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see Jenna's Letter below

Location: Hemet
 Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2008 8:50 am    Post subject:  RTC divorce
and family break-up list

Subject description: Scientology breaks up familes starting
at the top and then works their way down


David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board RTC is personally
splitting up spouses and breaking up families.

Scientology will tell you that this is not true but here are some

Let's start with the TOP of Scientology: RTC

1. David Miscavige has broken up his own family as described
by his own niece Jenna Miscavige.

2. David Miscavige sent his own wife Shelly away to CST -
a remote location and she is now under tight security watch.

3. David Miscavige forced his own parents to divorce.

4. David Miscavige ordered all RTC staff to divorce their
spouses or be busted out of RTC and posted in a lower org.

5. David Miscavige ordered that there were to be no more
marriages at the Int base.

6. David Miscavige ordered Warren McShane to divorce his
wife Marcella (Marcy) of 30 years who worked in the Snr C/S
Int Office. Their son Sean McShane left the Sea Org and neither
Warren nor Marcella can speak to him.

7. Laurisse Stuckenbrock was ordered by DM to divorce her
husband Uwe after he blew from the base. Uwe was sent to
the RPF in PAC and is currently dying of MS.

8. Greg Wilhere was made to disconnect from his son Darius
who was sent off to Africa. Darius' wife Becky was made to
divorce Darius once he was offloaded from the Int Base. This
whole family was torn apart by DM.

9. Carol Bourke was ordered to divorce her husband Thomas
Bourke who was a Gold staff member. They had been married
for over 20 years.

10. Darnelle Bloomberg and David Bloomberg were forced by
DM to divorce as Dave was not in RTC - another marriage
destroyed after 20 plus years.

11. Fleur Thomas was made to divorce her husband John
Thomas when he was offloaded from the Gold Base.

12. Luzia Radstrom was ordered to divorce Jesse Radstrom
as he was a Gold staff member and not in RTC even though
they work 5oo yards from each other on the same property.

13. Ailon Barram (Dave's personal secretary) was married to
Rebecca Redmond and he was made to divorce her when
she was suspected of "snooping" and being disaffected with
Dave. She was promptly sent to the PAC RPF and Ailon was
forced to divorce her. More recently he was engaged to be
married to Emily Jones from 2002 but were never married
as Dave had said he would be the minister which never happened,
and Ailon and Emily were instead constantly in ethics trouble off and
on, sec checked to see if they were screwing around and finally Emily
herself was offloaded from the Sea Org (not before Shelly also had
her sec checked for flirting with Dave and to find out if she was
screwing him).

14. Brousseau, John ("JB") - Divorced from Deidre
who was in Gold

15. McKay (Viau), Tori Lynn- Divorced in the early 90s
from her then husband Ghislain Viau.

16. Graves, Chelsea - Divorced husband (Adam Sala)
so that she could go to RTC - because Adam didn't
"qualify" to go to the Int Base. Adam was also later
offloaded from the Sea Org.

17. Matsumura, Nori - was married to Jenny Gaynor. Divorced
in the early 90s (apparently Jenny since died of cancer).

18. Rossi, Liz - was married to Jim Moonie but was forced to
divorce him when he was busted out of RTC in the late 80s/early 90s.

19. Irons, Georgiana (Dave's personal steward) - was married
to Ron Sommerville- now divorced. Every person she has
started a relationship with since has promptly ended as it got
her in ethics trouble with Dave and/or Shelly. Georgiana was
another one Shelly suspected of flirting with Dave.

20. Valerie Light (Dave's personal steward) - was married to
Danny Light, son of Janet Light (head of IASA on the Freewinds).
Since divorced as Danny got in trouble which made him not qualified
to go to the Int Base. They were separated for two plus years with
Valerie in Hemet and Danny in Clearwater and were finally made to
divorce. Valerie was another one Shelly suspected of flirting with
and screwing around with Dave and had her sec checked on this.

21. Sue Piche was made to divorce Gilles Piche in the early 90s
when he was busted from RTC and sent to the RPF. She later
married Greg Wilhere (1998) for which both her and Greg were
then busted from RTC due to Sue's blow history (an out qualification
for RTC - she blew the Sea Org in 1995 to go see her SP declared
parents in Africa).

22. Anne Rathbun was made to divorce Marty after he blew from
the Int Base for the 2nd time in February 2003. Not before they'd
been separated and working on opposite coasts of the US for 7
years - Anne was the RTC Rep at Flag from 1996 and Marty was working at
the Int Base.

