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The Scientology Story

by Joel Sappell and Robert W. Welkos

A six-part series in the Los Angeles Times, June 24-29, 1990

About This Series

  1. The Making of L. Ron Hubbard (Sunday, June 24)
    1. Chapter 1: The Mind Behind the Religion
    2. Chapter 2: Creating the Mystique
    3. Chapter 3: Life with L. Ron Hubbard
    4. Chapter 4: The Final Days
    5. Defining the Theology
    6. Burglaries and Lies Paved a Path to Prison
    7. The Man in Control
    8. Staking a Claim to Blood Brotherhood
    9. Church Scriptures Get High-Tech Protection
  2. The Selling of a Church (Monday, June 25)
    1. Church Markets Its Gospel with High-Pressure Sales
    2. Shoring Up Its Religious Profile
    3. The Courting of Celebrities
  3. Inside the Church (Tuesday, June 26)
    1. Defectors Recount Lives of Hard Work, Punishment
  4. Reaching into Society (Wednesday, June 27)
    1. Church Seeks Influence in Schools, Business, Science
    2. Courting the Power Brokers
    3. The Org Board
    4. Foundation Funds Provided to Jaime Escalante
  5. The Making of a Best-selling Author (Thursday, June 28)
    1. Costly Strategy Continues to Turn Out Bestsellers
  6. Attack the Attacker (Friday, June 29)
    1. On the Offensive Against an Array of Suspected Foes
    2. Suits, Protests Fuel a Campaign Against Psychiatry
    3. A Lawyer Learns What It's Like to Fight the Church
    4. The Battle with the I.R.S.
    5. The Battle with the "Squirrels

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