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The Scientology Tone Scale

         The Scientology Tone Scale teaches want-to-be scientologists that human emotions are bad... by associating them with what I'd describe as sociopathic conduct.

         Imagine having a loved one pass away and then feeling GUILTY because one CRIED? ! ? - dared to express grief ?! - This is what it is like to be a Scientologist.

          Free expression of emotions is how humans relieve the stress of being human. Hubbard seeks to monopolize natural human emotions by association (dead-agenting if you will) with characteristics of sociopathic conduct, with those who live at 1.1 on the tone scale, also called covert hostility, the 'back-stabber'. The only time a Scientologist is allowed to express the emotions below 2.0 on the scale, is during expensive auditing, otherwise they are stigmatized as being "downtone" or "dramatizing". This is also called the tone level of gay people, perverts, pedophiles, criminals etc. as well as the designation attributed to anyone who opposes scientology.

From page l57 of L Ron Hubbard's book Science of Survival which is about the "Tone Scale" where Hubbard was talking about people from 2.0 down:
"Rather than give psychotics such treatment it would be far kinder to kill them immediately and completely"

         Thus, by inserting such stigma at (1.1) on this scale, right in the midst of natural emotions of fear, pain. anxiety and greif, Hubbard has created not only a person who will both try to ACT like the promised superior man, the "CLEAR" embodied in the promise of "OT" but a man whose only guilt-less expression of stress relieving natural human emotion, is to pay scientology through the nose for the privledge of expressing it behind closed doors in a "auditing session".

         The "Tone Scale" is, like the rest of scientology, a manipulation tool.

         It covertly, by implication, teaches Scientologists how to act like an "OT"...

      "The show must go on" said P.T. Barnum

      Gee thats sound a lot like "MAKE IT GO RIGHT" by L Ron doesn't it?

      Arnie Lerma

"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery
None but ourselves can free our minds
Bob Marley

The Tone Scale Part II

Before you read this, if you havent already, I recommend that you read the following

The "tone scale" in scientology has at its bottom level -8 hiding... that was placed there with intent, because that is part of the show called scientology. L Ron Hubbard's CON has an unwritten commitment, that if you leave them alone they will leave you alone, but, this is just part of the show. You are by your silence occupying a defined by Hubbard position in Hubbard's grand plan to make money off slavery, -8 called hiding If you have been affected in any way by scientology, but have chosen TO SURVIVE!(c) LRH by being silent then:

You are still in Scientology !

Scientology is not just expensive brainwashing machine maintenance 'Training' and conscience removing 'Processing' or being on staff for no pay....or being a slave who "polished up the doorknobs oh so fine" for David Miscavige. The machinery of the Scientology con extends far beyond the pretty facade used for the collection of money.

The most important thing to realize legally, is that all the dirty tricks, contrived hassles,- every single action by scientology that tends to intimidate, all being intimately integral, and a part of the scientology scheme to make money by deception, are absolutely essential to the continuing SURVIVAL of the Scientology con, are, in fact, Scientology.


When you realize just how far it goes, you will then realize that you can never leave scientology, as long as you are silent, that is, still in 'hiding'.

Anyone who has been hassled in any way shape or form by scientology, has, by scientology's action, had their two year clock reset to zero by that act, and for the original fraud.

And every person willing to stand in the light, and stop hiding, makes it a little easier on everyone else who has gone before, just as they, by coming forward have made it a little easier for you to do so.

This realization could be argued by every person who has ever been touched by these slime bags, to reset the statute of limitations clock to zero with two years to go... to bring charges in a court of law for the original FRAUD.

Until you understand this, you are still in scientology.

Arnie Lerma

PS: To anyone on staff, when you leave bring your documents

"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men" Abraham Lincoln

By George Groves (Observer) on Friday, October 04, 2002 -From the Operation Clambake Forum

      Strangely enough, by scanning psychiatric annals from the 1930s which I have found in a used book store, it seems that Hubbard stole the basis of the Tone Scale Chart from his nemesis, the infamous 'psychs'. I have seen several charts in these annals that are extremely similar to Hubbard's chart - even the wording is along the same 'professional expert' lines.

      It would seem that the original purpose for these psych charts was to depict the emotional/behavior states of mental patients, in order to judge what sort of treatments they should be given. For example, one such chart lists anger as a higher state than that of apathy - as does Hubbard's chart. The idea was to explain to psychs that when a mental patient is becoming angry this is not necessarily a bad thing - it could show that they are being healed because they are moving upwards from the apathy state.

       If the psychiatrist realizes this and allows the patient to pass through his anger - rather than driving him back down into apathy - the patient may come all the way up to calmness. In other words, the patient has confronted the subconscious, traumatizing act, possibly from his or her childhood, which they have been unknowingly angry about and which has been driving them into manic-depression for years. Unfortunately, Hubbard perverted the idea of attaining psychological healing through becoming conscious of such traumatic events of which one is not aware into the bizarre notion of being rendered unconscious in the completely physical sense during a traumatic incident and then coming under the control of voices, which remain as engrams.

      Actually, one is very rarely rendered unconscious in the physical sense, as described by LRH (Liar), but is rendered unconscious in the sense of not wanting to remember and not being able to understand. One chooses unconsciousness and one chooses to regain consciousness - in Scientology, one is still choosing to remain unconscious, and become even more unconscious.

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