23. Tanja Castle was Dave's personal secretary for

24. Hara O'Hare was busted from RTC after working there
for 20 years because she refused to divorce her husband
of 30 plus years and father of her two children - Brenden
O'Hare and Leah O'Hare.

25. Mette Jensen Pereznieto was forced to divorce her
husband Leonardo after he was sent to the RPF (mid 90s).

26. Marion Dendiu was forced to divorce her husband
of 10 years - Bill Dendiu - in 1997 after he blew from the Int Base.

27. Elsie Tucker Benhraiem (RTC Rep) was forced to
divorce her husband William Tucker when he got in trouble
with Dave.

28. Ty Webb was forced to break off his engagement of
several years with Ari Brenner when she got in trouble with
Dave and was sent to the RPF at Flag.

29. Mariette Lindstein was forced to divorce Billy Lindstein
after being separated from him for six plus years (he was
sent off the Base as a command team member in 1996
and was later sent to the RPF).

30. Lesley Worstell was forced to divorce her husband of
many years, Robert Worstell when he was offloaded from
the Sea Org due to a medical condition. This was not before
they had been separated for at least four years when Lesley
was posted on the Int Base and Robert stayed in LA as he
was not qualified to go to the Base.

31. Susanne Widmer Hattenbach was forced to divorce
Jonathon Hattenbach so she could be posted at the Base
and from there posted in RTC. She was busted from CMO
Int in September 2004 because she wouldn't call off her
engagement to Tim Larsen who was being posted in CMO
Int with the rest of AVC (AVC was moved to CMO Int at that time).

32. Most RTC Reps sent off from the base were separated from
their spouses at the base for several years. Some are possibly
still separated. The RTC Reps were sent out in 1996. A couple
of examples from this evolution are Melanie and John Peeler:
Melanie was sent off to Flag as an RTC Rep in 1996 while John
remained at the base. They were separated for 4 years. John
left the SO in 2000 and Melanie was forced to divorce him.
Aldona Challinor Medina There are probably other examples from the same

Until Next Time...



From the the Neice of David Miscavige

In a message dated 1/24/2008 10:45:22 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, XXX writes:

Hi Chuck,

I have a letter below from a friend of a friend and thought you would
enjoy it and would be able to get it out everywhere you could.

Here it is:

"Dear Karin [Pouw, spokesperson for official Scientology],

"I could not resist the opportunity to write you this letter having
read your official rebuttal regarding the Tom Cruise biography.

"I have been involved in the Church of Scientology since birth. David
Miscavige as you well know is my father's brother, making him my

"In fact you and I actually know each other although not very well.

"I cannot comment on your responses regarding the personal life of Tom
Cruise because I know nothing about this, but I am absolutely shocked
at how vehemently you insist upon not only denying the truths that
have been stated about the Church in that biography, but then take it
a step further and tell outright lies.

"You go so far as to state:

         '7. Does Scientology encourage their members not to speak to
their family if they don't support the religion?

'This allegation is not only false, it is the opposite of what the
Church believes and practices.' -Karin Pouw

"As you well know, my parents officially left the Church when I was 16
in 2000. I, having been separated from them at the age of 12 and
thoroughly engulfed in the beliefs of the Church since birth decided
not to go with them.

"Not only was I not allowed to speak to them, I was not allowed to
answer a phone for well over a year, in case it was them calling me.
To give exact specifics, this "law" was enforced ruthlessly by one
Tracye Danilovoch - the local representative for the Religious
Technology Center - who intercepted all letters from my parents (and
my friends). She would then pass them on to Marc Rathbun (the then 2nd
in command of the Church) and Mike Rinder - who happens to be the
former head of YOUR office - "The Office of Special Affairs" (you can
thank me later for not elaborating on this one). Only after they had
seen the letters and decided it was ok for me to see them would I
receive some of them while sitting in a board room while they watched
me read them and asked me to comment on them.

"I was allowed to visit my parents from the age of 16-22, once a year
for a maximum of 3-4 days, but that was only after they (my parents)
threatened legal action if the Church got in the way of this and even
then only after I underwent a "Security Check Confessional" before I
saw them and immediately after I came back. A security check is
interrogation (usually about if I intend on leaving the Church, or
finding out if my parents have said anything bad about the Church,
etc.) while being attached to an electrophsychometer which is similar
to a lie detector. This happened every single time I saw then (which
was never more than 3 or 4 days a year).

