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Escape from Scientology's Gold Base through Soboba Indian Reservation
by Jessie Prince

Recently, I received an e-mail that I will share with you. Some of you may remember where this even comes from, if so, here it is again (I hope the format comes out okay).

Vicki J. Aznaran and Richard N. Aznaran, Plaintiffs, vs. Church of Scientology of California, etc., defendants. Case no. C/88-187-WDK (EX) [note; this is the best I can read of the handwritten case number], US District Court, Central District of California, Santa Ana Office, filed April 1, 1988.

Below is a quote from this case, which was dropped or settled before going to trial:

20. In or about February of 1987, a schism arose between Defendant MISCAVIGE and the Broekers, each of whom claimed to possess the "upper level Holy Scriptures" written by Hubbard, which scriptures Hubbard had intended to bequeath to the Church. VICKI became increasingly demanding of Defendant MISCAVIGE to be put in contact with RICHARD, and Defendant MISCAVIGE regarded her demands as an expression of allegiance to MISCAVIGE's new religious rival, the Broekers. MISCAVIGE therefore ordered VICKI to the Rehabilitation Project Force at "Happy Valley," a secret location bordering the Sobova Indian Reservation near Gilman Hot Springs, California, overseen and controlled by Defendant NORMAN STARKEY.

21. Plaintiff VICKI understood that the consequences of the lack of cooperation was a threat of "fair game," and that Defendants, and each of them, would make efforts to sever her relationship entirely with her husband, as Defendants had done to others. VICKI was further advised that if she went to the Rehabilitation Project Force camp in Happy Valley cooperatively, she would be able to see RICHARD within a few days. This representation was false when made. In fact, Defendants concealed the true intent which was to keep VICKI totally seperated from her husband and deny her access to him.

22. Once having arrived at Happy Valley, VICKI was assigned a guard and was not allowed to go anywhere or do anything without her guard being present. At night, she was imprisoned by having heavy furniture moved to secure the exit, keeping her from in any way escaping. Further, Defendants kept, and continue to keep all of her physical belongings including a horse and two dogs.

23. VICKI was in fear of being physically prevented from leaving, or subject to "fair game" if she escaped. Plaintiff had seen in the past other victims of Happy Valley be beaten upon attempted escape, and their personal belongings destroyed. During this period of unlawful detention, VICKI was unable to communicate with RICHARD as their correspondence was intercepted and denied. During this period of false imprisonment, VICKI and others were made to wear rags taken out of garbage cans, sleep on the ground, dig ditches, subjected to many hours of indoctrination using the techniques hereinabove, all designed to coercively force VICKI to submit to the control of Defendants. During the time of her incarceration in Happy Valley, Defendants DAVID MISCAVIGE and NORMAN STARKEY were directing and enforcing the coercive and abusive indoctrination devices at Happy Valley.

24. On or about April 9, 1987 VICKI and two other victims escaped from Happy Valley onto the Sobova Indian Reservation where they were pursued on motorcycles by guards of Happy Valley. VICKI and the other victims were rescued by residents of the reservation who picked them up in a pick-up truck and spirited them to a motel in the City of Hemet.

I have direct memory of these events, with the exception of para 24. The two victims were non other than David Spike Bush, and myself. With that exception, the rest is a fabrication. I had to ask myself why would Vicki lie and say that she went with two victims through the reservation. The answer is because I was still in Scientology when this was written, which means Scientology could still use me, like they did in the Joe Yanny case, to refute testimony. I'll tell you what really happened.

I have written about this before it seems, I'm not sure.

Picking up with para 24, here is what happened.

Vicki was being brutally interrogated, often late at night because she mentioned that Pat Brooker had consulted with lawyers concerning what his rights were, as head of his newly aquired religion, Scientology. Miscavage was miles ahead of Brooker, and had already solidified the allegiance of lawyers that advised and managed Scientology's corporate, litigation and intelligence activities, at best, Broeker was delusional concerning the real state of affairs with current Scientology management. This does not mean that Pat Brooker was not dangerous to Miscavage, in Sea Org terms, Pat was a loose cannon. Of course, the sailors of the Sea Org had to come to the rescue, Namely, Norman Starkey, Lyman Spurlock, Marty Rathbun, and a host of their subordinates, and together, they ushered in Miscavige as the new leader.

