated as a place for executions. Beings were captured on other planets as well as on this planet and flown to locations near 10 volcanos or more on Earth. H-bombs (far more powerful than any in existence today) were dropped on the volcanoes destroying the bodies of the beings, who as thetans attached themselves to one another in clusters.

"These clusters concluded they were one .... Since that time, all of us have had on our bodies or in our psychic spaces clusters of up to 1,000 beings acting as if they were one being, but all with different goals and purposes. This is what makes us so confused and keeps us from achieving our own purposes."

Scientology teaches that the OT-III course can disperse the thetan clusters as well as the frightening mental images that were "implanted" in the thetans after the explosion. These images included "God, the devil, spinning dancers, auto accident, trains, the Crucifixion, psychiatrist, doctors dismembering bodies and feelings of nausea sickness and spinning sensations,"

The course packet gives explicit instructions on how to "audit" these extra thetans and images out of an individual. Auditing is performed by a Scientology counselor using the Hubbard E-meter, a battery-powered device similar to a lie detector. "This is the road to returned personal power in the physical universe," Hubbard says of the OT-III course

The course cost $9,021.78 in February 1980, according to a course "donation" list circulated at the time. Prices presumably have risen since then.

A Scientologist could receive the entire OT-I to OT-VII package at a bargain rate - $26,614.42. according to the donation list.

Such advanced courses; appear to be the mainstay of the Fort Harrison's services. A Scientologist must take a battery of lower - level courses and go "clear" before he can begin OT processing,

In OT processing, he will relive the galactic holocaust-everything from " capture on,another. planet" to being "frozen in alcohol/glycol and transported in that state to Earth, aboard a space ship which resembled the DC-3s of today."

The processing also takes the student back 4 quadrillion years, when, according to Hubbard, the universe was formed. Another series of incidents - including "waves of light" and a horn-blowing cherub - are relived.

The result of the processing - of be- Photo from the Clearwater Sun August 30th 1981

(Text of photographs below)



Data 4 quadrillion years ago
Location not given

Run to blow and repeat for each thetan left after incident Two. 
If the Thetan does not blow, ask for an E/S
Incident One.  For this you must rely on the Thetan for
data for the time the Physical universe began for him.
This is the BASIC BASIC of when the universe was formed.
All beings in the Universe share this incident. Only this
planet has  Incident Two.

3. PLACEMENT ON/IN VOLCANO (See list attached)
8. BEGINNING IMPLANT (Not 36 days)
 'YOU'RE MOCKING IT UP." (Stop here don't go any

   Date 75 million years ago

   Location of Particular volcano (or if citizen of
   this planet, location on this planet)


Sun art by JACK FUREY

CAPTION material from the 'operating thetan' course shows eons-old incidents Scientologists relive during training that is supposed to result in superhuman powers.

coming a single thetan again-is supposed to be a sort of superhuman independence from the physical universe. For instance, the thetan can "exteriorize " -- leave the body.

One OT-VI drill suggests an "exteriorized" visit with a friend in another state, "Greet him and flow affinity to him. Ask him to communicate to you by letter."

An OT-VII drill says, "Find some plants, trees, etc., and communicate to them individually until you know they have received you communication." Another says, "Practice placing an intention onto individuals will you can successfully and easily place an intention into or on a being and/or body."

Former Scientologists now suing the church contend that the organization allows only the most indoctrinated students to undergo OT processing. One client of Boston lawyer Michael Flynn, who handles anti-Scientology litigation nationwide, claims he was placed in a guarded room when he read the OT material.

Some who have reached the OT level and quit the church maintain the training is a swindle. One woman placed an advertisement in the Calgary (Canada) Herald in 1975, headlined "Top Secret Scientology Rip-Off." The ad went on to capsulize the story of Xemu

"We have clients who paid thousands of dollars for that crap," said Flynn, who is preparing a report an Scientology for the Clearwater City Commission. The report will explore the feasibility of the city taking legal action aimed at taxing Scientology property and services.

According to Flynn's clients Hubbard devises new OT levels solely to make more money. And they say that when a Scientologist falls to gain superhuman powers, the student, not Hubbard's material, is blamed.

Asked for comment Tuesday, church spokesman Wolfe said the material from Flynn's clients "could be a forgery. I bet it's all phony."

But the next day, when asked whether he would review the material, Wolfe said, "I will not comment an its authenticity. I'm not interested in meeting with you at all."

Sunday, August 30, 1981

(c) 1981 The Clearwater Sun

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