"For a more recent example of families being destroyed, My Aunt
Jennifer Pantermeuhl has recently contacted my parents and let them
know that she can no longer speak to them or be in contact with them
because they speak to and live near, my other Aunt Sarah Mortland.
Sarah is my mom's and Jennifer's sister. This is because Sarah is not
in favor with the Church. Jennifer also contacted my brother Sterling
as well as the rest of the family for the same reason most of whom had
to lie to her and said they weren't talking to Sarah for fear of
getting found out about.

"Another good example would be when my other brother, Justin, was in
Florida a few years ago and was on his way to visit our Aunt Denise
Gentile (our father's sister and David Miscavige's twin) with his
girlfriend. Denise abruptly cancelled while they were on their way
over because the Church would not approve - because he was an ex-
member. Not to mention the fact that Kirsten Caetano (a member of the
Church's Office of Special Affairs - the very same organization you
belong to) was contacting Justin several times when he was in Florida
working, telling him that he needed to leave the state because he is
an ex-member and his presence at the "mecca of scientology" was
disturbing to the church. Kristen has admitted to my face that she did
this when I confronted her and even went so far as to admit that she
lied to my brother after denying the incident. This is the least of
what Kirsten Caetano has done!

"You cite this quote from L.Ron Hubbard about what the Church believes
with regards to families..... yes we know what the Church claims to
"believe" and has written in its policies! - BUT do they practice
that? Absolutely not!

" I can name at least 5 friends off the top of my head who's family
members are not allowed to speak to them without being themselves
ousted from the Church and prevented from communicating with other
members of their family and even their children still involved in the
Church lest THEY too be ousted! They cant speak to their children
because they have left the Church on their own determinism. This is a
widespread practice and if you dare deny it I have a list of all of
there names together-these people's families  are crying  every day
because they can't speak to their children who did nothing but leave
the Church of their own free will.

"If I am in fact wrong and you want to prove me as such, then allow me
and my family to be in contact with our family members that are still
part of the Church such as my Grandpa, Ron Miscavige, and his wife,
Becky. Allow the same of my friends. And don't even start with the,
"it's their choice all along story..." -nobody is going to buy that,
there are way too many destroyed families for that to be true.

"I am tempted to take up many of the other accusations you
categorically deny in your novel, but for the purpose of keeping this
letter readable and focused on the most important part (family) I will

"I will suggest however that maybe you should spend the manpower and
time of drafting your masterpiece rebuttal - why don't you take the
high road for once and put that time towards repairing the families
you have destroyed, starting with the family of David Miscavige
himself - hell, if Scientology can't keep his family together - then
why on earth should anyone believe the Church helps bring families


"Jenna Miscavige Hill" 

On Jan 30, 8:46 pm, "R. Hill"  wrote:

> BlownForGood:

> =====
> Dear Karin,

> I saw your response to the new Tom Cruise book.

> I could not help but to wonder if maybe you had forgotten to think of
> a few families when you made the below statement.

> 7. Does Scientology encourage their members not to speak to their
> family if they don't support the religion?
> 'This allegation is not only false; it is the opposite of what the
> Church believes and practices.' -Karin Pouw

> Well now, Karin, let's pretend that you have been in a bubble for the
> last twenty years and have no idea about any of the hundreds of
> families that OSA itself is actively keeping apart with SP Declares
> and forcing members to disconnect from due to legal threats. Let's say
> you are only aware of people that you yourself might have contact
> with. That would be fair, wouldn't you agree?

> Let's start with a family that I am 100% positive that you yourself
> would have the facts on. The Pouw family. Your last name is "Pouw"
> isn't it? Okay. Glad we got that straight.

> Your husband is Anthony Pouw who is also part of the Sea Org in Los
> Angeles.

> Anthony is the brother of Marion Pouw who currently works with Dave
> Miscavige at RTC and has worked there for the last 20 years.

> I hope you are tracking with all of this because there will be a quiz
> at the end.

> Marion and Anthony are allowed to speak to each other and you are
> allowed to speak each of them respectively.