Back to Vicki, Jeff Walker was Vicki's interrogator I believe but he did not prevail, so Vicki was turned over to me to "sec check" to find out WHO was the lawyer Pat Brooker had hired and briefed on his struggle to acquire his bequeathed religion. Vicki and I were friends if nothing else, and like Stacy Brooks has written about before, I did not "interrogate" her at all. I listened to what she had to say and ended the session. As I was the only one who was able to get Vicki in auditing, the sailors loved me again.

Anyway, I was so stupid to wait, but after about the ninth time, I could no longer take the flagrant violations of the "tech" that I spent so many years learning from the very people responsible for the purity of the tech. Instead of interrogating Vicki, I sent a note to Miscavage that if I did not hear from him personally, that I would walk out of the Happy Valley prison camp at noon the following day. Considering that I sent this to him in Vicki's pc folder at 10:00 p.m. the night before, he had plenty of time for the message to filter up to him, but I guess all sailors were too busy "ushering". I had discussed my "plan" with Spike, and he agreed to do the walk out with me. Sure enough, noon the next day arrived, and out the gate Spike and I went. It was Spike and I that made the dash. Indians from Saboba gave us a ride to the Bingo club, and they wanted to call the police. Neither Spike or me had the courage to call the police and we continued our walk to San Jacinto. Once on the main road (Hwy 78), we were met by Ray Mithoff and several security guards. They wanted to talk about things, you know the deal. We agreed to ride with them only in the back of a truck, so that we could jump out if they did not take us exactly to where we told them to. We went to a hotel in Hemet, they paid the bill, and we told them to leave and we would see them in an hour.

Confident with our co-operation, they left, and Spike and I walked to the nearest rent-a-car place and I rented a car, a nice big luxury car. I drove straight to happy valley, as Spike and I agreed to go back a get Vicki. I drove through the gate and pulled up to a shack where Vicki was being held and told her to come with me. Vicki was sick with a bad fever and could barely move. The person that was assigned to watch her was Chris Byrne, who has since left himself. Vicki got up and I got her in the car and we made tracks out of Happy Valley. We went to a nice Mexican restaurant and had Margaritas.

RE: What Happened Before

Thank you Jesse for this post. I appreciated your bringing it to ARS. We have a need to know!

I have only lived here in Hemet for twelve years and have heard of several incidents where The Soboba Indians have come to the rescue. I always am elated to know the escapees are not left to hide in ditches and along the riverbed . Other people around town have been fortunate to rescue ones who have found a way to escape "Happy Valley".

When I was young I lived on a farm in Nebraska that was a homestead of my great grandfather. In the thirties I remember the Indians from Niobrara would come by our place in the fall en- route to Winnebago where they would attend their PowWow. . From the l860's our farm was always known as the place the Indians could camp and be welcome.My father would go into town and bring back fruit for them and always candy for the little guys. Makes me smile that now the Indians here in the valley are showing me a far greater kindness by these wonderful acts.

Ida J. Camburn

"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored"

Aldous Huxley

Thank you Ida,

The Indian that picked Spike and me up made a statement, it was known in the Indian community, that people had died and the bodies were hidden at Happy Valley. Prior to being put on the RPF in Happy Valley, I had only gone there to talk with ex-Scientology executives and principles who were now deemed criminal by the sailors. I knew there were many Scientology management people being taken to Happy Valley, and I never knew what happened to them all. When the Indian started talking about what he knew about Happy Valley, I was unnerved, and it added to the panic and anxiety of my escaping.

We had all lived on the commune with a para military dictator, who is/was the head of a para military "religious" order, euphemistically known by me as the sailors. The sailors operate and managed the Scientology and Dianetic's mini empire. The Sailors aren't American Naval Sailors, they just borrow the uniform, in reality they are just pretend sailors. Pretending, is the entire culture of the sailors. Pretend enemies, pretend missions, on and on the pretending went, on and on the pretending goes.

I remember, Muriel, a PR person for Golden Era, she had a pretend mission to somehow interface the Gold pretend Base with the Indian community. Try as she may, Muriel never accomplished her pretend mission with the Indians.

I've been keeping myself busy, and it was good to hear from you.

Happy Holidays, Jesse

Christmas 2002

"To dispose a soul to action, we must upset its equilibrium" Eric Hoffer

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