> Obviously, while your husband Anthony was on the RPF for 10 years, you
> were not speaking to him, but that was your and his decision. Of
> course that makes perfect sense and that has nothing to do with
> Scientology breaking up your family. He was doing a Scientology
> program that requires as part of it that he not live or communicate
> with you until he completed the program. No need for you to comment on
> this. I just want to make sure that we are straight on all of the
> family relationships here.

> The part that does not make sense with your statement above is the
> rest of the Pouw family and YOUR current disconnection from them.

> Anthony and Marion Pouw have a father (Tony Pouw) and a mother (Wilma
> Pouw) who love them very much, as well as a sister (Jennifer Pouw.)
> They at one time were also in the Sea Org many years ago.

> My specific question for you is if Scientology does not break up
> families, then why is it that you, your husband and his sister Marion
> have not spoken to his parents or his sister in years and refuse to
> accept communications from them?

> You realize that would appear to be disconnection of sorts and no
> longer speaking to them for decades at a time could be interpreted as
> no longer "supporting them."

> Let's not forget that Marion Pouw was also married years ago and when
> her husband chose to leave the Sea Org, she was no longer allowed to
> speak with him for any reason and has not spoken to him since the day
> he left.

> So, what is the story there? It would be very hard to believe that you
> yourself are not aware that you have a set of parents and a sister in-
> law that for some reason you not spoken to in years.

> I would be very interested to know what policy this IS part of, if not
> the disconnection policy. I am sure that the entire Pouw family would
> be very interested in your response.

> We could arrange an interview with them, and have them tell their side
> of the story if you like. Maybe the disconnection letters from Anthony
> Pouw and Marion Pouw would shed some light on this subject.

> You realize of course, that this appears suspect that you, as the
> person making the above statement, has herself disconnected from
> family members. This does not bode well for you Karin.

> I am seriously thinking of devoting a letter to you on each of your
> "statements" that you make in your letter regarding the Cruise book.

> You never know Karin, maybe you be the one getting disconnection
> letters from your husband and Marion after this.

> Until next time...
> =====

> Little Bear Victor

> =====
> Karin,

> I happen to know that matters are actually even worse for you and the
> rest of the Pouw family than what BFG stated above.

> In addition to what he said, the following update is in order:

> Your husband Anthony Pouw is again on the PAC RPF, so you can't talk
> to him now either. You can send a written message to him, which he can
> respond to -- if his response passes the scrutiny of the RPF I/C. He
> cannot originate a new communication to you per LRH's RPF regulations.

> Not mentioned by BFG, Samantha, Anthony's younger sister, is also on
> the PAC RPF. This means that Marion, their older sister, cannot talk
> to either of them, except with the same rules as you: By sending a
> message in writing, not making it too personal and only then they can
> answer, in writing, if the RPF I/C considers the answer appropriate.

> Marion herself is no longer in RTC. She was busted out of there in
> 2006 to (what is left of) CMO Int by DM. This is despite having taken
> extensive action to disavow her relation to her ex-husband, previously
> in charge of all Scientology Marketing worldwide, and now a declared
> SP. These actions included holding closed-door meetings with everyone
> that worked under him to "expose" some of his "SP operations" and to
> make very clear she didn't know about them nor support him in any way
> and that she had fully and completely disconnected from him.

> A very twisted piece of history on this now-shattered relationship is
> that it was DM himself who originally introduced Marion to her ex-
> husband!

> Meanwhile back on the RPF: Samantha and Anthony can occasionally talk
> to each other if they by chance work on the same RPF project.
> Otherwise, they can't. Since Samantha is from Gold/Int and Anthony
> from PAC, she cannot tell her anything about what is going on at Int,
> including how Marion is or what she is doing -- in fact, Samantha most
> likely doesn't know it herself.

> All personal communication is discouraged and considered out-ethics
> and off-purpose, cutting across getting through the RPF program (which
> takes anywhere from 2 to 10 years, around 6 on the average to get
> through -- for those who ever make it through, which is 1-2 out of
> 10).

> People from Int are, while not really separated from, nonetheless
> treated as a different set of people on the RPF, mostly for "security"
> reasons -- that is, the RPFers from lower management echelons do their
> RPF auditing program in a separate space from the ex-Int RPFers.

> Other strict rules against communication are in place: you cannot tell
> anyone, even if ex-Int, what has occurred on the base since they left.
> If they ask, you don't answer but report them to ethics.

> It is a "given" that Samantha cannot communicate to her ex-husband who
> was offloaded from the Int base years ago.

> Now, Karin, are you still saying that Scientology brings families
> together?

> The only place you are going to be together, it seems, is in on the
> RPF. And you won't be able to talk to each other about what happened
> then either.

> Welcome to your life.

> Victor
> =====

> Little Bear Victor

> =====
> That some of the letters sent by even non-Scientology family never
> make it to the staff member was a policy that I didn't even know about
> before I got out.

> During my entire involvement in Scientology I thought my father had
> not wanted to write to me. I found out, after leaving, that someone in
> the Church had sent him an answer on my behalf -- and without telling
> me -- that he was an "unwanted person" and should not send any more
> letters to me. This is because he included a critical-of-Scientology
> newspaper article clipping in one of his letters.

> One newspaper clipping was all it took for Scientology to disconnect
> me from my father for almost 20 years.

> I doubt I can ever even imagine how it must have felt for him.
> =====

> Ray.

It's painful for me to read these, especially yours, Ray. A
scientologist severing ties with loved ones cuts right to the bone and
feels no pain.

When I was in Scientology I disconnected from some of my family and
friends, never seeing the hurt I caused or the hurt Scientology was
causing. When I look back at how easy it was to do that, I see a
person that I never thought I'd ever become. A moment's decision
caused years of hurt and pain for others. I believe I became like one
of those one indifferent people whose job it is to escort the criminal
as he walks down the 'green mile' leading to the electric chair. I
didn't even realize how jaded I was. The excuses are all there, the
justifications all fit and allow things to make sense -- until the
reality hits.

 Leaving scientology did not automatically transform me to the core of
who I really am and was before my thoughts were transformed into
Hubbard's. It was the peeling of layers off of an onion, a smaller
amount at a time than one would want, but definately an adventure back
into mainstream life. The truth is,  Hubbard made monsters out of good
people, and he did it specifically with an evil intent. Soem rise to
the occasion and deal with the truth, while others scoff at the hurt
they've caused others in indifference. Anonymous once stated that they
don't forgive but we know that forgiveness is all we have to set us
free from this trap we got into with Scientology. Forgiveness of our
own acts and the acts of others. Disconnection policy is designed to
destroy all desire for truth and forgiveness. The RPF is a tool to
control members and put their self determinism in check.
That the people we disconnected from would continue to love us,
despite the wrongs we committed or those of others done on our behalf,
is something I came to learn once I accepted my part in Hubbard's
Truman Show.

The scientologist who did that toyour father may never own up to
having done it, just as Karen Pouw may never accept the inspecting of
these things with the goal of a clean conscience. Still there is hope.
I can attest that perseverence pays in off as long as it's along the
lines of truth and forgiveness.

Karen Pouw is a coward. We all were.

A Call to Arms

April, 2007

Friends, Some of you may know that my father is dying of Esophageal cancer in Auburn, California. He and his wife are declared SPs, (suppressive persons), although Al is no more of an SP than Mister Rodgers. His poor wife was declared for publicly departing Scientology. Al has not seen or heard from 5 of his 6 children in 5 years.

Recently, within the last few days, my brother and two of my sisters, have been "around" the area, but not contacting him. They are "putting in an appearance" so that later they can pretend to have made an attempt to visit him, but there was "no answer" or "noone knew where he was". It is a sick game called PR area control. I have emailed all my sisters and brother where he is, with his phone number, which is 530 889 0707 room 227B Sienna Care. This is going out on the worldwide Web, to be read by OSA, and your game is called. This comm is going out to producers at the BBC, authors of books in the works, and any newspapers I can interest. You call yourselves Ministers. How dare you use that holy word to cover your debased actions. If you want to have any hope of damage control in this matter, before it blows into a worldwide story, you have a very short amount of time in which to act.

Friends, please copy this and paste it on ARS, Clambake, Factnet, any boards you know of. Send it to any media you know who are up on CofS , especially OSA Ops.

I am tired of my family being torn apart, degraded and debased by the so-called Church of Scientology. What Church participates in a sham of pretending to visit your dying father, and then somehow not doing so? If this sort of thing is against your basic knowledge of right and wrong, I ask for your help to get the word out. Thank You. My fathers name is Allan Henderson. He is 77 years old. I will keep you informed of what happens on this thread.

Mike Henderson


Media: A Cult took Rose's Daughter, and broke her heart...Rose Paul was Linus Pauling's (the man that discovered Vitamin C) Personal secretary...

From: Andreas, Webmaster of to Tory (Bezazian) Christman a 30 year member of Scientology, who was leaving scientology and telling him about her husband disconnecting from her:

"I'm crying, reading your e-mail. I'm so sorry you're having to go through what you're having to go through, but I have to ask you this one question: What kind of friends could those be, if they're going to leave you because you changed your mind?"

creed pearson's children

Above, 27 year member Creed Pearson, read his story,, of losing his home and his entire family to ScientologyVideo Interviews with family members suffering from the effects of disconnection, have been collected on The Religious Shunning website.

List from 1983 of people declared as "Suppressive Persons" by Scientology - To highlight this madenss, one of the names on the list was a 2 year old baby...

Transcript from Video of a Picket in Edmonton Canada (long but very informative)

Ida Camburn's Story, in 1978, her son disconnected from her, ISa Camburn has been an activist ever since.

Gary Weber's daughters disconnect from him ( actual letters webbed 2003)

Also see Persecution Pages and LA Weekly - Scientology, The Other Side of the Looking Glass (long)

Dan Garvin's Brother Disconnects from him

I have to report a sad but unsurprising event.

When I left Scientology, in 2001, before I said anything publicly, I wrote to my Scientologist brother explaining that I was no longer a Scientologist and why. I spoke with him at length a number of times on the phone after that, and while he still believes Scientology is mostly right and very valuable, he told me that he did not intend to disconnect from me. He had been contacted and even visited by Senior HCO PAC concerning his SP brother (me), but he has not been active on Scientology org lines for many years, and has always harbored misgivings about management, the Sea Org, and so on, and I think even about parts of the tech.

We had always been very close, even if we didn't talk to each other or see each other that much. We had a lot in common, in and especially out of Scientology. I was the one who introduced him to Scientology, and he was the one who went straight into it and told me how great it was. He helped me join the Sea Org, back in 1976. He's thirteen years old than I am, and when I was a teenager I thought he knew pretty much everything. Then, when I was a Sea Org member and he wasn't, it was his turn to brag about me. He lives in LA, so when Management moved to LA from Clearwater in 1984, we actually started talking to each other every so often and doing things together sometimes on my days off or at Christmas.

So when I was out, I told him I respected his choice and beliefs, and he already knew mine, and that was fine with both of us. In May, 2002, when I revisited LA, I spoke with him again, but did not visit him. He even came up with excuses for not disconnecting from me, to fend off the Senior I&R. He did this because I am his brother. I told him I had taken part in a picket recently, and some of what I had learned of the corrupt practices that COS constantly engages in, including at least one lie I knew they had told about me, in case they tried to blacken my name in his mind. He thanked me for the warning, and things were fine. I thought.

Months later, he told me someone from the Church had given him a number they wanted me to call. Of course, I know their numbers and addresses, and they know mine and can contact me any time they want, but I told him I'd call. I did, and the person I was supposed to talk to was not there, and I left a message, then told my brother what had happened. He was very glad I had tried to call -- it apparently discharged him of some responsibility he felt bound by. We spent the rest of the long phone call talking, as we usually did, about things that have nothing to do with Scientology. Nobody from COS returned my call and I did not attempt to call them again.

However, in May of this year, I got the following letter from him:

"Dear Dan,

    "I wanted to keep our comm line alive until I got you the information
you needed. Since the phone call didn't work, please write to

        Church of Scientology
        Continental Justice Chief
        1308 L. Ron Hubbard Way
        Los Angeles,  CA 90027

and let them know you are ready to start steps A - E.

    "Let's delay any further comm exchange until these steps are completed.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

"Love, Tom"

For those new to the scene, that last paragraph is a "disconnection," meaning my brother will not speak to me or have anything more to do with me until I am back in good standing with the Church of Scientology -- which means forever, for the rest of our lives.

Now, it's clear he was forced to write this letter. It is not at all the way he talks, and he barely ever writes letters at all, and certainly wouldn't hand-write one, as he did this, if he could use his computer. The envelope was postmarked not where he lives but in Hollywood, where the COS is, eleven days after the date he put on the letter itself. It was written on legal-sized paper, which is rarely used for letters but which is very common in Scientology and Sea Org orgs. Obviously, Senior HCO sat him down, gave him some paper, and said, "Write!" And write he did. And they held on to it after he left, most likely shuffling it through the bureaucracy so everybody could approve it before they actually mailed it out for him.

So what had happened? He hadn't seemed afraid of anything they might do to him -- he didn't think he'd ever move again on the Bridge "this lifetime" and didn't have any money anyway. He was already Old OT VII, so as far as he was concerned his case was in good enough shape -- all this combined to make him relatively immune to pressure or threats. Yet he disconnected.

I phoned him up and said I thought you said you weren't going to do this. He said that was before the pressure from the Church. I said what pressure? And then it popped out. His wife. His wife is at the bottom of the Bridge and not very experienced as a Scientologist. Even though he's given up on making any more progress in Scientology himself, he's convinced that it's very important to get his wife up to a point where she will be OK case-wise by the time she dies. Then, I suppose, they can start over with new bodies and new lives and meet up again and both go the rest of the way up the Bridge together in serene OT bliss. Because, as he told me, "This stuff lasts more than one lifetime." This call was brief -- he said I needed to contact COS and do my A-E steps, and I said it wasn't going to happen, and he said then he had to end the call and hung up on me. It is the last communication I have had from him.

She can't get any auditing, if he remains connected with me. It doesn't matter that I have no direct connection with her anyway, and if she believes in it and wants to get auditing, I say fine, go ahead. I wouldn't have bothered her. That doesn't matter, because she is the leverage COS needed to force my brother to disown me. They are not interested in following their own so-called technology or policy concerning Suppressives and PTSes. They are interested in getting even with me, in their mean and petty way, for leaving and for speaking out about them, and especially for picketing one of their events. That's their message -- one of their many messages, in many forms: You speak up, you lose your family. We don't care what they think -- we will find the leverage.

But that's not all. A cult has to have demons. There must be an explanation for all their incompetence, ineffectiveness, and brutality. For some, it was the Jews, or the Communists, or the counterrevolutionaries. For Scientology, it's the Suppressive Persons. And if the SPs won't attack, they have to be goaded into attacking, so they can be fought and so the followers can be kept in line with the fear of what will happen if they don't contribute enough (or work hard enough) and the SPs get the upper hand.

This "disconnection" action, and COS's subsequent refusal to relent (I gave them a chance -- I always do -- it's my way), were intended and designed to enrage me and draw me into a battle with them so they can point to me and say, "See? We told you we're being persecuted!"

But I don't persecute. I do something far more dangerous, in their eyes.

I tell the truth.

And I shall be telling more of the truth, in more places and more frequently.

Dan Garvin ( click for Dan Garvin's story of leaving Scientology )

In August of l978 I had been visiting in Pennsylvania . On my return I stopped in Cleveland to visit my Aunt. While there I called Sheila Ryan Deveraux (in D.C.) -Leo's sister and mother of Scientologist Ramsey.

(He had disappeared when she questioned his involvement in the cult.) She said "It is strange you called today." She related to me that she had called the LAPD and asked for progress on the missing persons file she had on her son. They said "Oh that file is closed." She said " Who closed it ?" The person on the phone didn't giver her an answer. So she said "I filed the missing report and it would be up to me to have closed it--it has not been closed" She was told there were no papers there it had been closed. So she said "I'll have my representative call you "He said "Your lawyer" and she said "No my Congressman."

Within the hour Leo called and the word was two people were fired. When Sheila filed the report the LAPD had sent investigators to her home, they searched Ramsey's room where two loan books were found--$5,000.00 on each one. His only collateral was a stereo -He was eighteen years old. These were taken by the investigators and of course had been destroyed when the "case was closed." They never did learn just the "who" was that closed the case.

Shelia died a year or so after Leo was killed in Guyana. They did find Ramsey a short time before her death. He was still faithful to the rotter L Ron Hubbard at that time. I have no idea what happened to him -

Another wrong that was never made right. One wonders how many more cases were closed and paper work destroyed. I understand the cult has a new way of "handling" those that do not want to make contact with parents. Not a pretty picture.

Ida Camburn

"Perhaps at some distant date only the unaberrated person will be granted civil rights before law. Perhaps the goal will be reached at some future time when oly the unaberrated person can attain to and benefit from citizenship. These are desirable goals." Dianetcs, book 3 chapter l0

The Disconnection of Phineas' Wife

"Phineas Fogg" wrote in message news:<50QE9.2162$>... Decmber 5th 2002:

A few months ago, my Sister, an OT7, ask me about my opinion of Scientology. I told her that if we pursue this line of inquiry, it may happen, that because I am a critic, that it might come up in her auditing that I'm a critic and the church may force her do disconnect with me. She assured me that she could handle it, and there shouldn't be a problem.

Well, my worst fear came to fruition, and now I am not allowed to see my four family members are who Scientologists, ever again.

Thank you Scientology for this lovely Christmas present. Your religiosity is overwhelming.

Phineas Fogg

Thomas J Best wrote:
Hell and damnation! I wish I could think of something
that might assuage your loss. Other than to say -
one day, hopefully, they'll wake up. Damn. Damn. Damn.


"Of the few innocent pleasures left.... the jamming of common sense down the throats of fools is perhaps the keenest." Thomas Huxley

SunSurfer [ A Scientologist ] likely doing 'amends' by posting to the newsgroup wrote:

And Phineas Fogg has NOTHING to do with it? Can you say "cause & effect"? If he REALLY LOVED his family member who disconnected, (out of her own free will) he would accept her freedom to make personal choices about Scientology instead of dramatizing being the victim.


Kim Palmer from Canada replied:

No he does not - he merely has expressed his opinion of some the abusive policies of the cult. Now his sister has been FORCED to disconnect - one of the most hideous and disgusting of policies - this forced break up of families. Her choice?? Not bloody likely - had she not complied with the disconnect from her brother she would be placed in an ethics condition - or declared . Being the obedient and well trained scientologist she is she complied - not by choice at all - there is NO choice - no free thought - no free will - that is all taken away by Hubbard's little cult and his HCBO's and PL's. But, then again, blinded as I am by the TRUTH about Hubbard and his little cult I could not possibly be right - I am a mere wog - a suppresive person - someone not worthy of the bridge. Well, time will tell and the truth will out - no matter what you say. Hubbard's lies have been exposed - and proven to be lies - no PR spin in the world is gonna change that. He was no Navy War Hero, he was no scholar, no scientist, he was a third rate hack sci-fi writer who wanted to get rich and have power and control.

I am sick to death of the cult spin on disconnect- any way you slice it it is disgusting and inhumane. Family members who disagree can agree to disagree about al kinds of things -it does not mean they should disconnect.

Your hubbardian take on the world is sad, ineffective, and cruel. Arrogance will get you no-where.

Kim P

Scientology used to publish lists  of "Suppressives", Check this out

To be specific, the policy is Hubbard Communications Office Policy of
23 December 1965, revised 10 September 1983 (reissued 25 August 1988)
entitled "Ethics, Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientology and

In this policy it is clearly stated:

"Any PTS (a person who is in any way connected to a Suppressive
Person, which is a designation by the Church that the person is
considered to be dangerous or evil) who fails to either handle or
disconnect from the Suppressive Person ;is, by failing to do so,
guilty of a suppressive act;

"Until a suppressive person or group is absolved his, her or
their only Scientology terminal is the International Justice Chief via
the Continental Justice Chief, or members of a duly authorized and
convened Committee of Evidence."

This means that a family member of a person who is considered or
declared suppressive has to disconnect because if he communicates at
all to the "SP" he will be considered to have committed a suppressive
act and will be kicked out of the Church as well.

Here are a few of the Suppressive Acts listed:

"19. Public statements against Scientology or Scientologists;"

(Currently 'publicly' has been redefined to mean complaining about
Scientology to even one friend.)

"28. Continued adherence to a person or group pronounced a
suppressive person or group by HCO (Hubbard Communications Office.)"

"62. It is a high crime to publicly depart Scientology."

So you can see that it is CLEARLY considered a suppressive act,
punishable by being kicked out of the Church and of being shunned by
Scientologists, to stay connected to anyone the Church has decided to
declare a suppressive person. Because this policy is strenuously
enforced, it is clear to almost all Scientologists that if a relative
is declared a suppressive person that a choice must be made --
promptly disconnect from the 'SP' or consider yourself kicked out of
Scientology. When a person is declared suppressive the Ethics Officer
of the organization that any relative belongs to makes it clear to the
relative that he must disconnect promptly or face a similar fate. A
deadline of 48 hours or 72 hours is often given.

Scientology's bogus Intolerance Online website
is trying to obfuscate the truth. Don't believe
them. Many, many families have been torn apart by Scientology
'justice' actions.

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